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  1. vonfirmath

    Tires have expiration dates too!

    And, just like car seats, it has to do with the Date of Manufacture of the tire, not how long the tire has been driven on.
  2. vonfirmath

    Video ads affecting forums

    I am finding that, while viewing a longer thread, my window is being pulled up to the top on occasion. Mostly recently, the Academy ad had finished at the top and there was a new ad called something like "Undercurrent"
  3. vonfirmath

    FF only seat with Marathon like LATCH?

    Our Maestro is expiring. youngest daughter will be barely 4 and likely 31 pounds we want to replace with a seat with LATCH fasteners like the Marathon. Which seats have that?
  4. vonfirmath

    CSO app problem

    With the new phone, I am finding interesting new problems I just realized I was reading Community Chat and Senior Community Chat on the CSO app on my phone without being logged in! The Login button was showing so I went "what" and went to check messages and it said you must be logged in to see...
  5. vonfirmath

    Copyright issues?

    On another forum I'm on, they are going on a big push to delete all copyright infringement for many many years -- especially celebrity photos. She can't say anything but from the gist of what has been said there's a lawyer and potential $$ loss behind this. Should CSO be looking at cleansing...
  6. vonfirmath

    Question New Graco Turbobooster back

    We just got a new Graco Turbobooster and in putting it together one side popped out of the track. We cannot figure out how to get it back in. Anyone know; should we just return it?
  7. vonfirmath

    Yellow Solarveil Ring Sling -- SOLD

    Yellow Solarveil Ring Sling, $35 postage paid OBO Especially Open to trades for girl clothes 4T and larger or boy shirts size 6-8 Ring Sling, on Flickr Another view of ring sling, on Flickr Yellow Solarveil Ring Sling, on Flickr
  8. vonfirmath

    Dayquil ad

    Is there anyway to cause ads NOT to just start playing and overwrite what else you are listening to The Dayquil ad doesn't even seem to have a pause or stop button!
  9. vonfirmath

    New second car

    We've got a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am as a second car we want to replace for $8K or less. (IF we need more than that we'll have to wait and keep saving into next year). (It has numerous problems, the most significant of which is NO air conditioning. But also two of the windows don't go down. And...
  10. vonfirmath

    Tesla Model S crash-tested

    My husband sent me this link to post over here: In crash testing the Tesla Model S, they BROKE the testing machines before the car broke!
  11. vonfirmath

    For Sale Owl Planetbox

    Pottery Barn Owl Themed Planet Box. Never Used. Includes all magnets, carrying case, Big Dipper and little Dipper. $53 shipped. SOLD Planetbox case on Flickr Magnets: Magnets by Flickr Big and Little Dipper: Another inside look on Flickr
  12. vonfirmath

    Spelling problem

    Or is there a new Feeback forum? "The forum search utility is repaired. Please note any issues in the Feeback forum. Thank you for your patience!"
  13. vonfirmath

    Backpacks for Kindergarteners?

    What kind of bag did your kid take to school as a Kindergarten? Toys R Us has a backpack sale this week and I'm considering taking my soon to be K'er.
  14. vonfirmath

    ACK! Reported instead of rep

    I just reported a post I meant to rep and didn't realize it until it was too late. How do I recall?!
  15. vonfirmath

    Convertible seat covers

    1. Which convertible seats have covers that are easy to remove and replace for cleaning? 2. Are there any convertibles where the cover can NOT be removed for cleaning?
  16. vonfirmath

    For Sale itzbeen timer, JuJuBe, wetbags, snappis

    pink itzbeen timer $12 pink itzbeen timer, on Flickr JuJube Brown/Champagne mini with Drip Drop applique $45 JuJuBe mini with Drip Drop applique, on Flickr JuJuBe Brown/Champagne mini, on Flickr Bummis wet bag, medium. Used a couple of times $10 Bummis medium wet bag, on Flickr 2 pkg...
  17. vonfirmath

    Affordable tallish convertibles -- True Fit?

    I'm looking into getting a convertible seat for a budget of about $150 My daughter is light and even my son got to 3 yrs in a 35 lb rearfacing seat. More important to me is a seat that is easy to install and won't be outgrown easily by height How does the True Fit compare, height wise, to...
  18. vonfirmath


    So... Babies R Us has a new trade-in deal. I'm thinking of getting another stroller. Anyone used the babies R Us one advertised in their circular?
  19. vonfirmath

    Question about Safeseat insert

    Or does anyone know how to access the seat manual on the internet? Ours is on the seat. Which is at daycare and I've started wondering if we should remove the insert. But I'm having problems finding the criteria as to when to remove it.
  20. vonfirmath

    Goodbyn Lunchbox on sale 11am EDT! Today's Deals The Goodbyn lunchbox is going to be on sale today at Amazon -- 11am EDT

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