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    Question Car seat info for Acura MDX

    We are planning to purchase the Acura MDX (tomorrow!) and now I've discovered a possible problem... we currently are using the Britax RA rear facing for my 18 mo. son, and expecting our second child in 2 months. The original plan was to put the youngest child in the center seat, older son on the outboard passenger side.

    I basically have two questions:

    The LATCH is not offered for the center seat position (only outboard)-- but is it still safe (assuming a tight fit is achievable) to put the infant seat in the center, with my older son (also rear facing) in the outboard position?

    Also, does anyone have personal experience with the MDX who would be able to indicate whether or not they felt that the Britax RA in a RF position reclines sufficiently when behind the passenger or driver seat? We THINK it looks reclined enough (though it does press up against the front seat), but we won't be able to have the car seat installation inspected until after we commit ourselves to a car purchase-- but it seems insane to think that an SUV would not be able to fit a car seat into it...

    Wouldn't it be a bad thing in a car accident to have the pressure from the front passenger to crush into the car seat in the back seat-- or if something like that happens, is it such a bad accident that it really wouldn't matter?

    Sorry for the length, but any help is greatly appreciated.

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    As long as the 2 seats fit right next to eachother, and fit correctly (i.e. don't move more than 1" when tugged at beltpath), it is safe to have one on the outboard and one in the middle. A correctly used car seat installed with a seat belt is just as safe as a car seat that is correctly installed with the LATCH system. LATCH is easier to use and helps minimize errors.

    I'm sorry to say that I don't have any experience with this vehicle. However, you did say that your son was 18 months old (good for you for keeping him rf'ing). The 45 degree angle is very important for a young infant. However, once the are able to hold their head up by themselves (around 6 months), less of a recline, 30 - 35 degrees, is actually safer. So, as long as the recline of your RA falls between 30 - 45 degrees, it is reclined properly.

    HTH some,

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    I have a Honda Pilot, which I believe is the "same vehicle, different name." I've got a Roundabout rear facing in the center position a Roundabout front facing behind the passenger seat, and a Marathon front facing behind the driver. I have not installed the Roundabout RF in an outboard position, but it looks to me like it would fit fine. It *might* keep the front seat from sliding quite as far back as you would normally want it, but I think if you brace the RA against it, it would work OK.

    The seatbelts in the Pilot are super easy to use for installing car seats. You will need to use the built in lock offs on the RA to avoid the slanting car seat syndrom from the shoulder belt pulling up on the seat. If you've got a LATCH seat, that feature on the Pilot is nice and easy to access, but it's really not necessary. In fact, I think I can install my Marathon (the only seat I have with LATCH) just a smidge faster with the seatbelt, because I only have to click-and-tighten once.
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    i have a britax advantage (same shell at the ra) rearfacing in a ford escort sedan, pass outboard side. my ds is 16 months and we don't have it reclined to the 45 deg....but it's fine in there. it's braced against the seatback of the front pass seat.
    YES I am a certified CPS Technician...Internet advice is never the same as having someone actually look at your seats, your kids, and your car. Have your seats CHECKED by a Technician.

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    I have the Acura MDX and had no problems fitting a RA rearfacing in a 45 degree angle behind the driver.
    I have it now forward facing next to two booster seats. They fit well.
    Good luck, the Acura is really a nice car


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    Thanks to all for your information-- I feel much better about buying the car!

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