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  1. ohiomommy08

    For Sale Old style marathon cover - Hannah

    I LOVED this cover and would love to see it loved by someone else. This cover was only sold at Target in 2008/2009. It is brown with pink polka dots and pink flowers! I'll try to put up a picture, but I'm pretty sure it's the one in my profile pic. I bought this seat new with my spare change...
  2. ohiomommy08

    Six year old in a cargo van?

    Can my six year old sit in the passenger seat (booster) of a 2005 Chevy express cargo van? With airbag turned off? Wouldn't be very often, only if absolutely necessary. I'm hoping a low back booster will work so he can keep it in the van, but we could do a HBB if needed. Thanks!
  3. ohiomommy08

    Flipping headrests

    My DH drives a 2008 Saturn Vue. My almost 6 year old rides in a booster in his car. The boosters (turbo and performance booster) fit well when the headrests are flipped. They are locked in when flipped, I have to use a paper clip and the release button and pull all at the same time to get...
  4. ohiomommy08

    Lots of questions! Help please!!

    Hi! I have a few questions for you. My husband and I aren't quite in agreement:). I told him I would ask the experts. 1. I currently have the headrest on his Saturn Vue flipped backwards to make the booster fit better. Is it safe to have it flipped for adult riders or does it need to be...
  5. ohiomommy08

    Help for a friend

    Thanks to those who commented on the Britax Classic thread yesterday! My friend found this combo (thanks to someone on here) and has a few more questions. Any help for her?! I'm thinking it's a good plan, but not sure about how it will fit in her vehicle. Thanks for all the help. "Here is...
  6. ohiomommy08

    Marathon Classic still available?

    A friend messaged me last night that she thinks the Marathon Classics aren't being made any more? If they are still being made, where is a good place to buy one? She wants to get one for her husband's car. Also - is it the Marathon Classic that the old covers fit on (I think she has a...
  7. ohiomommy08

    Inventor of the car seat

    This was kind of neat to read.
  8. ohiomommy08

    Performance Booster pics!!

    I (out of 11,000 entries) won a Performance Booster from Right Start!! I got the email on Saturday and responded right away and even though they said it might take up to 4 weeks it arrived today!! Here are a few pics. I can take more if anyone wants them. My daughter is almost 5 1/2 and is...
  9. ohiomommy08

    I won!!

    I entered Right Start's Facebook contest and I won a recaro performance booster!! I'm so excited! My 5 year old has just started booster training in a turbo hbb but eventually I was going to purchase a more substantial booster after she outgrows her harness seats. This one is perfect!! I even...
  10. ohiomommy08

    Seat and cover question

    I'm asking this for a friend that asks me all her carseat questions :love: She has a fairly new Wisconsin Badger cover that she used as a replacement seat for her older daughter's FPSVD. She saw this Marathon on sale at Target and is wondering if the Wisconsin cover would fit on that seat...
  11. ohiomommy08

    booster on child care bus?

    Hi everyone! I need some advice! My daughter is a petite 5 year old. 35 lbs, 41 inches, 14 inch torso. She will be attending Kindergarten at KinderCare (I work there) in the fall and will occasionally ride the bus for field trips etc. Next summer she will be doing a lot of field trips on...
  12. ohiomommy08

    Another toddler is riding safely!!

    Thank you for all the input regarding which seat to purchase. Our church is helping out a family and after everyone's helpful input, I purchased a SureRide for the family. I wasn't sure I would be able to meet with the family personally, so I wrote up some basic info to give them in case I had...
  13. ohiomommy08

    Need your help. . .

    Well, I was able to purchase the SureRide from Target for the family that my church is helping out. I'm hoping that I can meet with them directly and show them how to use the seat, but it might be more of a situation where I drop it off with the lady who is in charge of the housing unit. I'm...
  14. ohiomommy08

    Ideas needed

    Hi! I haven't been on here much lately, but you guys are still my experts and I need some ideas. I have a 5 year old and haven't kept up on the new convertibles to know what's out there. Please help!! Our church is helping out a family. One of their biggest needs is a car seat. I don't know...
  15. ohiomommy08

    FF Marathon in middle of Saturn Aura?

    Hi! We are flying to Florida in a few weeks to visit the grandparents. Taylor will be just days away from her 5th birthday. We will be bringing her Marathon on the plane and I've flown with that before, so I think it will be fine. I'm wondering about the install of the FF Marathon in the...
  16. ohiomommy08

    Question for a friend

    I love that my Facebook friends actually contact me about carseat questions!! My friend asked me this question tonight. Does Graco sell a Nautilus replacement cover? Thanks for your help!! Laurie
  17. ohiomommy08

    Chuggington Safety Tips

    Hi! I haven't been on here for a while, but I was on the CO DOT site this morning checking road conditions and I noticed a carseat safety section so of course I had to check it out. They had a link to this Chuggington site which seems to have some great information!! Just wondering if anyone...
  18. ohiomommy08

    Done with RF - outgrew MA by weight

    I'm kind of sad to end our RF journey:( Taylor is 4 yrs 7 months and just hit 35lbs and outgrew her MA RF. Am I right that it's unusual to out grow the MA by weight before height? She's got lots of room heightwise - only on the second slot and at least a few inches above her head! Here's...
  19. ohiomommy08

    Quick help please!!

    OK here's the situation. Which is the better situation - I know neither choice is great. 1. RF in Marathon at exactly the weight limit - maybe slightly below. 2. FF in Marathon with no top tether anchor. Background: DD is 4 1/2. Rides in Nauti in the van and up until now has been RF in...
  20. ohiomommy08

    RF or FF on airplane?

    My DD and I are flying to Grandma and Grandpas's on Wednesday! I have a couple of questions:) Should she FF or RF on the airplane? She turned 4 in April and is still RF in her Marathon in one vehicle and FF in the Nauti in the other. We'll be bringing the Marathon on the plane. Should I...

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