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  1. veggiegirl228

    Incognito vs no booster

    Comparing Incognito booster to no booster. (tan seats are accord: grey seats are pilot) She is not ready in the Accord. It was more of the comparison of fit than anything. Pictures added below :)
  2. veggiegirl228

    How does she look? (5 step related)

    The photo collage is from my car, 04 Accord and the lap part only is from DH's car, 04' pilot (everywhere else looks good). How does she look? (she's nearly 10, 73 lbs and 4'7")
  3. veggiegirl228

    sloped seats and backless boosters

    Was asked how well backless booster seat work with back seats like these. Would slouching become a problem?
  4. veggiegirl228

    Graco Connext is discontinued

    I sent Graco an email asking about the seat since it's not being found anywhere. They stated it has been discontinued :(
  5. veggiegirl228

    Safety Surround TB & Affix Backless on Sale

    this week at Target is though Saturday the 17th. The SS is $65 and the Affix is $30.. ETA: The reg turbo is on sale for $45 as well
  6. veggiegirl228


    How does this seat do for leggy kids (comfort wise)? It would be mainly for travel (1 1/2 hrs or so at a time) or as a backup in tight spaces. To give an idea of how she fits in the Turbo (car parked in garage)
  7. veggiegirl228

    What is this?

    I bought in DD's TB's to clean the covers and seat. I seen this and wasn't sure what it was.. I found in near where the back connects (in the small circle that's cut off in the pic)
  8. veggiegirl228

    Graco Recall
  9. veggiegirl228

    Walmart and Graco Connext

    At my local Walmart they are $15.00 instead of the $17.88. It's not by the other carseats but where they have the clothes that are on clearance (in this store by the women's dept)
  10. veggiegirl228

    Which click looks better (TB)

    1. (current) 2. (next and final click)
  11. veggiegirl228

    When does LL Bean have sales?

    Or codes for %\or $$ off? I'm specifically looking at backpacks. (Original/prints)
  12. veggiegirl228

    Stride Rite Sandals Recalled

    It affects "Joanna" Girls Sandals
  13. veggiegirl228

    Cosco Sale @Kmart through Sat 27th

    Cosco Apt for $39.99 (reg 49.99-54.99) Cosco Stack-It Backless Buy 1 get 1 Free
  14. veggiegirl228

    Evenflo SureRide DLX 65 on sale

    @ Target for $80 Sunday April 21 through Sat April 27th
  15. veggiegirl228

    Graco Connext

    If you have this seat, I have a question. So I bought one to use as a back-up and for when dd's in it full time. Well carpooling kid (similar size to dd) rode with us today and said it felt hard to sit in. (I asked what she thought of the seat) Has your dc (or borrowed kid) complained about...
  16. veggiegirl228

    Is the Harmony Cruz tippy?

    I got one, dd likes it. But when she gets out it, looks tippy. No issues like this with her TB.
  17. veggiegirl228

    Checking the fit

    on these boosters. Which seat looks like it would last longer (room/fit wise)? Harmony Literider: Graco Connext Harmony Cruz
  18. veggiegirl228

    Any picture comparing Literider vs. Cruz?

    Are there any pictures comparing the belt fit on the above seats?
  19. veggiegirl228

    Want to see any pictures of the Graco Connext?

    Just bought it. Let me know if there are any pictures you'd like to see (or measurements). Seat weighs 2lbs 15.5 oz
  20. veggiegirl228

    Favorite Back-up Booster

    One that would be for emergencies, carpooling, (backless not F/T daily use)

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