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  1. CarSeatPoncho

    We Apologize For Too Many Emails!

    The Car Seat Poncho Store was recently renovated -- and while, yes, it looks great and has many more cool features on the sales floor AND in the stock room -- for some reason it is sending multiple emails to confirm your order. If this is happening to you, please know that we are SO SORRY for...
  2. CarSeatPoncho

    UPDATE: Medium/Large Ponchos

    OFFICIAL UPDATE FOR THE CAR SEAT PONCHO STORE: Our new, re-designed and renovated store is up and running! We are now taking pre-orders for Medium/Large Ponchos in the Charcoal series: Charcoal/Deep Rose Charcoal/Royal Blue Charcoal/Navy Charcoal/Black Charcoal Purple These colors can be...
  3. CarSeatPoncho

    "So whose sippy cup is this?"

    Proud of my CPST work today: While installing an infant seat for a pregnant couple, and I see a sippy cup in the back seat: Me: "I thought the baby wasn't even born yet." Mom: "Not till December." Me: "Oh. So whose sippy cup is this?" Mom: "My older daughter." Me: "Oh, I see. What does...
  4. CarSeatPoncho

    Girls' Colors Sold Out till 2014

    If you have a genuine Car Seat Poncho that your child has outgrown (and you are willing to part with it), consider posting it for sale. Our own web store is sold out, completely. Demand is strong right now, and not only can you free up some space and score a few extra bucks, you can save the...
  5. CarSeatPoncho

    That's It -- We're Sold Out Till 2014

    Believe me, I wish I had a thousand more in stock to sell to everyone who is trying to buy one! Whew, though. What a whirlwind, amazing season. Thank you, moms, dads, CPSTs, safety experts, Car Seat Ladies, bloggers, Baby Center, ... ... we couldn't have done it without you...
  6. CarSeatPoncho

    WANTED: Genuine Car Seat Ponchos

    Wow. Sales have been, frankly, FANTASTIC this season, but thedown side is the many, many parents who still want – no, NEED(!) -- a genuineCar Seat Poncho. No imitations. No home sewn experiments. No wobbly neck lines, no thin dime-store fleece. If you have a genuine Car Seat Poncho...
  7. CarSeatPoncho

    When Will We Get More BOYS' PONCHOS?

    Thanks an amazing burst of early fall orders, we have no more traditional boys' colors available. We'll have more in January 2014, maybe earlier, if at all possible. To be one of the FIRST to receive updates by subscribing to our blog and/or friending us on Facebook. Thank you so much for...
  8. CarSeatPoncho

    JUST ADDED: Limited Edition Car Seat Ponchos

    H Barry Boo LLC has released a limited number of production samplesand gently used floor models for sale! Production samples are fully functioning Car Seat Ponchos, identical in basicconstruction and material quality to full-price Car Seat Ponchos, but were usedto test color combinations or aid...
  9. CarSeatPoncho

    What Is A Car Seat Poncho Worth?

    In today's economy, is the Car Seat Poncho a justifiablepurchase? Of course, the safety of our loved ones is priceless, but inaddition, consider the following: The Car Seat Poncho will last 2 seasons or more. Babies and toddlers grow at least one size per season. My son would start the fall...
  10. CarSeatPoncho

    How Influential Is Tim Gunn?

    Mobsters and fashionistas. One day you're in, the next day, you're auf. More...
  11. CarSeatPoncho

    The Price of Clothing -- and Your Soul

    Where are your clothes from? Where were they made? The person who made them, did he or she earn a living wage, in safe conditions? Were they treated fairly? Did they have any workplace protection, or an entity (like OSHA) that could take up their cause if they felt practices were...
  12. CarSeatPoncho

    My Baby's NOT Cold Outside (or in her car seat!)

    This week, we got a very nice note from a very satisfied customer: I just wanted to let you know the Car Seat Poncho is workingout great! So far, but my daughterloves it - and considering it was -13F here in Minneapolis this morning, thetiming couldn't have been better! - Renee Thank you...
  13. CarSeatPoncho

    What's the Car Seat Poncho's temperature rating?

    Facebook Friends: Pitch in your real-life temperature rating for the Car Seat Poncho! From: S Sent: Friday, January 4, 2013 9:11 AM Hi there, I'm just wondering what the temperature ratings are on the poncho. I'm aware that it says "cold temperature", but living in Chicago, we have some...
  14. CarSeatPoncho

    Cutest Frog Blanket Ever

    Introducing the MATCHING BLANKET in our newest boys' print: FROGS! Now little brothers who still ride in baby buckets can match their big brother(s), for only $3.99. The Car Seat Poncho Infant Blanket is better than a plain old blanket because it's scooped at the neck and wider at the...
  15. CarSeatPoncho

    NAVY/CAMO: Matching Blankets!

    Introducing the MATCHING BLANKET in our most popular boys' print: NAVY/CAMO! Now little brothers who still ride in baby buckets can match their big brother(s), for only $3.99. The Car Seat Poncho Infant Blanket is better than a plain old blanket because it's scooped at the neck and wider...
  16. CarSeatPoncho

    INTRODUCING Matching Infant Blankets

    The Car Seat Poncho store now has MATCHING BLANKETS for little brothers and sisters who still ride in baby buckets! Coordinate or match your littlest one to your bigger one(s) for only $2.99. It's better than a plain old blanket because it's scooped at the neck and wider at the shoulders --...
  17. CarSeatPoncho

    Airplane Travel With Lap Babies - Who Cares?

    I know that parents care deeply for their children. But air travel can be expensive, and when calculating costs of purchasing a seat for their babies versus the risks of holding their babies in their laps, many many many parents do choose to take the chance that their flight will be an...
  18. CarSeatPoncho

    How much difference can a coat make?

    Your child's coat can affect a car seat's ability to protect her in a crash. The extra bulk and material adds up, and can change the fit of the harness around her torso. Here is a video comparing chest measurements with and without a coat (1:20). So, is there any easy way to keep your child...
  19. CarSeatPoncho

    Pinching Keeps Your Child Safe

    How can you tell if your child's car seat harness is snug enough? Seat your child in the car seat and tighten the harness. When you think it is tight enough, try to pinch a harness strap above the child's chest clip. If you 1.) can't grab it at all, or 2.) can grab some, but the strap slips out...
  20. CarSeatPoncho

    Keep Your LO Warm in Charcoal

    The Car Seat Poncho is the safe, easy way to keep your child warm in the car seat. It's easy because your child wears it in AND out of the car seat, so there's no fiddling with coats or blankets when you're trying to get everyone out and about and on your way. Choose from gorgeous Charcoal +...

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