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  1. PunkyMonkey

    2019 MDX + Maxi Cosi Mico 30? Advice...

    Hey y'all - I haven't logged into in years, but here I am with an almost 9-year-old and an almost newborn!! :D DH and I bought a 2019 Acura MDX A-spec for our family car and I got a killer deal on a Maxi Cosi Travel system... but the seat takes up so much room front-to-back that my 9...
  2. PunkyMonkey

    Sad Momma -- booster ready kiddo... recommendations

    Hey!! It's been a while since I've posted on here... My DD will be 6yo in Dec and she's 60lbs, 47inches tall and wears a Medium in Girls clothes (size 7-8) for an idea of her stats. She's currently in a Recaro Performance Sport in my car and a Graco Nautilus 65 in Dad's truck (Still using...
  3. PunkyMonkey

    In Search Of FR90 CT CowMoo CoverSet

    DD doesn't want her girly cover anymore (going to keep it for a spare) and she wants another CowMoo like her old RA. Anyone have one they don't want? EUC or New Condition? Would need to be shipped to 33713
  4. PunkyMonkey

    Question Is this possible?

    My just turned 2 year old, just flipped her FF in her blvd 70 and the headrest is all the way up in the highest position just to be a hair over her shoulders!!!!! I thought I would have this seat for years! She's 34 inches tall and 34 pounds as of last week... Does this sound right?
  5. PunkyMonkey

    Question Locking clip for Britax seat??

    Where do I get a locking clip from? Are they universal? Do I need to call Britax? Thanks :)
  6. PunkyMonkey

    For Sale Graco SR 30/32/35 BASE Only in Black - box

    Or Trade. Used it one time, it's the nice one with the turn knob for angle adjusting! It was purchased new in 2011 from and I used it one time for one ride and put it back in the original box after that!!! Could trade for anything really... Marathon classic/Roundabout Classic...
  7. PunkyMonkey

    Vent / Question: What is really safer in this situation... ?

    So here is my dilemma... soon to be XH has an older car (1992 buick of some sort) at the moment and he cannot for whatever reason just KEEP the darn seat in the car (so he's always uninstalling and "reinstalling" it) and DD is ERF she's 28.7 pounds, 34 inches tall and 18 months (still really...
  8. PunkyMonkey

    For Sale or Trade Classic MA Olivia... Not the best condition need gn..

    Hellooo I have an older Olivia cover in roughish shape but elastic is still perfect, nothing really wrong just some dirty spots on top part and sides from climbing in an out and what looks like reddish ink blot on one of the flowers in butt part. Inside is perfect. No pads. I need a boyish...
  9. PunkyMonkey

    Question Stupid Question: Britax MA Classic Expiration

    is indeed 6 years from Mfg Date correct? I got a Classic MA from a good friend (I know its never been misused or in an accident) to use on occasion in soon to be XHs car but the date is 11/14/2006... so its only good until Nov of this year right? I thought at some point there was a 7 year or...
  10. PunkyMonkey

    Question Interchangeable models harnesses - Britax seats?

    Odd question, wasn't sure how to word the title... On the Britax store you can purchase new harnesses... they do not for some reason have a black harness for sale for a RA 50, even though I know they've made black harnesses for that seat and still have seats sold at Target with black harnesses...
  11. PunkyMonkey

    There's a backwards cow in my car!!! :D PICS

    Just put our very first cowmooooo in and I LOVE it! :D On the couch before I brought it out!!! In case anyone wanted to know how well a Blvd 70 fit next to a RA 50 in a new Pilot... AMAZINGLY! Both latch installed as you can see.. And my pilot has 3 complete sets in 2nd row I could...
  12. PunkyMonkey

    For Sale Brand new Kathryn Cover for RA 50 Classic or MA 65 Classic!

    As the title states brand new cover on brand new seat haven't even taken it out of the box but I got a cowmoo cover and I dont do brown so this one is for sale! I have no idea what a brand new cover cost but based on the ones you can buy on Britax store $50 shipped? $40 shipped? Make me an...
  13. PunkyMonkey

    Question Machine "Hand Wash" washing cover?

    Britax manual says hand wash only... I have a 6 month old front loader that has a hand wash / delicate cycle... has anyone else ever used the machine? Its just SUCH a PITA to wash the cover in the tub!! I think my washer is a little too gentle with things because for DDs clothes I normally have...
  14. PunkyMonkey

    In Search Of Casually looking for a girly Nautilus cover in good-excellent condition... show me what you got!

    The title says it all... :) I bought my niece a Beckett GN but she's asking my sister for a "pretty seat" so aka girly and/or pink lol! I asked her if she wanted to trade but she wants to keep the Beckett for backup so paypal is ready if I see something "pretty" :love: thanks
  15. PunkyMonkey

    Question RA 50 (classic) harnesses? Also what has more room RF?

    I got one of those Kathryn seats on Target sale and man is it hideous to me. I hate brown and already planned to change the cover (have a cow moo on the way!) but I didn't even think about the brown harness. I went on Britax's online store to see if I could get a replacement harness in grey or...
  16. PunkyMonkey

    For Sale EUC Recaro ProRide Midnight

    SOLD!!!!!! Selling in EUC Recaro Proride DOM 6/14/2010. Have everything it came with along with the extra infant insert... and have the original box. It's from a nonsmoking, neat freak home and it's been very well taken care of!! Purchased 4/11 and was used for 6 months and then just a few...
  17. PunkyMonkey

    Question Curious and can't find it in google... Radian question..

    I was just reading the Pilot Review (awesome btw... Carrie_R) and I see in there (hope you don't mind I used your picture) Totally stupid question: What is the red strap in middle used for... I have never seen this before (obviously don't own a Radian) and I always wondered what that hole in...
  18. PunkyMonkey

    Sad day for my Blvd... is it OK?

    Took DDs new (11/11) Blvd70 out to clean it and put it in the garage on Saturday. We have the RPR for spare so I was a little lazy and left it in there for a few days (our garage is A/C was converted to a room and we just converted it back to a garage 2 months ago). I guess there was a gold fish...
  19. PunkyMonkey

    News IIHS Article about how rear seats are made and how manufacturers are missing the mark! Wish that little guy was pictured RF, but at least his chest clip and straps are correct! "Study volunteers correctly used the lower anchors in 60 percent of LATCH installations and used the upper...
  20. PunkyMonkey

    Question 2008 Chrysler T&C with Captain Chairs.. Convertible Seat Recommendations

    Ok so I have a dear friend who is looking in to Convertibles for her DD and she is almost 1 year old so she would be interested in something that Rear Faces and eventually Forward Faces well for the 2 captain chair positions in that van! Any of you Mamas have this van or similar years that have...

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