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    Tricky Booster Requirements

    Hello! I am in need of some suggestions. I need a booster that will meet the following requirements (to be used in a 2015 Silverado double cab - formerly extended cab): 1. Shallow seat depth 2. Doesn't require a headrest (no headrest on center/shallow seat) 3. Easy to retract guides when the...
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    Suggestions - silverado double cab truck

    We have Graco Nautilus carseats that my just turned 5 year old twins sit in. My husband is switching from a honda accord to a silverado double cab 2015. We were able to get the seats in there but they are bulky, lose a lot of their legroom, and the seats hang over just a little (I have not had a...
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    Narrow Carseats - Baby Trend Hybrid? Defender?

    We currently have a newer style accord (2012 I think). We have 2 radians forward facing and a literider booster. I despise putting the radians in ff and it takes me forever with the belt which is the install that gives us the most room (and it seems like they loosen over time). It's not the best...
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    WWYD - Radian RXT

    For those who have had this seat how long have your kiddos fit rf? Do you think the headwings got in the way of them fitting longer? We bought these seats expecting to erf. When I first heard about erf my goal was 2, that was easy so we went for 3 and now we are working towards 4 (they are 3...
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    Question Radian RXT headrest issue

    I apologize if this has already been discussed. I searched the keywords I could think of and couldn't find it. Anyways, I am having problems with one of the headrests continuing to magically drop to a lower position. Is this a common problem? When I move it up I always try to see if it will...
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    Question Did I Miss This? Monterey Belt Guides

    I haven't been on here much lately but I happened to see a response in a post today that they have changed the belt guide again on the monterey? Is this true? We have one of the late design SK Montereys with the open belt guide. We could not keep the belt in the belt guide for anything and the...
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    Legroom pics

    I found this interesting. Same car, same day, same kiddo (different interior)....our Diono Radian vs Classic MA. I realized why I fell in love with the legroom in the radian. :-)
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    Question Newer style expedition and tahoe owners?

    Do you need the angle adjuster? We are renting (one of these vehicles) and I really prefer not to bring the angle adjusters if I don't have to. We have 2 rear facing. Want to keep all three in the middle row (we have an 8 y/o who will be in a high back turbo too). Thanks!
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    Two questions - HeadRests and Rear Facing Tethers

    Just curious....does everyone use a headrest in a seat with a rear facing child restraint installed? Our rf radians currently aren't tethered (can't find a good tether spot for one of them). At a recent check I asked for help in finding a spot and was kind of brushed off and told that it's not...
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    Question Radian harness tightness

    My 26 month olds ride rear facing in RN XTSL's. I am really struggling with the tightness of the harness. I feel like in order to get it snug enough at the chest clip the buckle is digging in their tummy's. I pull the slack out of the bottom part of the harness over the legs to try to get the...
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    Rental cars....suv vs mini van

    We are going to be flying cross country into Bozeman, Mt this summer. We have 2 rear facers and will be bringing radians for them and a booster for our oldest. We will have a double stroller and I am sure lots of luggage. We have the choice of a mini van (dodge or Chrysler) or full size suv...
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    Question Safety 1st Guide 65

    Does anyone have dimensions on this seat? Particularly width? Did not see it on the list... Thanks!
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    Argued with the pediatrician...

    Had our 2 year checkup today. Girls are 22 lbs and 24 lbs. He told me they could be forward facing now. :-( Right in front of dh... I argued and said I thought they were safer staying rf to the max weight of their seat. He spouted off some statistic about them being safer in a frontal collision...
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    Question Keeping seat backs clean with rear facers

    Is there anything I can use to cover the back of the seat where my RF'ers feet touch? Now that we are becoming more independent and walking by ourselves I noticed the ick is accumulating on the vehicle seat fabric. Taking shoes off and on every time doesn't work for us. Thanks, Amanda
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    Radian R100 vs. RXT?

    How do you feel about the Radian R100 vs. RXT? They are exactly the same except for the headwings, right? Do you think no headwings are a deal-breaker. Do you like it better without. Would you feel comfortable using outboard in a car (with side air bags)? Lots of questions...just running lots...
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    Sceneras Side-by-side?

    I am just 'thinking' out loud...I recently had uninstalled all the MA's in my van. For another reason, we recently uninstalled the radian's in dh's car (two RF in both vehicles). Since they were all out...I was playing with installs and gave up getting the radian center in second row of Odyssey...
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    Question What age - no back booster?

    At what age are you comfortable with a no back booster? Or are some of you never comfortable with one? Dd has been asking. Turns 8 in 2 weeks and average height and weight. She asks often to use the booster without the back (harmony literider she uses in hubby's vehicle or safety 1st air protect...
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    Flying with two rear facers

    We are most likely flying from Indiana to Montana this summer. I am already fretting carseats. We have classic marathons or radian xtsl's that we could use. I have flown with the MA when my oldest was younger but always forward facing. The twins will be 2 yrs 4 months and my bet is still under...
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    Diono Monterey vs. SK Monterey

    I've tried to research some threads with no luck. I LOVE my SK monterey except for the belt guides. How do the new belt guides compare to the most recent Monterey's. I attached the link to the other thread I have to show the pic of what mine look like and they are causing me grief (constantly...
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    Monterey Upper Belt Guide Issue (w/Pics)

    I posted a couple of weeks ago and just got around to taking pics. We have a Monterey booster latched in the third row (center seat) of our 2008 Odyssey. I have also tried it in the captain's chairs in the 2nd row with the same problem. The belt guide keeps falling out. I don't believe I'm doing...

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