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  1. todzwife

    DISO Britax Adapter Strap Kit

    It's discontinued and I can't find one anywhere!
  2. todzwife

    Seat under $100 for a tiny 5 year old? 3 across in a Subaru WRX?

    I didn't realize the car seat situation in DH's car and it's not good. Right now my 5 year old is in a HBB, and unfortunately she doesn't always stay in position. My 9 year old still needs to be in a LBB, and my 11 year old can be in the incognito since he's so close to 5 stepping. I need a...
  3. todzwife

    Seat for escapee kids?

    I have NEVER had a kid escape their car seat as long as the harness was tight enough but my 16 month old can get out no matter what I do. Usually it's just 1 arm, she wiggles until the chest belt lowers and get that 1 little arm out. She's in a maxi cosi pria. I need suggestions. I'll even buy...
  4. todzwife

    Preschool field trip- HELP!

    I volunteered to take up to 3 kids because I want MY daughter in her own seat (that I know is installed correctly). Problem is, 90% of the kids who's parents aren't driving them don't ride in ANYTHING or have NASTY expired seats or backless boosters. None are over 5 years old. Is there...
  5. todzwife

    My 1 hear old is escaping her pria! Help!!

    Check to make sure the chest clip is where it needs to be and it's tight enough but somehow she's pushing the clip down and getting an arm out! I'm going to switch her to the nextfit but I'm curious if anyone else has had this happen???
  6. todzwife

    6 in the back of a 2012 sienna? Help me!

    My sister is coming to visit for several days and I'd like to get her kids in the back of my van so we can just take 1 car. Ages: 10 1/2 year old Rides in a Harmony LBB or a Parkway HBB. Does 5 step in the doofy "mini" 8th seat that Toyota decided to put in these. 8 YO Rides in Parkway HBB...
  7. todzwife

    We love our pink pria (pic)

    It has magic sleepy dust too. She falls asleep almost every time she's in it.
  8. todzwife

    FS: Red mesh Frontier 85 cover set

    Sold It's in fabulous shape after a bath LOL! No major snags/pulls and has all parts including both strap covers and belly pad. Asking $35 shipped. LMK if you'd like pictures!
  9. todzwife

    how do you feel about "cheap" seats?

    I bought a minnie mouse apt in hopes that it would be a decent "extra" for us. DD is almost 4 and is right at the top slots so she has no growing room forward facing. She doesn't want to face backward but she wants to use this seat on our road trip this week. (7 hours each way) I'd prefer she...
  10. todzwife

    Best price on a plum sure ride?

    It seems they are available at several places online. Where's the cheapest place?
  11. todzwife

    Outgrown rfing? (Pic) and install question

    Darn cute minnie APT. It's solid side to side but if the top is bumped it is easily moved out of place. Is that not a safe install then? Tons of legroom though. Is she ok height wise? She's 39 inches. As predicted, her shoulders are about 1/2 inch from the tops lots so not much room either way.
  12. todzwife

    Question Height limit for rfing in the nextfit? Pic

    I scored a nextfit from target today for $179 and surprisingly, my almost 4 year old was totally ok with it not being pink. She loves it and man it's so easy to install!! She also said she wanted to ride backward like the baby. She doesn't have a lot of legroom but thought it was fun to put her...
  13. todzwife

    Flying with a 4 year old- do you use a seat on the plane?

    Obviously they need their own seat/ticket, but do you bring their car seat on the plane for them or let them sit in the airplane seat? If you bring their car seat, which do you like to use?
  14. todzwife

    Tell me about the cosco APT

    My tiny almost 4 year old was DYING when she saw the minnie mouse APT from kmart. She's 39 inches and 29 pounds. I thought it might be a decent "back up" for the baby and my preschooler could ride in it for a bit until she outgrows it. I don't think it's going to be as comfortable as her...
  15. todzwife

    Do large headwings bother your kid?

    I got the pria yesterday and it installs wonderfully in my van (yay!) it seems SUPER comfortable and DD3 (6 months) seems comfortable. We had a 45 mile trip (each way) today so we were in the car for about 2 hours. She did fantastic and was happy and slept well. However, I did notice that she is...
  16. todzwife

    least sweat-causing fabric on the g3 blvd?

    I got the registry rewards and plan to use the blvd as our back up seat. There aren't many options anymore but I'm wondering if the fuzzy or the smooth fabrics cause more sweating? Any experience with both?
  17. todzwife

    Help!? How do you remove the latch on the Pria?

    The manual makes it look like the strap is completely removed from the seat (except with the little tether piece) so you can move it to the RFing position...I can NOT get it out! I feel really stupid.
  18. todzwife

    Seat for a baby in a rhino cruiser brace?

    We have 3 months before DD goes back for her next x-ray to check on her hip sockets. She's been right on the cusp of needing to be treated for hip displasia since she was 2 weeks, but she's not bad enough that the ortho wanted to treat her immediately. He's hopeful she will fix herself as she...
  19. todzwife

    DISO Girly Frontier 85 cover

    I am buying our new squishy a girly seat and I just KNOW that my 3 year old daughter is going to throw a FIT if she doesn't have a pretty seat too. We have red. Can trade or buy outright! TRY ME! Doesn't have to be in perfect shape just no awful stains please :)
  20. todzwife

    I can't find the blog post on the new Diono seats...

    Does anyone have it bookmarked?

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