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    Question Graco Trio Grow vs E2F

    It's been awhile, since I have posted. DD1 is now 7, and DD2 just turned 1. DD2 is a big girl and while she's good in height and weight, we are starting to get close to running out of harness on her keyfit. Many of DD1's convertible expired. We have 1 left. A pria 85 which lives in our...
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    In light of the disappearance of the Kiddy Cruiser 3...

    I'm feeling a bit optionless. DD turned 5 in Jan. was going to start training this summer. These are the original boosters recommended: "Ok. In that case you may like the Cybex Solution X-fix, M-fix or Q2-fix, all of which are "huggy" and which have a reclining headrest for sleep; the Kiddy...
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    Booster recs.

    Meant to ask this in my other post and somehow I forgot to actually ask for recommendations. Info. below... DD will be 5 in Jan. She's always been a peanut (7th percentile). Currently she's 37/38 ish pounds. She wears a 4t in both pants and shirts. She still fits in all her seats harnessed...
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    Can't believe DD is about to turn 5

    DD will be 5 in Jan. She's always been a peanut (7th percentile). Currently she's 37/38 ish pounds. She wears a 4t in both pants and shirts. She still fits in all her seats harnessed. I'd like to begin booster training her this spring/summer. Our family cars are a 2011 Honda Pilot and a...
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    Thinking ahead...

    My dd just turned 4 in Jan. This summer (July) we will be flying to NY. I am looking into flying into JFK and taking a taxi/uber to Grand Central and taking the train to my parents. Typically, they come and pick us up but it's round trip 3+ hours in the car for them depending on traffic and...
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    Convertible or combination?

    DD turns 4 in Jan. She is small, and will easily fit in her convertibles until she's old enough for a booster. We plan to turn her at 4, because although she'd still be able to rf she is itching to turn around. While I'm not planing on replacing all her seats, because she rides regularly in 5...
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    Carpooling Seat

    I'm looking for an extra seat to keep in my car for when I need to drive friends kids. My daughter will be 4 in January and I find myself more and more often transporting her friends. We have and extra convertible seat in her closet, but I'd like something to keep in the car. I'm thinking...
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    Flying with a 2 year old

    My neighbor casually mentioned that she is flying in June with her 2 kids her almost three year old and her 11 month old. Her plan is to fly her daughter in her lap and her son in a seat and check both car seats. I already explained the dangers of checking car seats, but she seemed...
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    RF issues

    My DD is 3 years and 3 months old. She currently rides rf in all vehicles. I drive an Outback, and she rides in a Pria 85 in my car. The seat is outboard, because we also have a large dog who frequently rides in the back with her. Overall she's a peanut, but she's recently had a growth spurt...
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    Flying with Tranzitions

    Has anyone flown with a Graco Tranzitions? Will it need a seat belt extender?
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    Flying Solo with my 3 year old

    I'm thinking of flying to Florida in April with my 3 year old dd. She will be 3 years 3 months at the time. She is still rf in all of our cars. Last time I flew with her I used our Marathon G3 and getting it on the plane was a total PIA. They wouldn't let me board early, so I had to hoist it...
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    Hollywood car seat mistake

    Watching the intern and the kid is riding in a Britax convertible but it's buckled like its a booster and it's completely crooked. It's driving me insane. Posted via Mobile Device
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    How Do I properly dispose of a carseat?

    As some of you may have read in other threads we were recently in an accident and our Pria 70 is no longer good as per the manual. I have replaced the seat, but I upgraded to an 85. This leads to 2 questions: 1. How do I properly dispose of the Pria 70. It looks perfectly fine so I don't...
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    Diono angle adjuster...possibly a dumb question

    I ordered a Diono angle adjuster last night from Amazon. Every angle adjuster they had specifically said "Radian angle adjuster" We have an Olympia. Can I still use the angle adjuster with the Olympia?
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    Subaru Aficionados

    When seen in person the Imprezza is definitely too small. We are now looking at Foresters and Outbacks. We need to be able to fit 2 carseats and on occassion a 5 stepping tween in the back. DD will be 3 in Jan. and we plan to rf her to 4. Right now I am not pregnant but we hope I will be...
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    Subaru Imprezza

    Does anyone have a Subaru Imprezza? My husband and I are considering a 2008 hatchback. I'm wondering about the back seat. Is it wide enough for 2 car seats and a slender person? What's the front to back car seat space like? My daughter is 2.5 and still rear facing and I want to be sure my...
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    Looking for advice

    We were recently in an accident and our car is totaled. We are looking to buy a used car. Our budget is $10,000 - $12,000. First priority is safety. Currently we have 1, 2.5 year old and a 70 lb. lab, however we hope to have another child within the next year. Our primary family car is a...
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    Car and car seat combo

    So it looks like our Jeep Liberty is totaled and our Maxi Cosi Pria is no good as well, although insurance won't replace. Long story short, we are going to be in the market for a new vehicle and car seat. Our budget for the car is probably between $10,000-$12,000. My first priority for the...
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    Insurance advice... Help please

    I was involved in a minor crash this weekend. The seat in the car was a Maxi Cosi Pria. The manual states the seat must be replaced. I have State Farm insurance and they are saying it's the law that they will not replace a car seat unless it passes ALL of the national highway guidelines or...
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    Is the seat still good?

    Just got in an accident, probably going about 30 mph. My front right bumper clipped the back left of the person in front of me. Airbags didn't deploy and my daughter wasn't in the seat. Is it still good or do I need to replace? Posted via Mobile Device

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