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  1. Jumanji

    Flying to Hawaii w/ 4 & 7 year old

    I've never flown and obviously my kids haven't either. We're going to Hawaii in October and the kids will be 4 1/2 and 7. Should we take for seats for them on the plane? I'm guessing my 7 year old will be fine on an airplane seat but how about my 4 1/2 year old? I'm sure we'll have a rental car...
  2. Jumanji

    In Search Of New Style Radian Base

    Now that I've seen pictures of the new style Radian base I think it might help solve some rear-facing problems I've been having. If anyone has one that they won't be using I'd love to buy one.
  3. Jumanji

    In Search Of Brownstone Cover for Britax Parkway

    I am hoping to find a Brownstone cover for my Britax Parkway. Please let me know if you have one that you are willing to sell. Thanks.
  4. Jumanji

    Which carseat leaves the least dents in seat

    Which Canadain seats have the flatest back and are least likely to leave weird dents...especially on leather seats? I currently have a Radian and it's fairly flat on the bottom. The only problem I've had with it is the latch comes down so vertically in the back that it pushes on the seat quite a...
  5. Jumanji

    Girly Seat

    I would really love to have a girly car seat for my daugther. She's currently ff in a Radian (granite 48lb limit). Should I order a princess cover for it or should I look at geting a True Fit in Monet? I'm not sure her exact weight at the moment but I think she's somewhere between 27 - 30 lbs...
  6. Jumanji

    Istall help needed for Odyssey

    I just picked up a rental Honda Odyssey this morning. It doesn't have an owner's manual with it and I need to install all of my car seats. I know it has top tethers in the rear but no latch. My issues it that the rear outboard seat belts don't have locking plates on them. Do I have to install...
  7. Jumanji

    Question Booster Seats & Side Air Bags

    My son uses a Britax Parkway. Most of the time his seat is in our van but on occasion we put it into our Mazda 6. The Mazda has side air bags in the rear and the headwings of the Parkway side right beside them. Is this dangerous if the air bags were ever to deploy? Also, I think the headwings...
  8. Jumanji

    Maclaren Techno Twin

    I am looking at getting a Maclaren Techno Twin to use for my kids as well as my daycare kids. There are a few new ones available on ebay. My main question is how do I find out what the differences are per model year. What has changed between 2006 & 2008? Thanks.
  9. Jumanji

    Broken foam in Parkway

    My husband was buckling my son in his Parkway and he leaned over and broke the foam in one of the side wings. Do I need to call Britax to get it replace or do I just glue it back together? Thanks for your help.
  10. Jumanji

    Need 3 across install help

    I need some help with my car seats. I'm just trying to configure my van for my daycare. I have a 3 seater bench in my middle row and I want to be able to fit a them rf | ff | rf. Right now I'm working with two Eddie Bauer 3-in-1's and a Scenera. Here's a picture of what it looks like installed...
  11. Jumanji

    Evenflo Champion Car seat Manufactured 02/99

    Would this seat be expired or is it one of the exceptions that good for 10 years?
  12. Jumanji

    Marathon & Parkway

    Would a Marathon fit well beside a Parkway as far as buckling the Parkway goes? I would be Parkway | RF Marathon | Parkway on a rear bench of a van. Thanks, Amanda
  13. Jumanji

    Marathon Prices

    Has anyone every seen the Marathon go on sale for less than $299. I've seen a few websites that say "On sale $299.99 from $349.99" but Toys R Us sells them for $299.99 regular price
  14. Jumanji

    Car seats needed for daycare kids and my kids

    I now know the ages of the kids I'll for my daycare have so I'm trying to figure out the configuration. I'm guessing for now on some of the weights and heights of the daycare kids (I'll get more info once the kids start in the next few weeks) but here goes: Daycare Boy - 10 months 20 lbs 27" My...

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