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  1. mping

    Question Britax BLvd Clicktight

    So, my 2 yo puked in the car tonight and I took the cover off to wash it and the head wings are missing a piece! I'd never have known this otherwise! I'm attaching a pic. I tried calling Britax today and was on hold forever and the email option wasn't enabled [emoji35] Sent from my iPhone...
  2. mping

    Question 5 stepping

    Just curious, when did all your kids 5 step? My 10 1/2 year old does in most cars now at 4'11" and about 80 lbs. She's happy to use her Incognito still so she uses it in my car but I don't think she "needs" it. Meanwhile, my 8 yo is 40lbs so most likely will be in a booster until he's driving...
  3. mping

    Question Does she officially 5 step?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. mping

    12 passenger van

    I think I know the answer to this but do I need car seats in one? We are planning a trip to Universal Studios and the transportation to the hotel from the airport is a 12 passenger van from what I can tell. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. mping

    Liability of a carpool

    My 9 yo is going on a Girl Scout field trip this week and there will be four drivers for all the girls. They are all in 4th grade so 9-10 years old. There are probably 2-3 of them that I would safely say probably 5 step. I'm sending my dd with a bubble bum but it's very likely no one else...
  6. mping

    Best place for a NBB in a Suburban?

    My 9 yo (4'7" and 69lbs) will be riding in a Girl Scout carpool on Wednesday in a Suburban. Naturally, I'm a neurotic mess thinking about it ;) I'm sending her with her Bubble Bum. She knows to find a seat with a head rest. I know she already feels self conscious because she will likely be...
  7. mping

    Belt fit?

    We need to do three across this weekend. How does she look? She's about 69lbs and 4'7 1/2". Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. mping

    Yet another belt fit question

    She is 9 1/2, 65lbs and 56in. Just got the Incognito. This was in our '09 Ody passenger side outboard in the 3rd row. How does it look? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. mping

    Incognito colors

    So, my daughter doesn't like the Diono Solana I got her on Amazon so I'm returning it and getting her an Incognito. She swears she'll remember to use the clips properly. Anyway, I have an '09 Ody with tan leather interior. The reviews all say that the colors aren't true to what they are...
  10. mping

    Recline on Clicktight seat

    My son is 9 months old and the recline on his CT Blvd is right smack in the middle between the light blue and dark blue. Is that ok? He sits completely unassisted and has good head and neck control. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. mping

    Well, it finally happened

    I've heard about kids being embarrassed by their booster usage in front of friends before but it has never happened to my kids (7 and 9). I was picking up two girls (9) who are in camp this week with my daughter (9) and I had two Harmony Literiders for them all set up in the car for them. The...
  12. mping

    Plus one Odyssey seat

    I really should have searched the forums here before I went and tried to install my Blvd CT on it in the sweltering heat and humidity. Seriously was a rookie move on my part. I love this seat but really wish it was narrower to fit on that seat. The option of 3 across is so nice but the big...
  13. mping

    Question Good belt fit?

    How does she look? She sits in a Harmony Cruz 99.9% of the time but I was curious about her belt fit. This is in a third row Ody.
  14. mping

    Question Boulevard CT in Ody

    It's sort of a pain but really wasn't too bad using latch.
  15. mping

    Question Monterey vs Recaro Probooster vs Kidfit

    I want my kids to have matching boosters but one kid is tall and one is tiny. Which one should I get them that would fit both of them well? My taller kid, 54in, isn't broad or have a particularly long torso and she prefers a back. Before our accident, she was in an Affix but had just about...
  16. mping

    Question Boulevard CT in Ody

    So I've been researching convertibles forever it seems for my 6 month old and last week I had a car accident so I finally bought his seat (since our bucket is no longer good). But I read on another thread that since I have him in the second row captains seat that is slid towards the middle, I...
  17. mping

    Question Another car accident question

    Well, it's been nine years since I've become a parent and it finally happened, I got into a car accident. We were turning left into the park district and someone was going straight opposite me and she caught me on the rear passenger side. The side curtain airbags went off. I drive an '09 Ody...
  18. mping

    Question HBB outgrown?

    Does this look ok or has she outgrown it?
  19. mping

    Question 3 across in an '09 Ody and the new Advocate CT

    I'd like to put three across in my Ody. My 7 year old in a Frontier 80 on the driver's side captain, baby in the middle (8th seat) and my 9 year old in an Affix on the passenger side captain seat. Currently the baby is in the passenger captain seat in a SnugRide. When we do school drop off...

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