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  1. Melizerd


    My one else not receiving notification emails? It started a day or two ago. I use yahoo and I'm either on iOS or Firefox on the laptop but I miss getting emails lol
  2. Melizerd

    checking interest: Regent cover

    Are there any Regents out there still that might need a cover? Mine is expired and I saved the cover. I think a lot of them might be expired or super close but if anyone is interested you can have it super cheap+shipping. It's the light brown/tan color and I have the shoulder pads and buckle...
  3. Melizerd

    Snugride 35 VS Keyfit 30 or...

    I have a friend who's due in Nov. Money is tight (when isn't it?) and she's looking at both these options. Which one lasts most babies longer? I'm sure the stats are somewhere around here but I know someone might have them memorized :D Is there another option that she should look at? She's...
  4. Melizerd

    Harvey's Seatbelt Bag Carriage Bucket Tote

    This is a discontinued bag from Harvey's. I used it for my diaper bag and it works great. 12" high 11" wide I don't have the longer extendable strap that goes for over the shoulder. It does have the Harvey's Star Keychain and the original tags still attached. Stock Photo I'm asking $80...
  5. Melizerd

    can't see threads?

    Anyone else having a problem? When I come to the forum I can see the threads lined up like normal, I can hover over them like normal but clicking on them gets me nothing. No thread shows up, the URL looks normal but I can't see the threads :( Even the ones in my email I can't get to. HELP!
  6. Melizerd

    For Sale Black Enell Bra

    Size 5. In EXCELLENT condition. I wore it only about a month. I paid $60something for it. $35 plus whatever it costs to have it shipped. I can post pics too! Just trying to find out if there is any interest.
  7. Melizerd

    Question HBB for 01 Sunfire AND 01 Ford Explorer?

    Is there a good booster option for me to use in both cars? The Explorer has really low backs and the headrests don't go up anymore. The Sunfire has a pretty little back seat too. So I need something that can go back and forth between the two fairly easily. I might end up with two HBBs but...
  8. Melizerd

    Anyone in London or the Netherlands?

    So last night I saw a Netherlands jacket that I MUST HAVE! It was actually women swimmers wearing it. Of course I can't find it for sale online. So I'm thinking maybe it is for sale in London during the games or in the Netherlands for sure. Can anyone help me find out where I can buy it...
  9. Melizerd

    Is it too early to ask for the announcement?

    It's January 1st :whistle:
  10. Melizerd

    For Sale Enell size 5 sports bra

    I have a black Enell sports bra. I only wore it a couple of times and it's already too big for me. I paid $65 for it. I really love this one but without it being really snug it's not going to do the job anymore. I'm asking $40 plus shipping. I admit to not being shipping savvy but we'll...
  11. Melizerd

    Help for a friend's family

    Honestly I've been behind on keeping up on things lately and I'd really like to help this family. I got an email asking for help so anything you ladies (and gents) can do for me to get them the info they need would be great. I'm going to send some ERFing links with the carseat info too. The...
  12. Melizerd

    Are unrestrained kids a 911 call?

    In my local paper. The local cops not so much but the state cops at least think it is.
  13. Melizerd

    Did you See GMA?

    It was just on by me! It wasn't bad really (not great but not bad). They did say to rear face as long as possible (til 4 they said) and to stay harnessed as well. BUT they goofed on the on screen stuff that said OR not AND for 1 AND 20. They also slipped up and said the seats went to 45...
  14. Melizerd

    2001 Suburban Tether anchors?

    How many spots can have the tether anchors added? I have someone who's asking me and I don't have a manual to look it up :( She wants to do 3 but I'm not sure that there are three spots? Can I have the part number too since the places she called don't know what she's talking about.
  15. Melizerd

    Chevy and LATCH?

    I know it was mentioned that GM no longer allows center LATCH? Is that true? Is it retro active? I have a friend with a Tahoe who is wondering about it. Is that a rumor or true or what's going on? TIA!
  16. Melizerd

    Question Minimum weights WITH clothes or without?

    Since we count clothes, shoes etc when talking about maximum weights are they counted for minimum weight too? If they aren't why not? *I* don't count them for minimum weights. So if it's 4 and 40lbs for a booster, that's 40lbs naked not clothed. I dunno why it's just how it was in my...
  17. Melizerd

    Location of top tether anchors?

    Would anyone have an idea where the top tether anchors are in a 2007 PT Cruiser and a 2007 Chevy HHR? I'd like to have an idea before we test drive them if possible. TIA!!!! (I'm sorry I've got so many vehicle questions lately).
  18. Melizerd

    Dodge Calibur and Regent/husky install?

    Any one put a Regent or a Husky into a Dodge Calibur? We have just Gabe so I don't really care if I get anyone else in the back or not (lol) but I'm wondering if it's an easy install or if I'm going to be sweating buckets to get it in.
  19. Melizerd

    Need some input

    Okay Our car is toast. It would be another $400 for parts alone and it's got over 200k miles on it. I'm ready for something "new". So DH and I are going to use some of the tax return for a "new" car. We've got it narrowed down I think. We'll put $2500 down on it and finance the rest to keep...
  20. Melizerd

    Country of origin?

    Does anyone have a list of where seats are made/assembled? I thought Britax was one of the rare USA made ones. I think some parts come from Mexico? I'm especially curious about the EFTA and the Radian.

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