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    ISO: Britax Frontier Neck Pads & Possibly Cover

    Looking for a set of black or other neck pads for a Britax frontier. Also possibly interested in the entire cover set :) thanks!
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    Looking for Cybex solution q2 fix grape/lollipop

    Has Anyone seen a cybex solution q2 solution booster in grape or lollipop in stock anywhere or trustworthy 2nd hand? Looking for high back that has tall shoulder area when headwinds are raised. My daughter doesn’t like the empty shoulder area on her Clek oobr... My signature is a little out of...
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    ISO: complete frontier 85 harness set

    ISO: complete frontier 85 harness set Thanks!
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    Which tallback booster in sienna 2011 middle 3rd row?

    I have 4 kids and a handful of seats. I have been watching an extra baby (who's infant carrier I usually buckle in the middle of the 3rd row. However lately I realize I no longer have the energy to "love" getting the infant carrier in and out of the 3rd row. My 9.5 year olds regent expires this...
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    Looking to buy MyRide 65 cover boy/neutral

    Hi, I have a My Ride 65 without a cover (I threw away the old cover) & my son is just about ready for his big boy seat! If you could help me out that would be great! :o Sincerely, Meagan Contact info, 701-371-5082
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    Any interest in brand new padding/trays set for graco euro quattro stroller

    I have a brand new set of fabric & trays for a graco euro quattro stroller. Make an offer or let me know what fun stuff you have to trade! :D The set includes the seat fabric, hood fabric & head support. The trays include child tray & parent tray. The set is blue with yellow accents. Here...
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    Any interest in bumbleride flyer bloom (pink) stroller fabric set?

    SOLD- THANKS MAMA! bumbleride flyer bloom (pink) stroller fabric set? I have this extra set just sitting in a box, not even sure what it's worth. Any interest?
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    Anyone want to trade my ma blue sport cover for your "fun cover?"

    My cousins son (4yrs/36#/doesnt sit still in booster) wants to upgrade to a booster because another cousin has her kiddo (same age) in one & he now thinks that's a big boy seat! I'm hoping to find her a different cover to spark his interest in staying in his harnessed ma. She has the light...
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    Ordered the Bumbleride Queen B: add toddler seat or buggy board?

    So I ordered the brown queen b. I was stuck between it & red, the bwana blue is just to eye catchy for me... I already feel like the whole mall is staring at for wearing a moby wrap. Maybe with a brown stroller I can blend in a bit!! :o But anyway, my question is do I want a buggy board or...
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    Question Questions about the bumble ride queen b...

    UPDATE: I think I'm settled on the bumbleride queen b. looks like most all I want & a great price compared to perego & inglesina... So I'm wondering, does anyone have any experience with it? - Does it fold with the seat on? - I have a fairly huge trunk in my teeny car, would I likely have to...
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    Question Help me pick a fun stroller for my daughter

    So I think I'm settled on the Bumbleride queen B... some questions... I want to get a stroller for my daughter for when I'm too tired to sling her... :whistle: we currently have a very simple chicco for my son which I love for him, but it has very little recline & is not very cozy for her...
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    Any thoughts/info on Honda Fit (or other gas econo cars) & carseat installs

    I'm interested in any info about the honda fit. We are thinking of purchasing one & selling our Caravan. The gas milage would be about double, which would pay a chunk of the payment!! :D Would we have to use all 3 radians to fit a 3rd seat? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Will the...
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    Newest DOM on Huntington Regent? Amazon, Baby Catalog, B Age, B Universe?

    I tried to read the other threads about this topic, but am still unsure where is the best choice to buy from... They will all be the same 209 price with a little fat wallet from baby universe (4%) & baby age (2%)... Thanks in advance!
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    FOUND IT! directions for this bus 5 point?

    I know the yellow slidders above his shoulders need to be pushed down, that the harness wasn't tight enough & that it's twisted by his leg... I'm looking for the full directions or even the name of the seat, company that makes it or contact info... Thanks in advance! :D
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    Link to GOOD info about NEW Evenflo Titan?

    So our safe kids can buy the titan (ffs to 50#) for a bit of a deal & pass it on to families in the community... but I'm wondering about the top slot height & what age most kids outgrow that slot height... I'm also curious what it retails for? can anyone fill me in or link me to past threads...
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    BV install in center 3rd row of 02 Caravan & BV lapbelt install questions

    Does anyone have a BV in the center of their 3rd row of their 02 (or this bodystyle) Caravan? Were you able to get a solid install with the lapbelt under the metal bar? I understand that I can have an inch of movement at the beltpath, but I really don't want any movement at the belt path...
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    Times/Days of your carseat checks & CPST classes

    I'm all signed up for our tech class June 18-21... (4 weekdays 8-5 or 6) & I'm curious if all CPST classes are offered during the week & during the day... seems like it would make it very difficult for people to attend... & even those that are SAHMs would end up having a difficult time...
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    Just curious ~ Can this seat rf? Priori by Maxi-Cosi

    Priori Convertible Car Seat by Maxi-Cosi These are maybe the coolest carseat colors I've even seen... brown & orange! :p Dreamtime baby calls it a convertable... is this a misprint? Or do they mean something else by convertable? The UK sites I...
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    Does Canada have Free Retro tether installation at dodge/ford/etc?

    Just curious if Canada has the same setup where the dealer gets reimbursed for the tether anchors & labor if they install the parts into a Dodge/ford/etc vehicle? Also, if they don't have the same setup, could a canadian car owner get the tether parts from the US or are the tether anchors...

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