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  1. Mags462

    Graco TB with SS rock bottom price of 47 on amazon....

    Title pretty much says it all. While contemplating this booster for M I looked it up on amazon and thought the price seemed low. Checked camelcamelcamel and it's never been this low before. Price good on Pearson (green) cover only. Sorry I cannot link Bc I am mobile and don't know how... Great...
  2. Mags462

    LONG shot ISO - girls black pants!

    Okay - i found the PERFECT type of dance pants for E. He is an irish dancer and typical "dress slacks" do not cut it in terms of fit and fabric. My only problem is that i found these perfect pants at a consignment sale and they are last seasons "fashion" so i can no longer buy a new pair from...
  3. Mags462

    Amazon Movie Schedule - Brave, Planes, Monsters U, etc....

    Last year Holly posted a link to the upcoming Amazon Movie deals and it was SUPER helpful to me! So i thought i would return the favor this year: Amazon Movie Deals Calendar Unfortunately it doesn't list prices but i think its safe to say they will match or beat the $10 prices at most of the...
  4. Mags462

    Target clearancing some Britax....

    My target has some Britax items on clearance - specifically the classic marathon and the b-agile. Both were 50% off (so the seat was 90ish and the stroller 109)..... i asked the department worker and she said they aren't going to carry those two items anymore in store.... So if you want a...
  5. Mags462

    Giving out Rep - haven't been able to for a month! Help! =o(

    Okay so i am sure i am just really dimwitted and not understanding but i haven't been able to give out Rep in almost a month. Every time i click on the "Rep" icon for someone it says i have given out too much and to try again in 24 hours.... so i wait and try again.... but the thing is it NEVER...
  6. Mags462

    For Sale SOLD!! Radian 65SL..... Now $110ppd....

    SOLD!!!! I am ready to depart with my hated Radian. Nothing against the seat - its a nice seat - I'm just not a fan. But i won't bother messing with it if no one really wants it. ;) It's a 65SL in the tan/black plush cover. Its barely been ridden in - as it was used only when we needed a 3...
  7. Mags462

    Car seats on clearance at Target....

    So while you all are stalking to BJCMicros check your car seat aisle as well. Mine has the Truefits, Keyfits, and graco nauti's on clearance. I think there was another one as well but i can't remember :o They were all 30% off, and there were multiples of them in my store....
  8. Mags462

    What stroller is this?! help!

    Okay - i ran across this on CL and am drawing blanks. Posting says its a zooper, my goole-fu is coming up empty. ;)
  9. Mags462

    backless turbo's for $7.50....

    Well my Target has a STACK and i mean big old stack (10+) backless Turbo's in the McQueen print for $7.50.... i have absolutely ZERO use for one, so i resisted.... but just thought I'd share in case it's generally being put on clearance in that cover. :D
  10. Mags462

    Target is clearancing out seats again!

    Its that time of year - my Target has marked down a LOT of seats 15% off. Which of course will get more and more reduced as the weeks drag on. So start your stalking folks :p What i noticed at the current 15% off: Nauti $132 RA 50 $132 MA 65 $163 Turbo $42 Graco Smartseat $215 And there were...
  11. Mags462

    Anyone want to trade boosters?! I have a SK Monterey...

    I bet this is a long shot, but i thought i would post anyways. I have a SK Monterey in Silver (i think - its black/grey with red piping) that i just don't love :o I'm pretty sure it has a July/Aug 2010 manny date, and i can check for sure when pick DS1 up from school. So does anyone has a...
  12. Mags462

    LeGrange Nauti on Wayfair clearance for $99....

    Anyone need a cheap Nauti? There is one in the clearance section for $110, and you can use code E5PT9 for another 10% off making it $99 shipped. :D HTH someone!
  13. Mags462

    For Sale Cheap Cappuccino TrueFit.....

    SOLD! Cheap Cappuccino TrueFit..... *******************SOLD***************************** Due to needing the narrowness of a Radian I must sell one of our beloved TrueFits :( The seat is in excellent condition sans the number stickers on the side (where you adjust the harness).... when i...
  14. Mags462

    Recaro Vivo on Wayfair for $45 shipped!

    Just an FYI in case you have stopped opening the car seat section to stare at those 5% off Diono's :p There is a Vivo in Carbon on there for $44.89 .... and if you can find a code (i am having no luck!) it'll bring that down to roughly $40 shipped. :D
  15. Mags462

    BJ City Elites on Wayfair - $285!

    There are 12.... so if you want one - go and get em! they are the black stone color.... in the clearance section. :D
  16. Mags462

    18% off NBD sitewide...

    Use code HOLIDAY18 :D They said one order per customer w/ the code but the order can contain as many items as you wish. Happy Shopping! :D
  17. Mags462

    NBD - Truefit Recline $75.99+shipping...

    It looks like they are restocking a lot of stuff - but of interest i thought was the TF Recline they have for $75.99 + 7.95 shipping..... :D HTH someone!
  18. Mags462

    Plum 2011 Bob Revolution SE Stroller in Plum - $382! clearance center (formerly has a 2011 Bob Revolution SE in Plum for $382.... it appears to be about 15% off retail. Stroller here. :)
  19. Mags462

    Question When you buckle a child in their seat what do you buckle first?!

    Okay - no point to this thread other than curiosity. When you are putting a LO in a car seat, which do you fasten first - the chest clip or the crotch buckle? :p I always buckle the chest clip first, DH always buckles the crotch buckle first. :D
  20. Mags462

    Combi Coccoro in Chesnut - $110 + shipping...

    Baby Boutique outlet in Joplin, MO has Coccoro's in Chesnut for $109 + shipping. Somehow i ended up adding 4 to my cart and it let me, so i think there are several of these for sale. You can calculate shipping on the my cart page.... shipping to me was only $13! :eek: Coccoro Seat here

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