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  1. natysr

    Alva Baby Potty Training pants

    This is a potty training set. I have 5 waterproof Alva baby training pants. 1 medium swim cover. 3 Gerber training pants (picture shows 2 but I later found the 3rd one) and 2 gerber plastic covers. I got these in May and they were only used for about 2 months. Asking $20 for the lot...
  2. natysr

    Link me please?

    Can someone please link me to the video of the crash test with the seatbelt behind the back? Thanks.
  3. natysr

    Boy's Heelys Size 12

    These are practically brand new. They were worn twice indoors with the wheels. Jordan didn't really get the hang of it. Today they worn to school without the wheels and Jordan didn't like the way they felt. He is very picky about how shoes feel and he's about to outgrow them anyway since I...
  4. natysr

    Updated carseat pics of the kids

    I took some new pics of the kids today and I thought I would post them for fun. They are getting too big. Jordan Kendall 08/20/04 Trevor Grant 05/27/10. I can't believe he is almost 2!!!
  5. natysr

    Cali Residents - Flyers for Distribution at School

    I am going to propose that my son's school pass out information to parents about changes in the law. One of the flyers I found was created by UC Davis which I think is great. The other flyer I attached is my modification of the "Booster's are for Big Kids" flyer. I included footnotes to the...
  6. natysr

    Babywearing benefit Sale for Parker

    I have 3 babywearing devices being placed for sale. All paypal payments to be made directly to to help pay for LuvMy4Monkey's son's medical-related expenses. I will cover shipping. Let me know if you have interest. I'll try to get pictures up tonight. Peanut Shell...
  7. natysr

    Benefit Sale of Baby Items to help a fellow board member

    JuJuBe; Robeez; Tommee Tippee - Benefit Sale to help baby Parker Who's it for? Many of you are probably already aware that LuvMy4Monkey's 15 month old son is a very very sick little boy with an extremely serious and life-threatening genetic condition. Kristen is a wonderful person and a very...
  8. natysr

    Airport set up - flying alone with 2 kids

    I think I may have figured out the logistics. I'm flying alone with my 6 1/2 year old and 10 month on in 2 weeks. I think I will have: 2 suitcases 1 stroller 1 convertible carseat 1 booster seat 1 carryon diaper bag 1 personal item 1 kid's backpack for the 6 year old. The high back portion...
  9. natysr

    Oliver's Labels $20 voucher for $10

    Zulily has $20 vouchers for Oliver's Labels for $10. They have several cute designs of labels for kids' names, as well as allergy labels. We have some of these for Jordan, and I love them. They are great for school, daycare, or camp. They have a "found it" on the larger sized labels and...
  10. natysr

    For Sale Nintendo DS games for sale

    SOLD!! Nintendo DS games for sale Jordan wants to trade in 3 of his DS games at gamestop. Gamestop offered him $5, $5, and $7 for the games. The pre-owned of these are selling at Gamestop for$15, $23, and $23 currently. I convinced him to wait a bit to see if he could get a little better...
  11. natysr

    JJB on BabySteals again... Monday?!

    Hint from BabySteals on Facebook. slightly paraphrased... "Can't wait for Valentine's Day! Can't wait to show you how much we LOVE you!" BeMine? :thumbsup: In matching prints as the packabe?!
  12. natysr

    Ju Ju Be Between $54!

    Midnight Eclipse only
  13. natysr

    Coming "soon" to BabySteals ---- JJB!

    Babysteals is currently doing a JJB giveaway (a Pacakabe). Word has it that every time they do a JJB give away, JJB shows up very soon. So, keep your eyes out at BabySteals over the next few days.
  14. natysr

    In Search Of Buggy Bagg for boy

    I'm in search of a non-girly buggy bagg. (not because I'm gender specific for things for my sons, but because I hate pink and normally hate flowers :wink: )
  15. natysr

    Bumkins Bibs - Is this a good deal? has a 7 pack set of bumkins bibs for $27.99. It includes: 2 starter bibs 3 superbibs 1 long sleeve bib 1 junior bib They have a boys pack, a girls pack, or a Dr. Seuss pack. Is this a good deal?
  16. natysr

    In Search Of Haba rattles

    In search of Haba Rattles or other baby toys for Trevor for Christmas. If you have any that are no longer being played with..try me. Thanks.
  17. natysr

    Baby Signing Time on Baby Steals

    Baby Steals has Baby Signing Time volumes 3 & 4 today for 56% off! Woohoo! Christmas gift for Trevor. I kind of wish it were Volumes 1 & 2 though. Since I let someone borrow mine and never got them back.
  18. natysr

    Mac Techno, Britax Blink, or??

    We did not bring a stroller with us on this trip. While in LA, DH's dad gave us some money to get something for the baby. We are in Vegas now. They have a USA Baby here (we don't have one back home) but I understand that they will price match any online prices. So, we thought it may not be...
  19. natysr

    Free Enfamil Checks

    Free Enfamil Checks. I just got in the mail 4 checks for $4 off any Enfamil formula. (Well, actually they were sent to my husband...not me. :scratcheshead: ) Anyway. I will mail them to anyone who can use them.
  20. natysr

    Pictures of a newborn (Trevor) in his Lazy Boy...I mean True Fit...

    Here are pictures of my newbie (5 days old, and 6 pounds, 3 ounces) in his True Fit Premier. I call it is his Lazy Boy. He LOVES that seat!

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