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  1. Avery'sMama

    ISO: Covers

    Hi! I'm ISO several cover sets. The seats are holding up through the kids, but the cover sets sure aren't!! I've got two girls in left in seats, so I'm all about the girly covers :) And Cowmoo. Always Cowmoo. :D Britax Marathon 70 Cover Britax Boulevard 70 G3 Cover SJ Radian XTSL Recaro Pro Sport
  2. Avery'sMama

    ISO: Britax Marathon 70 G3 and Radian XTSL Harnesses

    Due to a flooded garage and subsequent mold development, I'm ISO Marathon and Radian harnessing and a buckle. Thought I would try here before paying full price from Britax and Diono!
  3. Avery'sMama

    ISO: Bogs! Four sizes

    Hi there! I'm ISO gently used Bogs winter boots in the following sizes: Women's size 7, or Girls size 5 Boys- big kids size 1 Girls/toddler size 9 (could probably do a 10) Girls/toddler size 6 (could probably do a 7)
  4. Avery'sMama

    2011 Odyssey EX vs. 2010 EX-L

    OK... We are down to two options to stay within my DH's budget... a 2011 EX with about 30,000 miles or a 2010 EX-L with about 45,000 miles. Both end up around $22k (or less for the 2010). I've pushed for quite a while to up the budget to about $25k and get a 2011 or 2012 EX-L, but DH is quite...
  5. Avery'sMama

    Yet another mini-van thread!

    We are shopping for a new (to us) mini-van! Woohoo! For a variety of reasons we had been looking toward crossovers, and trying to stick with GM, but I've given up. We are a family of six and we just need another mini-van. Our budget is about $25K which puts us around a 2010-2011 Odyssey or...
  6. Avery'sMama

    Talk to me about GM's SUV's and Crossovers

    So... I really want a van again but for a myriad of reasons we are looking at just GM products which means no van option. We are a family of six. I've got two in boosters, one usually FFing and one RFing. This is likely to be the set up for at least two more years (so although we have four-...
  7. Avery'sMama

    ISO: Keyfit insert and/or set

    I've misplaced my Midori Keyfit infant insert, which is what I'm looking for ideally. I would consider a full cover set as well, must include the infant insert and be able to ship ASAP. I'm passing my Keyfit30 on to my niece-to-be. Baby is due in three weeks, so we need this soon!
  8. Avery'sMama

    Photo Request

    Hello! I'm working on a state curriculum for child protective service workers who will be transporting children. We are in need of some certain photographs and I thought rather than trying to re-create the wheel, I would request them! We need photos of children appropriately restrained in...
  9. Avery'sMama

    Car Seat Tech Course- Flint, MI

    Space is currently still available for a CPST Course May 1-4 at STAT EMS in Flint, MI. The cost of the course is supported by Hurley Medical Center, and the only fee is the $75 Safe Kids Certification Fee. Experienced Instructors promise you an excellent class, best practice, no rogue...
  10. Avery'sMama

    Best deal on Bog boots?

    Title says it all! I scored a pair of Bogs (for myself) last winter on 75% off clearance and loved them! I would love to get my kids pairs for this winter. They walk to the bus on a dirt road, have two or three recesses at school, and are generally typical kids who love the snow and mud! I need...
  11. Avery'sMama

    Yet another double stroller thread... ones with second seats?

    The more I think about when/why I will use a double, the more I'm thinking about something like a B-Ready and second seat. I had thought I would use the stroller most to walk with the big kids and had decided on a BJCMD. But in reality, when I think about it, it will be running in and out of...
  12. Avery'sMama

    Four seats in a Mazda 5?

    Hey there! We have a hold on a 2007 Mazda 5. This would be DH's primary car. I have a Ford Freestar, normal full sized mini-van. We have three now, 8yo DD in a booster (high or low. Depending on the seat/car), 5 yo DS in a harness or HBB, depending on the car, and 20mon. DD2, RFing right now in...
  13. Avery'sMama

    Double stroller help!

    Despite being on baby #4 now, we've never needed a double. My bigger kids are 3 and 3 1/2 years apart, so they just hopped on the front foot well of my BOB Revolution when they needed to sit for a spell. But... with #3 and #4 only 2 years apart (nearly exactly, probably 2 years and 2 weeks), I...
  14. Avery'sMama

    Choosing what to buy- DH vs me...

    When choosing to purchase a new to you, used car, what are your primary considerations? How old of a car/high mileage would you finance? DH and I are in an on-going dispute on this. We've comfortably made a car payment around $275 for our entire marriage, first on his car, then on mine. Both...
  15. Avery'sMama

    Favorite Videos?

    I am doing a short community education session on Thursday. It's half an hour with time for questions. They have marketed it as an update on the "new" AAP recommendations. I plan to do a short intro on why child passenger safety is important, followed by one slide each on rear facing, forward...
  16. Avery'sMama

    Stripped gears on the infinte harness height adjust on Boulevard Classic

    I have a 2007 manufacture Britax Boulevard with apparently stripped gears in the infinite harness adjust. I called Britax to see what could be done, and the answer is apparently nothing. And it's out of warranty. It can't be repaired, they won't fix it. The customer service rep said the gears...
  17. Avery'sMama

    In Search Of Girly Classic Boulevard Cover

    I'm looking for a girly patterned cover for a classic Boulevard with an 01/07 DOM, so older style head wings. I can pay or I can trade for a Park Avenue cover, no belly pad, a Regent cover in Madison or Sahara (full pad sets) or an old style Parkway cover in that grey pebbley fabric- Granite maybe?
  18. Avery'sMama

    Price Check Regent and cover set

    I've got a 2007, I think, DOM Regent with both Sahara full pad sets and Madison full sets. Both sets are excellent condition. The Sahara is near perfect, used like twice, and the Madison has small staining on the yellow, and a tiny tear in the mesh pocket. It's not being shipped, but going...
  19. Avery'sMama

    Grandparents Seat

    OK-- So help me think this through please... My IL's babysit for my children two days a week, they need to be able to have three across but have a Buick LeSabre, so space isn't too big of an issue. Right now they have a EFTA (for DS- almost 4) and TurboBooster (for DD- almost 7). They have the...
  20. Avery'sMama

    What's the harness height on the ProSport? Reviews?

    I've got a friend looking to keep her 48" tall son harnessed. He's even with the top slots on the Nautilus and just around the second to top slot on the Regent. He's six years old, 48lbs and 48 inches tall. Thoughts?

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