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    Carseat Crazy Jonah Baby's Avatar
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    My Child Knows Best

    Cutest story out of the mouth of a 2 1/2 year old.

    We had many of our seats rearfacing (again) until just recently. Jo is simply too heavy now and we are crunched on money, forcing me to endanger my child....
    He continues to rear face in my car in a MyRide.
    Extended rear facing comes up often as an argument with my parents.
    DH and I also often have conversations about ways we may be able to get Jo rear facing again in his truck, which is taken almost as much as my car.
    So, Joey is VERY exposed to the front vs. rear debate. I have mentioned in simple conversation to him once or twice how "safe he is" in his seat in Mommy's car, etc.

    We got the new to us Wizard installed in DH's truck...FFing of course.
    We tend to get Jo excited about new seats, so we talked about how cool it was and how much he'd like it, etc.

    Upon seeing the seat for his first ride in it, he refused to get in it.
    After quieting the screams and tears over the matter (we are both standing here like bewildered animals, since THIS has never happened before) Joey states:
    "Jonah don't wanna ride in that seat. Not safe. Jonah safe turn backwards."

    I wish he'd say that to his grandparents!
    Jonah 4/11/07 Avery 3/25/10 Noralee 10/14/11
    And my man from dream land, Sam
    RSTV, Coccoro, 2 Titans, Marathon, MyRide, Apt40, R100
    We do it in a Yaris!

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    Carseat Crankypants carseatcoach's Avatar
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    Re: My Child Knows Best

    Poor kid!
    CPST and Mama to a 13yo girl, 5-stepped at age 10 and 5'

    Posted from my toaster using a PopTart

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    CPST and ketchup snob ketchupqueen's Avatar
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    Re: My Child Knows Best

    CPST and Mom to Emma, 15, Bridget, 13, Maggie, 11, Katie Sue, 6, Jimmy, born May 2019,
    and Becky, waiting for us as part of our eternal family.
    Our '02 Odyssey, car seats, and seatbelts saved our lives. Now riding in a '13 Odyssey!

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