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  1. robbertbobbert

    Question Coccoro insert

    Has the coccoro insert always been required to 25 lbs? My son is almost 17lbs and still fitting fine with the insert, but it's going to be awkward soon.
  2. robbertbobbert

    Question Seats for VW Tiguan

    Looking for seat recommendations for a newborn in a VW Tiguan. Not sure on the year, but it's recent. Possibly German specs, but maybe American. Should hear back soon. They're not sure if they want to do an infant seat or convertible from birth, so recommendations for both are good. Any...
  3. robbertbobbert

    Question Travel seat

    We're flying to Germany this summer, baby will be about 9 months. He will be a lap infant. I know buying him a seat is the safest route, but it isn't an option for us. We'll be staying part of the time with my sister and part on our own. I was planning to order a seat online and have it...
  4. robbertbobbert

    Question Adjuster strap fraying

    The adjuster strap on my son's coccoro is fuzzing on one side. It seems like no matter how straight I try to pull it, the strap slides over a little and it gets caught in the edge of the orange release button. The seat has literally only been used for two months. Is there a way around this? Is...
  5. robbertbobbert

    Question Newborn in Boulevard 70 G3

    I'm 36 weeks today, still waiting for Amazon or target to get the coccoro back in stock. The plan is to wait another week, if it's still not in we'll just pay the extra and order from Combi. That being said, it's giving me great anxiety to not have a seat ready to go in the meantime. We have a...
  6. robbertbobbert

    Question Coccoro question.

    We had decided on a coccoro for this baby, but now they're nowhere to be found. I heard recently about the recall so I'm assuming that's why. Does anyone know if/when they'll be available again? I'm 31 weeks and am really hoping to get a seat in the next few weeks here. Sent from my iPhone...
  7. robbertbobbert

    Which seat do I want?

    I'm not pregnant yet, but we are casuallyTTC and I'm a planner. I'm trying to figure out which seat I'm going to want for this hypothetical baby. I drive an '07 CR-V, DH drives a 99 Corolla that we will hopefully be replacing with an Outback soon, but it may be another sedan instead. We have...
  8. robbertbobbert

    New car recommendations

    DH's '99 Corolla is is on its last legs, it'll need replaced in the next year. He wants a dad car, I think he should stick with a sedan. If/when we get to kid #3 we'll reconsider the car situation. He commutes more than I do, but still not much. Maybe 20 minutes each way. What are we looking...
  9. robbertbobbert

    CRV 3 across-quick

    I haven't had much of a chance to play with car seats in my new car, so I don't really know if this will work. I plan to pick my friend and her daughters up tomorrow morning, and I will have the little one I watch with me. F- 18m 21lbs. RXT (RF) K-2y 28lbs GN L-4mo 15lb CCO Will those fit 3...
  10. robbertbobbert

    In Search Of Possibly ISO Blvd cover

    I'm buying a Boulevard 70 from a friend in a couple weeks and am hoping to find a cover that I like better than what is on it. I would prefer a black print like cow or zebra, but would be alright with a girly cover as long as it's not pink.
  11. robbertbobbert

    Coccoro expiration?

    I have 2 Coccoros and am currently lending one to a friend. She fell in love and wants to buy one of them from me. I know the expiration info is in the manual but I'm too lazy to go dig the seat out to check. The DOM on one of them is 10/2009, when does it expire?
  12. robbertbobbert

    Best price on BJCM?

    Or possibly on B-Agile? I haven't had any luck on Craigslist so I figured I may as well try online, but I'm horrible at it. help!?
  13. robbertbobbert

    Question Another Mazda 5 Question

    I'm looking for a new car. My parents are contributing $8,000 and I hope to have about $3,000 additional saved up by then, so I wouldn't have to have much financed and would like to do new instead of used if possible. I hate my car and it has over 200,000 miles on it, but I can't buy a new car...
  14. robbertbobbert

    I am not amused... this 1994 Pathfinder. I was hoping to get a literider, GN, literider 3 across but THESE buttheads (they're on each side) decided to ruin my life. This picture is from months ago and I only drive this car every few months and rarely with kids, but I was sorting through my pictures and...
  15. robbertbobbert

    B-Ready bassinet?

    So now I'm thinking I might want a B-Ready instead (or in addition to) a BJCM. I really like the idea of a bassinet. I don't think any of the stores local to me have the bassinet to see IRL, and I can't find *any* pictures online of the inside of the bassinet. I'm pretty new to strollers, is...
  16. robbertbobbert

    Stroller recommendations?

    Sooo I need to buy a stroller, but I know virtually zilch about them. It would be for my babysitting kids, so all age/size ranges. My budget is about $150, but I could go up to $200 if I was really in love. I had hoped for a BJCM but I'm not sure I can afford it. I want a handle bar, not the...
  17. robbertbobbert

    Question Free seat program in WA?

    Long story short, I've been watching my friend's great niece a lot lately. She's 9 months (17 lbs) and pretty close to outgrowing her bucket seat by height. It's an Evenflo something, but she's got plenty of space left in my KF30 and CCO. So, she needs a convertible. Her family can not...
  18. robbertbobbert

    Which cow??

    Okay let's be honest right off the bat: I'm basically looking for the cheapest way to get a cow in my back seat. I'm not 'officially' ISO anything, which is why this isn't in swap. I can't figure out what I want/need. I honestly can't really tell the difference between all the Britax...
  19. robbertbobbert

    I called Baby Trend about the Fastback chest clip...

    They were neither helpful nor polite. First of all, I could barely hear the lady on the phone. I know it is NOT my phone, because I had just been on the phone with somebody else and it was fine. She kept saying "I'm sorry, I can't do anything about your phone not working." She also KEPT asking...

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