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    ISO My Ride 65 Girly padding

    Let me know what you have. Thanks
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    In Search Of Britax Regent Recline Bar

    I'm hoping to find one ffs. Let me know is anyone has one they don't need. Thanks
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    In Search Of Marathon Bottom adjuster strap in Tan

    This is the one that you pull on to tighten and loosen the harness. Thanks
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    For Sale or Trade Pocket, Fitted, Embroidered AIO diapers

    Size 2 Dragonfly embroidered First Class Baby Side Snapping It has 2 snap in inserts in it. I redid the elastic so it is not perfect. Very beautiful diaper. $16 Medium MitchsBritches Diaper and Blanket $15 The AIO has a hidden layer of 2 mil PUL, one absorbant body layer, white suedecloth on...
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    Latch manual check please

    Latch manual check please Audi A4 Can you check the top tether for 1997 Audi A4. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    For Sale or Trade Pocket Diaper, Trainer, Wet Bag, inserts

    Pocket Diaper, BPlush, DDoodle insert Pockets Medium Black Fuzzi Fannies with green star Snap closure $10 Inserts Large Daisy Doodle Microfiber Insert with green fleece 3ppd Large Berry Plush Minky/Hemp insert right in first photo 6ppd Medium Fitted Has spots on white inner and also a...
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    News 3 children drown as car goes into lake There is just no way I would have left the car alive with out my kids, at least one in each arm, then go back. It will be interesting to hear what the story is.
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    Has anyone seen this? Fits 4 across I know it's not in the US but it sure is cool.
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    Question What Carbon Monoxide Detector do you have?

    I have bought 3 in the past few months, all the same I think. Last night the one at the kid's grandparents starting going off at midnight, so I called the police and they came to check things out. Everything was fine, no reading of any kind. The one we have can be plugged in and has battery...
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    Question Any pictures of the recaro young sport installed with lap/shoulder belt?

    I am looking for pictures but am going to try to take some tomorrow to get advice. I think I did it right but it seems to push the flap up behind the child's back, and the seat belt is right there. Really weird design, I was in love with the seat in the house, it seems to be better quality than...
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    In Search Of Pink or Red Frontier Cover

    I am looking for the red or pink frontier cover. I have rushmore or am willing to paypal.
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    Will all the radians have removable staps or just the XT

    I read something about removable straps for replacement if needed. Will the 65 and 80 have that to or just the XT?
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    For Sale or Trade FS or Trade Peewells, Waddle Wades, WAHM made unsure of who

    FS or Trade Fitteds and Pockets Embroidered Fuzzi fannie, Very Baby, HH, Fuzzi bunz,Waddle Wades, Side snapping Unknown WAHM 12ppd Fits size Large no size tag Waddle Wades Size M Side snapping 12ppd Unknown WAHM Fire Hats Velcro 12ppd Size Large Side snapping Unknown WAHM 12ppd Fits...
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    Question Booster Widths Cosco vs Combi Dakota

    I can't seem to find any list of the different widths of boosters. If anyone has a link, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
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    Wanted Pink Nautilus Cover

    Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    For Sale or Trade Britax Regent in Onyx Fargo ND $150.00 11-23-05

    If you are in the cities or anywhere with in a couple hours, I could arrange a shopping day down there. I really do not want to ship this, It is very heavy and costs a small fortune
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    Looking a low back booster

    I am considering the sunshine kids monterey since i read it can be used backless? Is that true? I like the cosco ones, but they didn't get a rating on the safekids booster ratings so I am not sure how good they are. They fit well, since we have 3 across in both cars and one kid in the front...
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    Need configuration for 2003 Dodge Dakota Truck

    There are 3 latch location it looks like. I can't figure out how to do it and it's not my truck but we have it for a few hours. Thanks for any help.
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    Question If sharing the Nautilus what to do about head rest and straps

    My 5 year old and 3 year old both fit in it. So I just had set it on the top like I have done with other seats and figured both could ride in it. But I read a few days ago, on the side of the headrest, headrest must be next to the head. I moved it down for a ride today, but it covers the top...

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