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  1. Mommy2Marcus

    State law question

    Ok here are the Alabama state laws for child passenger safety: Child Passenger Safety Law (Alabama) Law Summary Alabama’s law requires children ages 5 & under to be transported in a child passenger restraint system. Children are required to use a rear-facing child safety seat until they are at...
  2. Mommy2Marcus

    More Safety Surround Pictures

    I got more & better pictures of Marcus in the Safety Surround today. :) I really like the belt fit on him. Plus I like the way the wings surround him. Another plus of this seat is that the screws come already installed in the arm rests of the seat, so no need to install them. :) YAY!
  3. Mommy2Marcus

    6 YO in Graco Safety Surround

    I don't have any other picture besides this one right now, but I can get others if there are any other requests for pictures. Overall we really like the seat alot. I find it solves the head slump issue we had in the Turbo & I like the deeper wings on it. I can do a side by side comparison of the...
  4. Mommy2Marcus

    Replacing Booster after crash

    Ok last night I was in a crash, Marcus was with me. We are fine thank goodness, but the booster has to be replaced. He was in a High Back Turbo Booster. I am debating between another High Back Turbo or the new Graco Safety Surround. Those are the 2 I am firguring will be what it will be replaced...
  5. Mommy2Marcus

    Question Graco Turbo Booster 10 year expy??

    I recently bought & moved Marcus to a high back Turbo. This morning I was moving it back to my car from my Aunt's after going out to dinner with her last night & I noticed that the bottom of the booster said "Do not use this child restraint after 10 years from the date of manufactor". So I...
  6. Mommy2Marcus

    Recaro Vivo Questions

    Marcus is getting close to having outgrown the Gen65 & is not to to far from his head being over the top of the Maestro. So I am really looking at getting a good dedicated booster for him to put into DH's car. I really like the look of the Vivo & I have heard that it fits littles well. However I...
  7. Mommy2Marcus

    2 new seats at Target

    So I went into Target tonight for the 1st time in a good while. I saw 2 new seats that I have never seen before. 1 of them I have saw mentioned here, but never in person. They were the Eddie Bauer XRS 65 & the Baby Tend TendZ Euro Sport 3 in 1. The XRS 65 seemed interesting. It was quite...
  8. Mommy2Marcus

    Price Check Generations 65

    I have a Gen65 that is about 1 1/2-2 years old. It is in good condition except for a little sun fading at the very top of the headrest. Marcus is getting pretty close to outgrowing it, so I wanted to sell it to buy a high back booster for him for when he rides with others. How much should I...
  9. Mommy2Marcus

    Boosters for smaller kids

    I am starting to think about boosters for Marcus for ym DH's car. He is nearing 40lbs & DH has asked if he could booster him. I told him that he could possibly booster him at age 5 & 40lbs. So, we're almost there. I know I need a seat that fits smaller more petite booster riders well. I also...
  10. Mommy2Marcus

    Car seat pics!

    It has been awhile since I have shared pictures of Marcus in his car seats. He is 4 years 10 months old, 43.25 inches tall, 15.75 inch torso & weighs right at 38lbs. He just had a major growth spurt, so I am hoping that he is done for awhile now. He has right at 1/2-1 inch of growing room in the...
  11. Mommy2Marcus

    Holy growth spurt!!!!

    OMG!! I knew Marcus had had a growth spurt recently b/c he looked to only have about 1" of torso height left in his Gen65, but I did not realize just how much. :eek: The last time I measured his torso, it has probably been 2 maybe 3 months ago, he had a 14.25 inch torso. Well, I measured his...
  12. Mommy2Marcus

    1 inch of harness height

    I have a Gen 65 for Marcus in DH's car. He only has about 1 inch of harness height left before he hits the top harness slots. How long do you think he has left? He is 4 years & 9 months, weighs 34-37lbs depending on when he is weighed, is about 43 inches tall & has a 14 1/2-15 inch torso. Is...
  13. Mommy2Marcus

    Car Sickness Help please

    So I have a friend with a 9ish month old that is getting car sick in the car. She is getting sick every time the trip is over 20 minutes & sometimes less. She is RF in a Britax Boulevard. Mom wants to keep her RF till at least 2, like she did with her older 2, but she is having a hard time with...
  14. Mommy2Marcus

    WWYD?? Delima with tethers.

    So, I went to the dealership to get 3 top tether anchors installed today. However I left without any top tethers. :( Apparently my car does not have the proper holes drilled for them & the manager at the dealership did not feel comfortable drilling them himself. So now I have a new car that I...
  15. Mommy2Marcus

    Getting top tether anchors today!!

    So I got my new car a couple of weeks ago. I called Dodge & they ordered the parts for my anchors. They came in the begining of last week, but I was unable to get there untill today. So, today I am going to get my top tether anchors installed. YAY!!!! I will feel much better about my seats being...
  16. Mommy2Marcus

    Evenflo Big Kid Sport Pictures

    So, I got pictures of Marcus in the Evenflo Big Kid Sport today. Here he is. He is 4 1/2 years old, 38ishlbs (depending on the day), wears a 3T-4T in short, 4T or 5T for pants, 4-5 for shirts, has a 14.5-15 inch torso & is 42-43 inches tall. This is for my MIL's truck, he will be harnessed with...
  17. Mommy2Marcus

    Evenflo Big Kid Sport

    So, I went to Wal-Mart last night to get the Evenflo Big Kid for Marcus. They were completely out & all they had was the Evenflo Big Kid Sport. I waivered back & forth for a few minutes, but decided to go ahead & get it. So, I got it, brought it home, put it together & took Marcus out to the car...
  18. Mommy2Marcus

    Arrangement help please!!

    So, I will be taking both of my nephews at least once a week this summer. I plan to take them to the park & other things with me. So I will have a 7 YO, 5YO & a 4 YO. I plan to harness the 5YO & 4YO. I have available to me a Nautilus, Gen65 & Maestro. I tried letting the 4YO nephew, he will be...
  19. Mommy2Marcus

    The Maestro on airplane

    I am wondering if anyone had ever flown with the Maestro before? DH is planning to fly to TX to visit a friend in May & take Marcus with him. I am not planning on going with them. My thought was to send the Maestro with him as it is very light weight & easy to install. However I am not sure how...
  20. Mommy2Marcus

    Big Kid vs Big Kid DLX vs Big Kid Deluxe??

    So I tried Marcus in the Big Kid & the general consensus is that it fits him well. So now my question is which version would you go for? Wal-Mart has the regular Big Kid for $30. It seems pretty padded & nice to me. They do not have the DLX there at the store only online, so I have not actually...

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