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  1. MommyShannon

    2011 Pilot 3rd row

    Anybody have a trick for installing outboard in the 3rd row of a 2011 Honda Pilot. The only harnessed seats we have now are Graco Nautilus (or maybe whatever they called the nicer model for awhile). I cannot get a tight install AT ALL. It will seem tight until I pull the outboard arm and it...
  2. MommyShannon

    '04 Olds Silhouette TA locations

    Does the '04 Olds Silhouette have any TA in the 3rd row?
  3. MommyShannon

    5 Steps?

    This is new territory for me. My 10.5 year old seems to 5 step in the 3rd row of our 2002 Odyssey. I've been making her use the Incognito just because I'm nervous about it though! So does it look like she should go without? Is there any benefit to continuing with it? Her feet are flat without...
  4. MommyShannon

    Any Chicco Keyfit deals?

    My sister is due next month and wants a Keyfit in Foxy pink. Anybody know of a way to get a deal on it? I'm not having any luck.
  5. MommyShannon

    Booster for 2011 Explorer

    My sister just got a 2011 Explorer (doesn't have the special airbag seatbelts) and will need a HBB for an average sized 6 year old boy. I was going to suggest the Recaro booster but does it work well in it? Any other experience/concerns with boosters in it?
  6. MommyShannon

    Camp Van

    Gah. DD is going to camp for the first time. She is very excited. Of course I'm worried about safety. All the kids at our Church go and it's highly recommended. However, there are pictures like this of the staff . :( Hopefully, buckling is mandatory for kids. I didn't sign DD up for...
  7. MommyShannon

    Mixed advice

    This isn't terrible advice, but I think they could have done better. This was in a Blue Cross Blue Shield magazine we got. Everything they listed as wrong, but I wish they had listed the guidelines and not just websites plus I'm almost positive the straps are below her shoulders. It's not...
  8. MommyShannon

    Amazon baby deals

    I don't know anything besides what is in this post, but looks like there could be some good deals.
  9. MommyShannon

    Tether anchor retrofit '97 Volvo 850

    Is it possible to order the parts for a '97 Volvo 850? It has the per drilled holes. I just can't find where to get the parts.
  10. MommyShannon

    Covers (FR85, RA55, TF, CA)

    I keep holding on to these, but really don't need spare covers anymore since I have enough spare seats, lol. All prices include shipping. Pictures are big to hopefully show the condition well. They all show wear (not much on the FR85 though). CA cover has snags and stains from juice. I...
  11. MommyShannon

    Commuter car

    DH has an hour commute. He drives a 2001 Accord but it's hard on his back. I think it has about 175,000 miles. What would be a similar, fuel efficient car that's more comfortable? We would sell or trade in the Accord, but could pay a little more too. It's a good car, but his lower back and...
  12. MommyShannon

    What is this seat?

    Well, my mom thought she had more pics, but I think this is the Bobby Mac and not the one in the other pictures. Still fun to see.
  13. MommyShannon

    Wheel chair ramps

    I'm not sure where the best place is for this. My Grandpa is not very mobile anymore. They have a Honda Odyssey (I think a 2003). He mostly uses a scooter in the house but does have a wheel chair. He fought having anything for a long time. A lot of people in his shape would never walk, yet...
  14. MommyShannon

    What is this seat?

    I have been converting my grandparents' old slides and found these pics of me! It's from 1981.
  15. MommyShannon

    I did it

    Let DD2 turn around. She will be 4 in 3.5 weeks and has been begging to sit like our older kids. I was holding out for 4, but her new Argos arrived yesterday while she was watching for the bus with me. No hiding the big brown truck pulling into our driveway! Today she was so sad when we were...
  16. MommyShannon

    Booster fit

    After seeing other booster pics, I'm questioning DS's fit more. He really prefers the nautilus right now. His shoulder fit is fine. The lower belt is low on his hips on the sides but not flat in front. His belly makes it look weird too. Is this a decent fit? DD looked similar to me and was...
  17. MommyShannon

    Backless with cupholders

    What is a decent backless with cup holders that normally fits well? I like the Youth booster but cup holders would be useful in my mom's car. DD is about 52" and maybe 60lbs. DS is 47" and 53lbs maybe. I haven't checked them lately.
  18. MommyShannon

    I confess....

    I ordered an Argos for DD2 to go along with the 2 FR85s waiting for her to turn FF. DH is not going to understand my reasoning, but oh well. He has his boat, I have lots of diapers and car seats. I realized our last nauti is expiring this year and it's currently DS's favorite booster anyway...
  19. MommyShannon

    Rainbow Loom deals

    DD decided to buy a RL with Christmas money she had left. Michael's had the looms for 2 for $25 and bands were $2.50 each if you buy 4 or more. Based on the threads at Christmas, those seemed like good prices. They also had lots of the cases and the 40% off coupon worked on it.
  20. MommyShannon

    Tether for '97 F250?

    Keep forgetting to ask if we can retrofit tethers for our '97 F250. It has 3 doors and small back seat. Right now I just have booster riders and rf'ers but DD2 will be turning soon. Thanks!

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