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  1. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    ISO: REgent Cover, Girly

    You read it. LOL... I'm looking for a girly Regent cover. Any girly Regent cover. TIA
  2. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    2003 Dodge Grand Caravan owners

    How do you adjust the recline angle of the center & 3rd row bench seats? TIA
  3. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Any interest in a BNIB Blvd G3 onyx?

    What the title says. It's DOM is June 27, 2012. I really need to sell to fund 2 hwh seats for my girls.
  4. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    CA issue

    DD's ride RF in CA's (the 50lb versions). The seat that is mainly DD2's is the DLX version (I think), the black/red one. Anyway, this seat always leaves a red mark on their backs. Anything I can do about it? Their orange/brown doesn;t this. I've felt the seats both over & under the covers & they...
  5. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Quick SR35 ?

    What are the specs for use on the infant insert? As in, can you take it out when you want to or does it have to be used up to a certain weight?
  6. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Techs & others

    Shoot me some ideas please. I stopped by the fire station on the corner by home today on my way home from the social security office. I had a great talk with the Fire Chief & he wants me to help be a part of their safety outreach for the community. I stopped by to talk about an inspection of...
  7. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Regent install question.

    Thanks to a very wonderful cs.o member & her friend I now own a Nov 2009 DOM Regent. My question is this. Which belt install (long or short) needs to be used for installation or does it matter? I cannot remember all the changes they did to these things. His weight fluctuates between 53-55lbs...
  8. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    For the KQ (pics in here for ya)!

    After KQ's crash she got her new spiffy Swedish seats & had 2 CA's sitting around since her DD3 was nearing the RF limit. Instead of letting them collect dust in her garage she gave them to me for my girls. :love: Ty ty ty KQ, it has been such a stress relief for me. So far I love them. The...
  9. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    99 Pontiac Montana

    Anyone know anything about them? It has under 67k miles on it (old people town) & 1 owner.
  10. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Harness tightening ?

    My friend messaged me through FB saying this, "why is it that once the seat is installed that the straps tighten "unevenly" once the child is seated in the carseat (I have this issue with my Marathon and Radian that my dd (3) rides in AND with my Regent and Nautilus that my ds (6 1/2) rides...
  11. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    GN help, quick

    Ok, the GN headrest & insert. Does the lowest setting of the headrest line up with the lowest slots?
  12. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Slightly silly question...

    that I feel I should already know the answer to. Uh, where do you go to find a Canadian Tech? I know what link to send to us ppl but I don't know for Canadian ppl & a Canadian mom is asking on another forum. TIA.
  13. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Buy a B-ready & get a free car seat.

    Saw this & wanted to share.
  14. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Safety 1st Rumi Air booster

    Has this been discussed here yet? I didn't find anything on here about it but I may not have searched good enough.
  15. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Evenflo $5 coupon

    I wanted to email the coupon to my DH at work so he could print it out but now I can't find it. Does anyone where to find it? TIA
  16. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    I helped sell a CA today

    I went to TRU to get DS a toy w/ the b-day money my inlaws sent him. While there I of course decide to go cruise the seats. Good thing I did, a lost mommy trying to decide what to get for her 2.5yo DD. I asked weight & height (her DD wasn't w her), 23lbs & she wasn't sure on height but said...
  17. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish


    I love this seat. Can you refresh my memory on burlington's layaway plan & the twin discount?
  18. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Car seat idea & a little brag

    As most know, my family is going on it's first long vacation & we leave tomorrow. :eek: Today I had DH help me take out all 3 seats before he left for work so I could get them all cleaned up. Here's where my idea comes into play. It would be great to see a seat be designed that would be...
  19. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    I'm gonna break his little heart.

    DH & I got our van all cleaned out last weekend (man was there a ton of crap in it, can we say projectile hell. I'm ashamed of myself). After we got it all cleaned out I took it to the do it yourself car wash to vacuum out the 5695678458675679687 lbs of Kix cereal all over it. LOL... I came back...
  20. LuckyFins3Lil'Fish

    Chrysler Pacifica question

    Anyone own or know anything about the 2005 Pacifica w/ the 3rd row. When my sister got it she & my mom claimed that her reasoning for choosing it was that she wanted enough room in it to accommodate taking my DS & her friend's 2 boys places at the same time. I was not yet preggo w/ the girls so...

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