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    Senior Community Member canadianmom2three's Avatar
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    unsafe kids everywhere

    So I never really used to notice, how many kids are really unsafely fastened in their seats, or are riding in unsafe seats...but now it seems it is all I see - tonite at the grocery store, I was waiting for my DD to get out, and noticed an ancient T-shield seat in the back of the car next to me, no tether (in Canada a no no), but as if that wasn't bad enough, it had the car's seatbelt still partially draped over it - so I am left to imagine the baby was riding in a ff t-shield restrained by the seatbelt over the whole thing?!? Then inside the store I see a mom and dad each pushing shopping carts with matching car seats in them...oh how cute I think, it must be twins...but as they stroll by I see the babies straps are all twisty and loose, and the chest clips are down on their lower tummies are you all here compelled to say things to people when you see stuff like that? I am normally a very reserved person, and would never presume to interfere, but good grief

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    Senior Community Member scatterbunny's Avatar
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    Re: unsafe kids everywhere

    It's getting to you, too! After I started posting here 3 years ago and getting more "in the know" when it comes to CPS I became much more aware of all the CPS mistakes people unknowingly make.

    "When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people." ~Abraham Joshua Hesche

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    CPS Fanatic mominabigtruck's Avatar
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    Re: unsafe kids everywhere

    Oh you should have seen the seat I saw the other day at Mcdonalds. An ancient century seat, I mean the kind with the metal base with the vinyl seat pad and a t-shield with the seatbelt overtop of the whole thing. What kills me is it looked like a grandparents car, big towncar with a handicap sticker, like the bad drivers out there are like "oh well they're riding with grandma so they don't have to have as nice of carseat so I don't think I'll run into them today" Are people really that big of idiots??

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: unsafe kids everywhere

    I must have it too because I see/look at car seat situations wherever I go! I do try to educate people, including the parents and professionals I work with, about car seat safety, installation, expiry dates, etc.

    I strongly believe that Canada needs to have national plan to promote educate and mandate proper child car seat usage. In the last few months I have seen video ads for the above in my doctor's office and lab. It's a start!

    Also, here's to the new seat weight limits coming in April-great news!

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