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    Unbuckling chest clip in MR65

    My sister inlaw called me yesterday saying that my niece (she just turned 1) is unbuckling the chest clip in her my ride. She does while sister inlaw is driving and I don't know what to tell her to do! Any advice? It's freaking my sister inlaw out and I don't want her to end up turning her FF so that she can "keep an eye on her."

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    Re: Unbuckling chest clip in MR65

    Does she have the straps properly tightened? She shouldn't be able to pinch any slack at her DD's shoulders. It is difficult for me to imagine a 1 y/o unbuckling a properly tightened & positioned chest clip.

    If it's properly tightened, the other thing to do would be to use a zipper or button up shirt. Basically you put the shirt on the child, unfastened, buckle them into the seat and then fasten the shirt over the harness. Good luck!
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    Re: Unbuckling chest clip in MR65

    It is also hard for me to imagine a just turned one year old being able to reliease the chest clip on the MR, must have some good dexterity and strength!

    Like Celtic said, ensure she has the harness properly tightened and the chest clip in the proper position.

    Your sister can get some sticky velcro and stick a piece of the rought side on the clip. Apparently kids don't like the feel of the rough side, it hurst their little fingers so will hopefully deter her.

    The purpose of the chest clip is to ensure the harness straps stay in position before a crash, so if the harness is otherwise properly situated and tightened, and she's not pulling her arms out of the harness or anything, then her little one is still safe in her seat. A chest clip being unbuckled is in no way the same as a harness being unbuckled!

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    Re: Unbuckling chest clip in MR65

    I had SIL send me a picture because I felt the same way... that I had never seen a 1yr old who was able to unbuckle their seat.

    Sure enough, the chest clip was right above her belly and the harness was half down her sleeves (she was wearing a heavy jacket so I can imagine just how tight the harness was... )

    I told her she needed to put the harness and chest clip on correctly then most likely Abby wouldn't be able to unbuckle that.. but she insists that she can still do it. I doubt it. I will tell her about the jacket thing though! And the velcro! Thanks

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    Re: Unbuckling chest clip in MR65

    My son is 17 months and just started doing this too, I'm getting a new seat. His was properly tightned, it is just so easy for them to pop open!
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