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  1. SignCuer

    ISO Clek Paul Frank Heart Shades Foonf or Fllo

    Looking for those in Foonf or Fllo. Please let me know. Thanks!
  2. SignCuer

    ISO 2 Parkways

    I'm looking for 2 Parkways for a 6 and 8 year old. Since there's no headrests in the middle of a Chevy Traverse. Bonus if it's pink :) Reasonable prices please.
  3. SignCuer

    Mazda5 or Odyssey

    I'm a mama to a 16 month old toddler and plan to TTC #2 in June/July/August. My DD will be 2.5 by the time the new baby arrives. I plan on getting a BReady stroller with the double seat. I was wondering if it will fit in the Mazda5. I was planning to get the 2016 Honda Pilot but I don't need...
  4. SignCuer

    2009 Suzuki SX4 Crossover

    Anyone have a Suzuki SX4 Crossover? How does it do with car-seats? I'm looking to purchase a car in the near future and I'm browsing around. I have a TF, Pacifica and possibly will buy a Britax BLVD.
  5. SignCuer

    Question Snugli line

    Anybody heard of the Snugli line of carseats? I'm at BBB right now and I see a convertible (all in one) and combination seat. Are they any good?
  6. SignCuer

    Question Any car-seats fit in 2 door Mustang?!!

    Hi, I'm trying to help 2 parents out from my church since their lil one is 1/4 inch away from the 1 inch mark in the Keyfit Parents are over 5'8 and 6'2, and their lil one is 7 months. She is tall like her parents especially in the torso. :eek: The problem is.. they have a 2 door Mustang! With...
  7. SignCuer

    In Search Of iPod (touch or nano)

    Hi, I'm looking for a iPod touch or nano (preferably touch) because I'm flying to Arizona for Ladies Retreat next week and it's gonna be a long trip so I need something to keep me sane :) My phone does the job but the battery is screaming at me... Let me know! I will pay extra for priority...
  8. SignCuer

    In Search Of New Graco Crotch Buckle Style

    Hi.. I just bought a Nauti from someone here and it has the old crotch buckle style. I'm weird and I like the newer style better:o:o so anyone wants the old crotch buckle style to trade for a newer Graco buckle style? As soon as she sends it over here and I receive it, we could trade or whatnot.
  9. SignCuer

    In Search Of Graco Turbobooster back

    hi! I got a Graco TB for 7 bucks at Target. it's the CARS version which the 5 yr old will be thrilled about using once in a while but its the no back version so I need to get a back for it. if you guys have one that you think you don't need it, let me know. red, black, or blue preferred.
  10. SignCuer

    In Search Of Boba 3g

    I have a Beco Butterfly II organic that I'm not finding the love for older toddlers. it's awesome but it digs in my shoulders badly and sometimes cause my arm go tingly. so I'm looking for Boba 3g for sale or trade would be awesome.
  11. SignCuer

    In Search Of Mesh Radian 65SL/80SL cover

    Hi! Summer is here and I'm watching an extremely adorable baby who likes to sweat in the Metro cover :0 So I need a mesh cover. Any color but red would be awesome big time. Have PP or if you want a trade, I have Metro cover.. I kinda prefer the mesh covers.
  12. SignCuer

    Question ERFing pictures/ EH pictures

    I know someone here made a thread/ blog or whatnot with pictures of ERFing kids older than 2 years.. same with EH... anyone have the link? I tried searching but coming up blank. Spring is here and I want to link more on FB letting people know about it. Thanks! :D
  13. SignCuer

    News MD passed the Child Safety Legislation!!,0,5063720.story Maryland passed the Child Safety Legislation! So this will require all kids to RF to 2, booster until 4'9" and must be in the back seat until 13 :) This is amazing... I'm so ecstatic! I don't know the full law yet but...
  14. SignCuer

    For Sale Onyx Frontier85

    Hi! I'm grieving but I have to sell one of my Frontier85s (I have 2). The 8 yr old is using a Britax Parkway full-time plus I'm gonna get a new car soonso I don't really need an extra Frontier85. DOM is 2011. (will look for month) Onyx.. Was thinking $150 plus shipping or best offer. Thanks!
  15. SignCuer

    This is the reason why it's so hard for me to give up my van...... (pic)

    Its so roomy! I can just about fit every combo that I have tried! This is the permanent arrangement until my van dies.. Front row in captain chairs: 9 yr old Booster mode in Frontier85. 3 month old and Yani (not the same time lol!) In Chicco Keyfit30... (Yani rides mainly in the Radian but...
  16. SignCuer

    Normal for a 8 mo baby soon to outgrow Keyfit by height?

    Question says it all... just got a Keyfit for Yani and she's almost outgrowing it... what the.... she outgrew the Snugride22 a month ago. I'm like.... oh boy. On my faithful sidekick :) Don't text and drive... It may save a life! My ladybug, Yani, RFing in a Keyfit and crusing in a Radian80SL!
  17. SignCuer

    In Search Of Packabe

    Hi, I have a Sangria Sunset light bag (forgot what its called) and I love it but I would love a packabe in Sangria Sunset or anything not pink... Let me know what u have, thanks! On my faithful sidekick :) Don't text and drive... It may save a life!
  18. SignCuer

    Question Would they be offended? (Car seat related :))

    Hi, I was wondering... The parents I work for has an adorable 3 month old. They have a Graco Snugride 22 which is 2 1/2 years expired. I did inform them about it and they are aware of it but they keep on using it. He's in a RN in my van. Christmas is coming up and I plan to get the kids...
  19. SignCuer

    Looking for more fitteds

    Hi! I'm looking for more fitteds! Let me know what you have and prices :) One size preferred but sized is fine as well. Thanks! On my faithful sidekick :) Don't text and drive... It may save a life!
  20. SignCuer

    In Search Of 2 Frontier85s and 1 more RN80SL

    Hi, I now have 2 RNs and now looking for 2 Frontier85s and 1 more RN80SL. Looking not to spend a ton for all 3. Zip code to 20906. Don't care about color. On my faithful sidekick :) Don't text and drive... It may save a life!

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