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    Top Tethers in 3rd Row of 2005 Mazda MVP?

    Can someone please tell me where the TTA in the 3rd row of this van is? What do I look for? I need to explain it to someone over the phone. Thanks!
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    Which Boosters Fit in the 3rd Row of a 2013 T&C?

    Hello! We are thinking about purchasing a Town and Country. My hope is to put my 7 year old in a Frontier in Booster Mode, and 3 year old in BLVD in the third row. A 5 yr old in a BLVD and an infant seat would be in the Captain's chairs. I'm reading nightmarish things about boosters in the...
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    Question Harness or Booster?

    My oldest daughter will be 7 next month, she weighs 44.5 lbs and is about 44 inches tall (she had a growth disorder and is about the size of a 5 yr old). She is currently harnessed in a Frontier 85, with three more adjustments until she is at the top. Baby #4 was just born. It would be more...
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    Question I need a photo and measurements of a Snugride 22 next to a Snugride 30

    I am installing an infant seat in the 3rd row, passenger outboard position in my 2008 Yukon XL. The seat in front of the infant seat will be folded down. I have tried a Snugride 22, and a Chicco Keyfit 30, and both fit without the top right corner (as you are looking at the seat from the front...
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    Question 4 carseat in Yukon XL (Need arrangement and infant seat advice)

    I drive a 2008 Yukon XL with a bench seat in the middle. I have a 6.5 yr old harnessed in a Frontier 85, a a 4.5 yr old in a BLVD 65 and a 3 year old in a BLVD 70. New baby is due in Jan. My 6 year old is closer to the size of a 4 year old, 42#, 41.5". The hospital gives an Evenflo Secure...
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    Question Help me figure this out, please: Evenflo Serenade Infant Seat vs Evenflo Secure Ride

    Our hospital sends an infant seat out when you have a baby there. This is the pattern they give out and I can only find it in the Serenade (Honeycomb Baja): Evenflo Serenade Infant Car Seat, Honeycomb Baja: Baby However, I asked one of the L&D nurses I know, and she says the seat...
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    LATCH limits for GMC vehicles

    I have read that GMC vehicles have limits to 48 lbs. My manuals do not clarify this. I have 3 Britax seats and one Graco Nautilus and drive either a 08 GMC Yukon XL or a 2004 GMC Sierra Crew Cab. My oldest child just weighed in at 40.1 pounds. Should I switch to a seatbelt install or keep using...
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    Hospital Gives Free Serenade at Birth, would you keep it?

    Hello! Our hospital gives a "Free" Evenflo Serenade at delivery. Would you keep this seat or buy a different one? I've never been a fan of Evenflo, but thought this was the best place to ask if it's worth keeping it. If not I'd probably buy a Keyfit. Thanks!
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    Should I buy another Combination seat?

    My DD's Marathon expires this month. She will be 6 in Feb, BUT she has a chromosomal growth disorder (Turner Syndrome) , and is approx 39-40 inches tall and between 35-40 pounds (about the same size as her 4 yr old sister, who is in the lower half of the charts) She will be starting growth...
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    RF, harness getting caught on thighs, stay RF, or move to FF?

    Hello, My son is 28 months, about 27-28 lbs. He is rear facing in his Britax BLVD. Lately, I've noticed that when I tighten the harness, it gets caught up on his upper thigh (when his legs are straight). I am able to take care of it by bending his legs a bit, pulling the harness tighter by...
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    Not sure I like the Nautilus. Can't get it installed correctly?

    I just bought the Nautilus today at Target (yay! great deal!). However, I tried to install it in my husband's truck and was unsuccessful. We have Britax seats in my vehicle, and I love that I can get them in tightly with the separate latch adjusters on each side. I didn't try a seatbelt...
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    What are the benefits of becoming a Car Seat Tech?

    I have decided that I want to become a car seat tech, and I looked up the dates for classes in my area. It looks like I will need to put it off a bit due to the 3 day commitment, but hopefully in the next 3-6 months I can take some time off and make it a reality. As I consider this, I'm...
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    Need confirmation that this is the best choice: Nautilus vs Frontier

    Hello! As school approaches I am already seeing the need to purchase a second seat for my husband's truck. We've made it 5 years, changing cars, etc. but that won't work anymore with the new schools schedule. My DD is 5, DOB: 2-21-07, 35 lbs, 39.5 inches tall. I've had her sit in both the...
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    Suburban or Yukon XL- placement question

    Hello! We currently have 3 children: 5 yo daughter 32 lbs 33 inches tall FF in Marathon, 3 yo daughter 28 lbs 31 inches tall FF Boulevard 65 and 22 month old son RF in Boulevard 70 24 lbs, 30 inches tall (maybe?). We are considering a 4th baby...And we also want to buy a Suburban or Yukon...
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    Question Top Tether Anchors

    My husband and I are looking at purchasing a GMC Yukon XL or a Chevrolet Suburban. Right now, we have 3 children, one FF and 2 RF. We are considering having a 4th child. From what I have read, if these vehicles have captains chairs there are 3 top tethers, one for each captains chair and one...
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    Recommendation for limited use 2nd seat?

    My 3.5 year old daughter will be starting preschool in a few weeks. She is 34.5 inches and between 26-28 lbs. One day each month, my grandmother will be dropping her off and picking her up for me. I am looking for a seat that my grandmother can either leave in her vehicle (2007 Chev...

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