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    Is Summer Infant Deluxe Piddle Pad safe to use with car seats?

    Hi, are products like this safe to use with car seats? I assume not since it's an after-market product. What do you ladies use to avoid potty training accidents in long car rides? TIA
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    Can't get good install in 2013 Mercedes Benz C300

    Hi, I tried installing the True Fit rear facing in my in law's 2013 Mercedes C300 and can't get a tight install in the middle rear seat using the seat belt. The seat was definitely moving more than 1 inch in any direction. I never had a problem installing the TF in any car. Is there a problem...
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    Boxing Day sale on convertible seats?

    Hi, what can I expect in terms of Boxing Day sale for convertible seats? Would love to score good deal on True Fit. Hoping that Zellers will put it on sale for $99 again. Too bad they don't deliver. Thanks
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    Looking for True Fit on sale

    Any chance that the True Fit will be on sale for around $100 anytime soon? I haven't seen anything from Zellers lately and I know that TRU recently sold it for $99 but with old DOM. Thanks.
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    Safety 1st Scenera

    I'm looking for cheaper 2nd seat for DD, who is 22 months old, 20 lbs (she's tiny), and 80cm. I see that the Scenera is recommended often on this board as a cheap alternative. Will this be a good fit for my daughter given her measurements? Also, is the Safety 1st Scenera the same as the Cosco...
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    CARES restraint harness for plane travel

    Hi, does anyone have experience or an opinion on how safe / easy to use this CARES harness product is for plane travel? I already have a car seat at destination and thus won't be bringing one with me on the plane. My baby is 1.5 years old and 19 lbs now but I am planning a few trips for when...
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    CARES restraint harness for plane travel

    Hi, does anyone have experience or an opinion on how safe / easy to use this CARES harness product is for plane travel? Would be much better than carrying around a car seat but I'm a bit hesitant after reading the negative reviews. TIA CARES Child Aviation Restraint System: Baby
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    Trouble with True Fit Harness

    I'm so frustrated with the True Fit harness straps. I have so much trouble tightening them. I pull on the harness adjuster chord but as hard as I or my husband pulls, there's still a lot of slack left on the harness straps. My husband then has to pull on some chord in the back of the car seat...
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    Car seat in shopping cart

    Sorry for the slightly off topic matter. I've heard that you shouldn't put the bucket seat in a shopping cart. When the child gets bigger, is it safe to put the child on the shopping cart? TIA
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    True Fit vs Britax Boulevard installation

    Hello, I intend to use rental cars only and was wondering which car seat - the True Fit or the Boulevard - would be easier to install in rental cars? TIA
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    Britax unsafe?

    Sorry to rehash an old issue here. I was thinking about getting a Britax until I did some research and saw the Transport Canada videos. I have read the various threads on this issue dated...
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    Convertible car seat for rental car

    Hi, I posted this in the international/Canadian section and didn't get too many responses. Hoping for more here. We don't have a car and intend to use rental cars once in a while when needed. I would love some recommendations on a convertible car seat which is easy to install in a rental car...
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    Convertible car seat for rental car

    Hi, we don't have a car and intend to use the Zipcar (rental car) once in a while when needed. I would love some recommendations on a convertible car seat which is easy to install in a rental car. Baby is 1 year old, 17lbs and 27". TIA
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    Evenflo Symphony 65

    Hi, I recently bought the Evenflo Symphony 65 for the grandparents' car. However, I just read a review stating that "A baby would not have...
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    Britax Boulevard vs Marathon

    Hi, I believe that the only difference between the Boulevard and the Marathon is that the Boulevard has "True Side Impact Protection" while the Marathon has Side Impact Protection. Is the TSIP worth the price difference? TIA
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    safest position for RF car seat

    Hello, Please advise on whether it's safer to put the RF car seat in the centre (back seat of course) installed using seat belt or behind driver/passenger seat using the LATCH system. Thanks.
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    type of seat belt retractor system

    Hello, I have a 2005 BMW 325i but the car manual doesn't specify if the seat belts are equipped with an emergency or automatic locking retractor system or switchable one. Is there any way I can test it myself? Thanks.
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    Britax Advocate vs Radian XT

    Hi, Could someone please offer any opinions on which seat is safer for baby - Britax Advocate or Radian XT? Also, I'm intending to use the seat in a Toyota Matrix and would love an opinion on whether either seat would fit RF and FF in car. Thanks and happy holidays.
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    need recommendations for convertible car seat for 2005 BMW 325i

    Hello, I have a 2005 BMW325i, which is a relatively small car. My baby is nearing 1 year old and outgrowing her infant bucket seat. Does anyone have recommendations on what type/model of convertible car seat to buy that will fit rear facing in this car? Thanks very much.

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