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  1. ketchupqueen

    Last minute travel need

    She is probably too big for the BubbleBum to be comfortable and I wouldn't count on fitting a Mifold. Most airlines won't count the booster as an extra carryon. You'll need to check their website for more info. I personally would not worry about my child in a booster over the height limit if...
  2. ketchupqueen

    Display Car Seat

    I know that at least one company uses seats that did not pass quality control as "display models." If you live in a state where proper use is required (Most states) using a product marked as display only would technically be illegal, which might hold some sway in an argument.
  3. ketchupqueen

    car seat from front to back

    Hi! A few things to consider here. First, boosters usually offer fairly deep leg support or else they taper. This is to prevent discomfort that might cause kids to slouch, which would cause unsafe belt fit. Second, kids need leg excursion and head excursion room to prevent injuries. Make sure...
  4. ketchupqueen

    Taking the Nautilus headrest OFF

    Hi Judy, do you have a question?
  5. ketchupqueen

    2015 Nissan Rogue- 2nd row center contradiction?

    Hi! I checked with the LATCH Manual, a resource for CPSTs, which gets info directly from vehicle manufacturers. It confirms that you only have a tether anchor center, not lower anchors, in a 2015. The instructions on the later page may be meant for the outboard seating positions. To use the...
  6. ketchupqueen

    Best five point harness booster

    The Ride Safer Travel Vest may be a bit more supportive especially if used with tether and locked belt. That said most children his age can be taught to look up when sleepy, which can really help keep them upright (it's the trick I use myself.)
  7. ketchupqueen

    2021 Recommended Car Seats List: Community Picks

    Looking for seat recommendations to start your shopping with? Start here! This is a list of crowd-sourced suggestions for seats that our community loves and loves to suggest, as recommended by community members. Experts know that the "best" seat is the one that fits your child, fits your...
  8. ketchupqueen

    Nuns Pipa in 2010 Subaru Forester

    I would recommend LATCH install in an outboard seat with this base and vehicle but I think it would fit. It's not excessively large front to back.
  9. ketchupqueen

    Which Car eat works Best for my Volkswagen Jetta 2013 Base?

    Hi! Can you start by telling us what boosters you have and what your son's weight, height and age are? That will help us figure out what might work for you.
  10. ketchupqueen

    Carseat help!!

    Hi! It will be a tight fit but the right seats might make it work. You'll need to give us some info to make the best recommendations. 1. How old is each child? How much do they weigh? What is their seated torso height (sit them against the wall cross legged and Mark the top of the shoulder, then...
  11. ketchupqueen

    2015 Equinox - 3 across

    It's narrow, but I'm not seeing anything that looks like 3 across shouldn't. be possible. Do you have any more info on which snugride 35 you have? There are a few different "flavors" that fit and install differently.
  12. ketchupqueen

    2015 crv 3 across

    With the right seats you can do 3 with seatbelts. The middle seat has to be very narrow. The outer do best if they are both narrow and have a tapered base.
  13. ketchupqueen

    Safety 1st onBoard™35 LT infant car seat p

    It is a good bet for newborns to fit well and breathe well in. You'll almost certainly need a rolled towel or pool noodle chunks for the base to be at the correct angle but I've never had real issues with it.
  14. ketchupqueen

    2015 crv 3 across

    My mom has a CR-V of this generation and I can guarantee those seats won't work, and you can check your manual yourself to see that you are not able to use more than 1 set of lower anchors with 3 seats installed.
  15. ketchupqueen

    2015 crv 3 across

    Hi, this appears to be a duplicate of your other post. As I explained in the other thread, you cannot use lower anchors for more than a maximum of one seat with 3 in this back seat. Please see my reply there:
  16. ketchupqueen

    2015 crv 3 across

    You cannot use LATCH for all 3 seats. You have 5 lower anchors and 1 is for either an outboard or center position; however if using it in one seat you cannot use the other seating position at all for anyone because they overlap. So in reality if you have 3 seats there, one seat (in the non...
  17. ketchupqueen

    2015 crv 3 across

    You will be unable to use lower anchors and get 3 across. Are both children rear facing?
  18. ketchupqueen

    Convertible/All in one car seats HELP!!

    You may find this comparison helpful:
  19. ketchupqueen

    thoughts on booster seats: chicco or britax or Uppa Baby

    The KidFit is so short my kids wouldn't get hardly any use at all out of the back. The Highpoint OTOH still fit my third when she was 10 in the 93rd height percentile with a long torso, with room to grow- it's VERY tall.
  20. ketchupqueen

    Tallest harness height seat (or one coming soon)?

    It's not an easy install but I believe it's compatible. The MyFit is only about half an inch taller than the SureRide. Standing height limits are based on a variety of factors but basically guesses and probability charts for how tall a kid fits. I've never personally hesitated to ignore them...

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