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  1. scariestone

    Really wide LBB?

    DS is in need of a new LBB for MIL's car. He's in a Pronto and its squeezing his hips. Is there anything with more room between the arm rests or is my only option an Incognito?
  2. scariestone

    Head Wedgie

    "Give 'em a wedgie, a head wedgie!" No, And again, no. I suppose its less unsafe than a lot of car products but the name, really? Was every other name in the world already registered as a trademark?
  3. scariestone

    ISO any MR cover in usable condition

    I passed our MR on to a friend of mine who's been using it and took the cover off the wash it and left it outside to dry and someone stole it! Seriously, who does that?! Any pattern is fine, stained is fine as long as its not gross. Just something so she can use the seat again. Anyone have a...
  4. scariestone

    In Search Of Buckle biter

    Anyone have one they don't use? Hippo or crocodile is fine. I ordered one from the manufacturer and they never bothered to send it or reply to my emails or paypal dispute. DS is still having a heck of a time buckling with the floppy stalks in my forester so I'd really like to get one for him...
  5. scariestone

    Grr moldy nautilus!

    :mad: I hate DS's room. It always gets moist in there when it rains and I stupidly left his nauti sitting next to one of the windows. I discovered yesterday that the straps are covered in surface mold as well as parts of the cover. I'm pretty certain I can salvage the cover just from washing it...
  6. scariestone

    Budget seats that fit noobs?

    No, I don't have an announcement, I'm asking for my 8 months pregnant friend. Up to about $70. I figured the Apt would be the best choice but it has pretty low top slots. Anything else that would work?
  7. scariestone

    Good NBB for a wide bottom?

    No, not mine. :p I'd like to just have a spare booster lying around in case I need to send DS with someone or we have a friend in the car. Problem being he has a rather wide posterior and doesn't even fit in a TB. I'd prefer something fairly inexpensive since it likely won't see much use and I'd...
  8. scariestone

    Cargo tiedowns

    Good thing, yes? We're driving from home to Disneyland in a couple weeks(eek!) and I just need to make sure we're as safe as possible. We will have a little cooler in the back seat but its pretty lightweight and is pretty much jammed in there so I'm not worried about that. The trunk situation...
  9. scariestone

    Any good monterey deals?

    Amazon has several of the colors for $119.99. I've been scouring google and haven't found anything cheaper except the SK version which is $100 but I don't know that losing a year or more of use would be worth saving 20 bucks. The nautilus just isn't going to work as a booster because it doesn't...
  10. scariestone

    Booster rules

    I have zero experience with boosters short of poking one in a store now and then. I didn't even ride in one as a kid. :/ I'm looking for rules/guidelines that are different for boosters than harnessed seats. Like, is crossing legs/sitting "indian style" ok in a booster? Also are there things...
  11. scariestone

    Good budget HBB for large 5yo?

    I'm trying to plan ahead. DS is not in a booster yet for those of you looking at my siggy, don't worry. I plan to either use the nauti in booster mode or get a monterey for my car but I'd like something for grandparents/friend's cars. Hopefully under $50. He just barely fits in a TB so I need...
  12. scariestone

    OMG the TB is tiny!

    And flimsy! I decided to try DS out in the display one at costco today out of curiosity and yeah, he's a big kid but he's not even 5 and his butt barely fit and the sides were squeezing in on him! I had to pick it up with one hand on the back and one on the bottom because it felt like it was...
  13. scariestone

    Uhh wha? Buckle extender 3" Seat Belt Buckle Extender for Child Car and Booster Seats - 1" wide metal tongue (Type B) - Black: Baby Yes I would love to have to worry about TWO buckles getting unbuckled, not just one.
  14. scariestone

    Cheapest place to buy a RSTV?

    Amazon has them for $139 if I don't care about DS having a pink one. :p He's about 50lbs and I'd like to use it for a few years so I definitely need a large. All I ever see on swap is people looking for them, not selling them.
  15. scariestone

    3 across in a 2 door neon?

    Is it even possible? I think its a mid 90s dodge but I'm not certain. A friend of mine is unexpectedly pregnant with her 3rd and when she told me of course the first thing to pop into my mind was how the heck she was going to transport them all. :o She currently has a 4.5 year old, 47" tall...
  16. scariestone

    Any new HWH seats coming out?

    DS is about to outgrow the MR in my ILs car. There's NO way I'm putting him in a booster. MIL can barely get the MR unbuckled and its the buckle that you just push down, not in. So there's no way in heck she would be able to get the radian undone and the nautilus has the same sort of buckle. Are...
  17. scariestone

    Seatbelts and, uh, big people

    By big I mean heavy, not tall. DH swears that if a person is over 250lbs, in a serious accident the seatbelt will break their ribs, which will pierce their heart and kill them. He's full of BS, right? Has there been any research of this topic? He swears because of this he would be safer not...
  18. scariestone

    When to start booster training?

    I'm just wondering what are some signals that its time to start booster training. DS will likely be harnessed for at least another year but I don't know if I should train soon "just in case". He's absolutely nowhere near ready to be boostered full or even part time because he's very impulsive...
  19. scariestone

    Nautilus top tether loosening

    Our nauti is installed in the center seat in a 2011 subaru forester with seat belt obviously. The top tether is driving me crazy because it keeps loosening. I tighten it as much as I can and after a few days I'll hear it clattering around on the anchor when I go over bumps. It does it whether DS...
  20. scariestone

    I guess the MT is comfortable

    I was a bit worried going from the RN with the fancy memory foam but I guess I didn't have to. This is the child that doesn't nap unless he's sick and sleeps in the car even less often than that. Every single seat we've used before this, if he fell asleep his chin was to his chest because he's a...

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