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  1. macmomma

    Vent The rattling drives me CRAZY!!!

    So I went out and bought a new seat for my 5 1/2 year old. Due to medical issues I was looking for seat that reclines nicely since she falls asleep a lot in the car..... anyways, I picked the Graco 4Ever. I LOVE the way it reclines and she still has a fair amount of growing room in it with the...
  2. macmomma

    Bubble bum question

    I was looking at getting two bubble bum boosters- only going to be used for a couple of days and about 2 hours. Amazon states the minimum weight as 40 lbs but on the same page below it states 33.1 lbs is the minimum weight. My five year old will not be even close to 40 lbs in Novemeber when we...
  3. macmomma

    SureRide Latch not saying tight

    I have a SureRide. When installing it with the Latch it won't stay tight. I installed it i my Explorer but after a couple of rides it was very lose. So I figured that maybe it just not a good fit in my car. I switched seats and put it in my husbands F 150 and the same thing happened. Seatbelt...
  4. macmomma

    In Search Of Kindercarry preschooler

    I am looking for a Kindercarry, gender neutral, for a preschooler. Prefer one with the koolnit in it since it gets hot here. Could possibly trade, partial trade for a black Ergo sport.
  5. macmomma

    Three across in Explorer

    I know that the question arises from time to time about the second row in the newer Explorers. I have a 2011 Explorer and installed three across last night:D I have a Graco NBB outboard (the Radian would also fit there) drivers side. The MR installed in the middle FF and a BLVD70 outboard RF...
  6. macmomma

    In Search Of ISO: A Britax Hug

    My 4 year old tore one of her Britax hugs- does anyone happen to have a spare that they could spare for a couple of $ ??? Pretty Please:)
  7. macmomma

    Radian, AA and Explorer

    Has anyone used an AA with the Radian in a 2011 or newer Explorer. Right now I can only get the Radian installed in the center seat on the second row. I would like to move to outboard passenger side but not sure if an AA would boost it upright enough.
  8. macmomma

    In Search Of ISO: long radian harness cover

    I am looking for the big, long Radian harness covers. I don't care what color:)
  9. macmomma

    Newer model Explorer three across :)

    I know that some folks most likely will need three across in the newer models Explorers. I have a 2011, second row bench- as Explorer owners know.... the middle seat in the second row is pretty much useless car seat wise.... until now:D I bought a Britax Chaperone in Swap here AAAANNNDDD ... it...
  10. macmomma

    Seat question/ infant with Colostomy

    I have a new placement.... an infant with a colostomy:o He is just the sweetest little guy, VERY easy going and always smiling.... that is until i put him in his car seat:( The harness goes right across his stoma! As soon as I tighten the harness her gets very fussy and starts crying! I am...
  11. macmomma

    Snugrides bottom slots

    Quick question..... I am getting a 14 day old, 5lb little girl this morning placed with me. I have a snugride35 here, social worker bought a new regular snugride for the baby last night..... do both seats have the same bottom slot? I saw the baby yesterday and she is tiny.... I really don't have...
  12. macmomma

    What seat has sure latch or other easy instal seats

    Ok- I need a seat for Nana's car. Usually we leave one of our currently installed seats.... but like today where nana had no plans on going anywhere but then having a change in the game plan and her being without a seat for my three yr old.... We all panicked:eek: so, we are getting one to stay...
  13. macmomma

    Long shot... Double jogging stroller locally

    I am looking for a double jogging stroller semi local like NW La, east Texas and SW AR that I could drive to pickup. Color does not really matter. My middle one is having foot/ leg surgery again and my little one is just getting to heavy for me to drag around in the sling while pushing her...
  14. macmomma

    Kiddy World Plus question- shield impact force

    I am wondering- the shield on the Kiddy World Plus seat, does it distribute the force during impact better/ wider then a harnessed seat? Not sure how to explain what I am trying to say here:o With a normal harnessed seat- most of the force would be along where the harness and chest clip are...
  15. macmomma

    Blvd70 vs RA55 - is there a size difference??

    Ugh- I flipped DD rfing again this morning (long story) in her Blvd70 and found out that I am having a hard time making it fit:( It would fit better in the second row middle BUT because of a stupid piece of plastic in/ on the bench it won't really go there. I used to have a RA55 installed no...
  16. macmomma

    TF and plane

    Asking for a friend.... does the TF fit in the seat good.... it is kinda wide so she is wondering.... Thank you!!!
  17. macmomma

    Free CRASHED Radian and Vivo- local

    I have two crashed seats that I am not sure what to do with. If anyone can use them for training they are welcome to them- I don't really want to ship them. Pick up would be in NW Lousiana :0) Both seats were not occupied during the crash but the vivo did fly around the cabin of the truck- it...
  18. macmomma

    In Search Of TF cup holder

    Found one- thank you!!! I am looking for a TF cup holder:) They do come with one normally-right? Thanks!!!
  19. macmomma

    Deepest seat?

    What is the deepest seat out there... either convertible or harnessed booster? I mean- the one with the most leg support. Thanks!
  20. macmomma

    Question True Fit recline question

    Just a quick question, maybe someone knows the answer from the top of their head:o The True Fit does NOT have to be at a 45degree recline if used rfing-right? I have to turn my 2 1/2 back around since she lost a couple of pounds:(

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