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Thread: Chaperone?

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    DS is 15 months, riding RF in a MA and a Diplomat. We recently found out that we are pregnant DH wants to get a Cow Chaperone so that the seats match. We didn't have an infant bucket with DS. He was adopted, we got a call to come get him and borrowed a bucket seat from a friend until he was tall enough for his convertibles. I would like to buy a bucket with this baby but was leaning toward a KeyFit. Space isn't an issue and the price isn't a huge deal. DH is a big Britax fan and is into his cow seats. Will I like the Chaperone? Any issues? Opinions? Things to consider when deciding between the two?

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    Re: Chaperone?

    I just sold my KF30 and replaced it with a cowmoo Chaperone. I am really happy with it so far (only had it for a week now). I was really surprised that the material wasn't the same as the MA cowmoo cover though, it feels more like the KF cover (I had the miro). I don't know why, but that was my first thought about the seat . Also, it is a really solid seat, and that makes it very heavy. My little one is 4 months and about 13.5lbs, and it is difficult for me to carry her in it. The canopy is really nice and big especially compared to the KF. I also love the headwings, they are very soft and make her look so comfy. The install was not as easy the KF, but by no means difficult. I hope this helps.
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    Re: Chaperone?

    I did the opposite -- returned my Chaperone to get a KF30.

    I didn't like the way the Chaperone installed in my car. There was quite a bit of overhang and I had to really work at it to get it to stay within a "safe" amount of overhang (20% or less). I also couldn't get the angle right. No matter what I did to the base, it was always more upright than 45 degrees. I didn't have that problem in my husband's car, though; it installed perfectly there. I found the carrier release (from the base) very sticky. I needed to press the release with two hands every time. No thanks! I've heard other people don't have this problem, though.

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