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  1. Mom2FiveGirls

    Evenflo or babytrend infant seats?

    Are they still not recommended? I’m pregnant with #6 but I swear I feel like a first time mom again! My kids are 19, 18, 16, 14, and 13! I’m sure a lot has changed. Someone offered to buy us a car seat but isn’t wanting to spend as much as the one we had picked out (Chicco keyfit) and is...
  2. Mom2FiveGirls

    I need a good website...

    talking about the dangers of aftermarket products and then one that's really good about basic stuff..RFing, proper use, etc. Thanks :)
  3. Mom2FiveGirls

    In Search Of Radian or Complete Air or...

    DD5 has about an inch or less of room to grow in her MA70 and I need her to stay harnessed there for at least 2-2.5 more years (until I get a new van since there is no shoulder belt in the center of the third row where she is...and the other girls are (or will be) using the 4 lap and shoulder...
  4. Mom2FiveGirls

    Britax Travel Accessories?

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Has anyone seen this? Has this body support thing been tested with Britax seats? They also have kick mats and window clings, but they don't bother me... ETA-I read that they have been crash...
  5. Mom2FiveGirls

    How does this look?

    I rearranged car seats again today and DD5 (4.5 years, 38 lbs, 41 inches) is now in the FR85. How does this look? Is it too reclined? Is the gap between the seat and the vehicle seat okay?
  6. Mom2FiveGirls

    Graco snugride base expiration question

    Are all bases that look like this...
  7. Mom2FiveGirls

    Who would you put where and in what?

    Kids stats: DD1-10.5, 58 inches, 86 lbs, does not 5 step in this vehicle DD2-9.5, 52.5 inches, 58 lbs DD3-7.5, 49.5 inches, 46 lbs DD4-6, 45 inches, 48 lbs DD5-4.5, 41 inches, 37 lbs Vehicle: 2000 Ford Excursion. 2nd row has 2 head rests (outboard), 3rd row has none. Center seat in both 2nd...
  8. Mom2FiveGirls

    FS: Patina Bloom MyRide cover

    Has the infant insert and harness covers. Has some very slight fading and staining, but its not very noticeable. I can take pictures if you'd like. Asking $22 ppd.
  9. Mom2FiveGirls

    Pics of DD in the Dora seat

    I was at the walmart with the dora and sponge bob seats again today so I put Ella in the dora one and took a few pics. No one bothered me this time (and the seat is STILL not attached to the shelf...) :) Dora Sponge Bob Ella is 4 years and 2 months old, weighs 35 lbs, and is around 40...
  10. Mom2FiveGirls

    Saw the Dora seat at Walmart today...

    It was the one seat not attached to the shelf, so of course I took it down to play with it... Ella, of course, loved it. With it sitting on the ground (not installed obviously...) she is about 1/4 inch under the bottom slots. I wasn't too overly impressed and I'm still freaked out by them...
  11. Mom2FiveGirls

    Can I air dry covers???

    I washed the cover to our parkway and nautilus yesterday. I hand washed them (since that's what the manual said) and hung them to dry. Well, they still aren't dry and we have to run to the pharmacy to pick up meds for DD4 (for an ear infection...she went to the dr last night but they didn't...
  12. Mom2FiveGirls

    For Sale or Trade: Patina Bloom MyRide Cover

    I'm willing to trade for a girly nautilus or MA70 cover or asking $38 ppd. :)
  13. Mom2FiveGirls

    Lesser of 2 evils?

    A friend of mine and I were talking today and we got to talking about car seats. She asked which is safer...a 10-12 year old (assuming they pass the 5 step test) in the back with a lap belt only or the same child in the passenger seat with lap and shoulder belt. Its totally hypothetical and I...
  14. Mom2FiveGirls

    Rfing again this week

    My oldest two are at camp his week so I moved DD5 to the second row so I can reach her easily. She asked to be rear facing and of course I said yes. She is loving it! I wish I could have her rfing all the time, but she will go back ffing in the center of the third row on saturday when we pick...
  15. Mom2FiveGirls

    For Sale or Trade Radian 80SL

    I have a radian 80SL (primrose cover) that isn't working out for us like I'd hoped it would. Its a pain to install in the center of the third row where I thought I needed it and it turns out the 2 big girls have more room with our MA70 installed in the center than with the radian...who'd have...
  16. Mom2FiveGirls

    Talk me into/out of...

    boostering DD4 full time. She does great in a booster. She stays in position even when sleeping. She is 5.5 years old (she'll be 6 in September) and weighs 44 lbs. I'm seriously considering selling our radian and getting her another seat. She has pretty bad head slump in the nautilus so I...
  17. Mom2FiveGirls

    Radian install help...

    I swear I'm about to throw the darn thing off a bridge... I'm trying to get it installed in the center of the third row in a 07 grand caravan. I've gotten it installed there before, so I know its possible. Only thing is, I can't figure out what the heck I did differently. It was a pain and...
  18. Mom2FiveGirls

    Booster or no booster?

    Here is DD1 (10 years, 80 lbs, 56'') in her nbb (harmony literider...the only one I could get to work on each side of the radian...). I think the lap belt fit is good, but I'm not so sure about the shoulder belt seems too low, too far off her shoulder...something... But here she is...
  19. Mom2FiveGirls

    Got my (well DD's) MA70 today!

    I LOVE it!!! I love the cow! I've been wanting a seat with a cowmoo cover since DD1 was little (she turned 10 earlier this month) and now I finally got one :) I was pleasantly surprised at how much room DD5 has left RFing. She's 3.5 (4 in June), 39.5 inches, 35 lbs, and her torso is around...

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