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  1. hsjwmom

    *SOLD OUT* $99 WOOT today: True Fit (Pink Butterfly)

    $99.99 + $5 shipping
  2. hsjwmom

    DD's first ride ffing

    She LOVED it! She went between saying she was a race car driver and it was a rocket blasting off. I have never said anything about a 5pt harness being like what a race car driver wears and she's never seen car racing, lol. Not sure where she picked it up. :confused: She kept listing all the...
  3. hsjwmom

    Any interest in wool soakers?

    All bought new by me, used only on dd3. I just want these gone. $8ppd each or the lot for $50ppd. I'll throw in an assortment of Ewe Need It wooly spray and wash bars, too! (I got in on a co-op and bought way too much. :o ) Luxe, WCW, Llamajama Loveybums, Disana one snap ripped out
  4. hsjwmom

    Help me figure out the safest setup?

    I am driving 45-50 minutes each way on unfamiliar, winding, country roads tomorrow. It's also supposed to rain. I am driving a Prius, not sure of the year. I'll have all 3 of my girls with me. The only seats I have with me are two Harmony backless and an Avenue. A three across with those seats...
  5. hsjwmom

    $5 off Blue Buffalo dog food coupon

    Taken, thanks! Expires 12/31/11 We no longer have a dog so I don't need it. First to pm me can have it.
  6. hsjwmom

    Any HBB with wider seat than Monterey?

    So, I'm a total idiot. I bought dd1 a Monterey based on her liking her sister's several months ago. It never crossed my mind that she might GROW. Ugh. So, anyway, she feels like she has to wedge her butt in. She still likes her Olli, but misses the head wings from her Oobr. (Oobr being sold...
  7. hsjwmom

    Julius Oobr for sale

    SOLD Never been in an accident, DOM 9/4/09. Smoke-free, pet friendly home. Our kittens do not ride in the booster, but you may find a stray cat hair. I'm selling because, as much as my 11yo LOVES it, she can barely wedge her bottom in it anymore. :p Asking $100 plus actually shipping and pp...
  8. hsjwmom

    Monterey $78 - last day

    I just picked up a Monterey for $78.53 + tax from I used the code SAVEATKOHLS for 30% off and it allowed me to stack the code PGO15OFF for another 15% off. Shipping is free for purchases over $75 Today is the last day for the 30% code. These are not the newer style Monterey's. As...
  9. hsjwmom

    Can a seat be installed rfing on a plane with GoGo Kidz?

    I'm taking our MA with the GGK and was wondering...can it be installed rfing on the plane with the GGK attached? No biggie if it has to be removed, it would just be a lot easier if I could leave it on.
  10. hsjwmom

    ISO soft travel tray

    Like the Fisher Price one here or similar, please?! Anyone have one laying around that they want to get rid of?
  11. hsjwmom

    Our Monterey is out for delivery!

    No big deal, tons of people have one. :o I'm just so darn excited for dd2 to finally have hers. I really hope it's a good fit for her. I never got around to finding one to try her in before ordering. She is a bit stocky, 25-50% for height, but 75% for weight (75lbs) so I think the Monterey is...
  12. hsjwmom

    Leaning toward flying w/MA vs TFP. Thoughts?

    I'll be flying by myself with my 2.5 yr old. I have a GoGoKidz that I know works with the MA, and I've read here that it works with the TF. Does it work with the TFP? The TFP is her everyday seat, but I still :love: her MA. It's just a matter of the MA fitting better in Dh's truck. I'm...
  13. hsjwmom

    Anybody in the Houston area thinking about a Monterey?

    I was thinking about ordering two of them while they are BOGO1/2 off, but I only need 1. Your price after coupon discount would be just under $90. I'd order them on my account and you could pay whenever we'd meet. Anybody interested?
  14. hsjwmom

    In Search Of Chicco C1 stroller skin

    I'd like a different set of skins for my C1. I have Nottingham and really don't like it. It now needs to be washed, so I thought just maybe I could find a different set. :o Someone had one for sale a while ago, but the thread got purged. It was the seat part only, she didn't have the hood. I...
  15. hsjwmom

    In Search Of Anybody have some Little Einsteins DVDs?

    We're going on a roadtrip and I'd like to get a few Little Einsteins dvds. If you have some you want to unload, hit me with title and how much you want. :D
  16. hsjwmom

    Has the TB changed in recent years?

    Basically, I just want to know if a TB cover from a 2004 seat would fit a 2009 seat. Thanks!
  17. hsjwmom

    Chocolate Skip Hop saddlebag

    SOLD! Brand new, never used and I'll even throw in a Skip Hop wipes case. :) $20ppd includes pp fees.
  18. hsjwmom

    Turbo cover set, Roundabout cover set

    Aloha Roundabout cover set Sold Aloha locally I have a reversible TurboBooster cover in EUC. One side is a suede-like material in navy and sky blue, the other side is navy/grey fleece. $16ppd SOLD
  19. hsjwmom

    Radian in a Dodge Ram?

    Anybody tried? :whistle:
  20. hsjwmom

    GroBaby up on Babysteals

    $54.99 for 3 shells and 150 BioSoakers, $14 shipping I am so tempted. :o

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