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    Vent Oh come on!

    I bought DS a new Nextfit today! And tonight he puked in it. Not spit up, full on vomit. Its horrible the harness and pads where covered! The smell is terrible. What can I do? The harness isn't replaceable is it? Is this whole BRAND NEW seat trashed? ETA: And DH thoroughly wiped them down...
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    RF tether point in 05 Odyssey?

    Second Row, OB, Drivers side. :) Thank you!
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    G4 Britax MA

    I havent kept up with all the latest in a while. I found a G4 MA for $230... are they still any good? outgrown early?
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    Convertible recs please!

    I'm replacing our Myride. I'm tired of this crap. Trace is 22lbs, 29inches tall I think, RF in an 05 Ody. What would you get? I'm not a huge fan of Diono or Dorel either. Budget- not a foonf, but other than that I can make it happen.
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    Question Had anyone received a new Graco buckle yet?

    If not, does anyone have any idea when they will begin shipping? I ordered mine the first day and haven't heard anything back. DS is getting kinds of cramped in his Keyfit but I'd rather wait on the new buckle to use the Netizen
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    Cant decide on a convertible!

    DS is almost 8mo, 20lbs and 26 inches. On the second slot in his KF30. I'm ready for a convertible but I can't decide which one. Unfortunately I don't have the budget I'd like. I was planning on getting a Nextfit but I don't think that is going to happen. A far as budget $100-200(maybe 250)...
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    Forward of bight belts

    We are going on a little trip tomorrow (2hrs) and I am trying to put Bellas Nauti in the 3rd row of my 06Explorer. I cannot get it tight because the seatbelts are several inches forward of the seat bight. Are there any tricks to this? My only other option is booster her or put her back in the...
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    Booster training

    I bought DD a Turbo w/safety surround today. It seems to fit her well, and she did great on a short drive around the block. What tips to do you have for booster training? Do you lock the seatbelt? Fwiw, she's 5y 3m and 3ft 9in, 47lbs.
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    Which booster?

    We are flying to Tx in a few months and I want to start booster training DD for the trip. Which booster would you get for under $100? I'm thinking an Affix or the graco with safety surround.
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    Radian XTSL & covers

    I have a Radian XTSL for sale (will check dom, about 2yrs old). two covers, Flora and Petal, both in EUC, some fraying on flora buckle pad trim. All infant padding. I'm not sure what to ask for the seat, I am willing to split it up if needed. $65 for a single cover shipped? ETA: I'm...
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    need stroller recommendations

    The two strollers we kept from when DD was a baby do not fit our KF30, and I think a double might come in handy for longer outtings or when DDs blood sugar goes low. What double or sit n stand type strollers will fit a 5yo and a KF30? I'm leaning toward sit n stand because she probably isnt...
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    Question Need help with keyfit

    In our chaos I have misplaced my manual. DS hit 11lbs today. I think I have to remove the infant insert? Do I change anything else yet? Do I have to take out the to section of the insert?
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    Question How much does the KF30 base weigh?

    Title says it all
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    Question KF handle

    What positions are allowed for the keyfit 30 while in use?
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    Seat arrangement

    I'm getting ready to put the babys carseat in the car. And I KNOW what I would tell someone else to do, but I'm questioning myself. I have an 06 Explorer, 5yo DD is in an XTSL, FF. I like her in the center because of the NHTSA side impact test videos from a few months back, plus I'm afraid on...
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    I know its been asked....swap access

    I probably did the wrong thing by reporting it... But how can someone have zero post count and post in swap? Especially selling two imported seats? I'd link but I don't know how on my phone.
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    Hurry fast!

    I ashtray have a SR30 that I hate. I paid $115 on I'm at target and they have an onboard 35 for $70..... Get it and sell SR? OR NOT?
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    Giraffe print compass booster

    How old are those and how much did they sell for? I'm just curious. A consignment shop posted one on fb for $50, but it looks a little old.
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    Can you multi quote from the app?

    And If so, how?
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    What seat to get?

    I'm thinking of replacing DDs Radian. She is just over 45lbs, 43 inches tall, FF ing. Could go in DHs 05 Honda FEB or move a NautI to the CRV and put new seat in my 06 Explorer. Would LOVE a FR, but unless there is a great deal, they are probably out of price range. Under $200

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