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  1. Shanora

    Question Britax Frontier CT lack of padding?

    So I just bought a new seat for Cordelia and we've been traveling with this seat and shes constantly complaing of a sore bum. Shes never done that. We traveled this summer with her MA and never once heard a compliant from her. I checked the bottom of the seat and there is little to NO...
  2. Shanora

    Question odd question I was asked

    I don't know how to provide an answer other that its never been tested and there is no way to know how the seats will react in a crash
  3. Shanora

    Question car seat tech in Red Deer area??

    Anyone know if there is a tech in the Red Deer area? I have someone asking
  4. Shanora

    Graco Button LATCH Strap problems

    Hey everyone, I'm starting to come into a few issues with the new style of latch clips on the Graco seats. They do NOT seem to tighten properly, and the seats are also loosening a bit over time.... So far I'm experienced this with my friend's seat, but I'm being contacted by a few people now...
  5. Shanora

    Dodge 2012 Front Head Rests popping out in a collision

    Admin: Please move if this isn't the right place.... So a friend of mine was rear-ended at a stop light yesterday (Driver was texting and hit them full speed). Today she posted pictures, and I wanted to share something I'd never heard of, or ever seen. My friend said it HURT when the...
  6. Shanora

    Question Ipad problem with app

    Not sure if this is just a me thing, but on my iPad I can't select the the forum button when I've got the iPad in certain positions (on its side). I'm wondering if its a me thing or if anyone else has the same problem.
  7. Shanora

    Installing Car Seat on a School Bus

    So just a quick question. Now when installing a seat in a car you need less that 1 inch of wiggle room at the belt path. Nice and Secure. Now I'm going to start driving bus here soon, I have a Marathon (old Style) and a 30lbs 18 month old child who will be forward facing. The seats do NOT...
  8. Shanora

    New Graco Seat?

    I apologize if this has already been talked about (didn't search). My girlfriend called Graco Canada about getting a My Ride shipped to her mom's house by friday (She doesn't want to fly with hers), because she's having a hard time finding it in stock anywhere. Graco told her that the reason...
  9. Shanora

    1999 toyota cressida

    This is as far as I can tell an imported vehicle. I have been asked by someone, if I know where to put a Top Tether anchor (Canadian's need to have FFing CR top tethered). I have nothing about this vehicle in the LATCH manual. Anyone dealt with this vehicle before, or knows where I Would find...
  10. Shanora

    Diono LATCH Housing Cracked And Seat Belt install incompatibility '03 Ford Winstar

    So, I was uninstalling my Radian RXT to move it to the back bench seat in my 03' Ford Windstar for another tech (she wanted to see it installed back there with the Angle Adjuster), and I installed it with LATCH. Took a picture before the AA was put in. Unlatched the seat, and then for whatever...
  11. Shanora

    In Search Of Diono RXT Cover

    I'm looking for Plum or Spring. I'm in Canada, and so can't order it off the page, so I'm looking to see if anyone has those covers for sale!
  12. Shanora

    Crash Speed tests.... Question

    ok so I'm a MOD on another forum for their Car seat section, and someone posted this question, and I can't remember what speeds car seats are crash tested at. I seem to think that 30-35Mph. Is that right? Here is what she posted.
  13. Shanora

    Tech in Barrie Ontario?

    I'm pretty sure we have a tech out there, but do you think I can remember who it is off the top of my head?? LOL At any rate is someone could give me her User Name, of if she could PM that would be fantastic, I have a friend who is in Angus that really REALLY needs some hands on help. Thanks!
  14. Shanora

    Canadian- Need seat suggestions for a 3 across

    I have a friend who needs to buy 3 new car seats, but is lost on what to buy. Her budget is no more than $800 Girl - 3 years old, 30lbs, 14" torso height. Currently rear-facing, want to keep her that was Boy - 11 months, 20lbs, 13" Torso height. Rear-facing. New baby due in November, she...
  15. Shanora

    Quick Question - Nautilus Expiry Date

    Ok, so I know that the High back/harnesses have a different expiry that the no-back booster portion. Is this the same for the Newer Nautilus'?? I also want to know if they 6 year expiry is just for the harnesses, or the whole back if its being used as a booster, since the Lower portion is...
  16. Shanora

    When did the Brand change for the Scenera?

    It WAS a Cosco brand, and so when a friend posted these new pink seats her daughters are sitting in, I was like what seats are those. Turns out they are from walmart, and they are now under the brand Safety 1st. Which I know is all under Dorel, but it confused me none the less. SO I was just...
  17. Shanora

    Joel's Journey, Updated!!

    He has links to his interviews!!! I'm excited for Jim that everything he's been fighting for (and everyone else too of course) has FINALLY come to light!!!
  18. Shanora

    New Britax Covers!!

    SOOOO cute!!! Anna
  19. Shanora

    Possible 4 kids, lap belt

    Ok so back ground 2007 GMC Sierra Tuck, Crew Cab 3 children, 1 Rfing RA, 1 FFing RA, 1 Booster seat. Occasional 4th Child, with the possibility of a 4th child in the near future. Live on a acreage/farm, and need the truck for towing, going on family vacations (Tent trailer), and other work...
  20. Shanora

    Has anyone seen this video yet?

    I just came across this one on youtube while looking for something else. Its well made, just wanted to know if its been seen before It looks like a different video we've all seen....but it starts out way YouTube - Car Seat Safety

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