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  1. Cnidaria

    Boosters in cars with fixed headrests such as Volvo XC60 and XC90

    Does anyone have info at their fingertips about high-back boosters in cars with fixed, angled-forward headrests such as the Volvo XC60? Also having the same problem in a Mercedes E350 with headrests that raise and lower but don't remove. The Chicco KidFit and Graco Turbobooster LX/Affix, in...
  2. Cnidaria

    Switching the retractor on boosters

    I know that the current party line is NOT to switch the retractor and lock the seatbelt for a booster rider. And my understanding is that it increases the risk of submarining. My son's pediatrician asked about boosters at our recent well-child visit. He said that he recommends locking the belt...
  3. Cnidaria

    RSTV fit check please

    My son is 5.5 and we are excited to to leave the carseat at home for an upcoming plane trip, and use the RSTV we just got! It's Version 2, small. Unfortunately I don't have very current stats on him, but he's probably 47 lbs or so. And he's always been in about the 95th percentile for height, so...
  4. Cnidaria

    All Fisher-Price seats expired by now?

    All Fisher-Price branded seats in the U.S. are expired now, right? Specifically the Safe Voyage Deluxe, this one:
  5. Cnidaria

    Car seat challenge protocol

    Is anyone who works in a hospital doing car seat challenges with preemies willing to share your protocol with me? I have a pediatrician on another forum who has a patient who was sent home from the NICU with a car bed. She would like to do a car seat challenge in the office to see if this baby...
  6. Cnidaria

    Assembling the Harmony Defender

    Is assembling the Defender an irreversible process? I know the instructions on the Graco Affix, for example, note that certain steps of its assembly are not meant to be undone. I'm wondering if it's possible to put the Defender back in its box if it doesn't fit and needs to be returned.
  7. Cnidaria

    Rental cars in France, and questions about British Airways

    A (U.S.) friend is traveling to France with her 25 lb, 15 month old boy. Some questions. I know it's technically illegal for her to use a U.S. seat in France but let's just take it as a given that she's going to use her U.S. seat for this brief trip. -Are LATCH and ISOFIX intercompatible? Will...
  8. Cnidaria

    Car seat chronology - U.S.

    • Clek Foonf, August 2012 • Diono Olympia/Pacifica/Rainier, May-June 2014 • Britax ClickTight Marathon/Boulevard/Advocate, September 2014 • Evenflo Advanced Transitions, January 2015 • Safety 1st Advance EX 65 Air+, March 2015 • Safety 1st Grow and Go, June 2015 • Graco Atlas, August 2015
  9. Cnidaria

    Help me think about boosters

    My older son has been heavily lobbying for a booster seat. He just turned 5. I think it's reasonable to start booster training him in my car (a 2012 Mazda 3), in which he rides infrequently. He's starting to do more riding in friends' cars, so it makes sense to get him booster-trained. He's...
  10. Cnidaria

    Playmobil passenger safety

    I am most amused (and happy!) to see that one of Playmobil's latest toy cars comes with booster seats! Now the Playmobil children can follow best practice and remain in a booster until they pass the 5-step test (which typically does not occur until a height of around 6 cm). There is even an...
  11. Cnidaria

    Anyone have a Milestone or 4Ever?

    And an accurate digital scale? Would you be able to weigh the seat? I'm compiling numbers for the database but haven't been able to find weights for these.
  12. Cnidaria

    Pondering a new ERF convertible

    My husband is tired of the Radian in our 2000 Subaru Outback for our 20-month-old boy, so we're looking to replace it. He'd like something that's more compact front to back. It's behind the passenger seat and while I can reasonably fit there, when Grandpa visits he doesn't fit. I know the Radian...
  13. Cnidaria

    Question Combo seat for Odyssey +1 seat

    Are there any combination seats that are felt to he compatible with the Odyssey +1 seat? Will the Defender fit?
  14. Cnidaria

    40" standing height limits for RFing

    Talk to me about 40" RF height limits. Where does that number come from? Is one of the dummies 40" tall? And why have standing height limits at all? It seems kind of bizarre to me. If a child has long legs, why would that affect how far they ramp up a RF seat? Or how their torso moves in a FF seat?
  15. Cnidaria

    Really, really impressed with Dorel

    The Incognito is freaking brilliant. A seat that RFs to a very high weight AND a very tall height, and, bonus, isn't unreasonably expensive? AWEsome. Convertibles that say you must RF to at least two? Excellent! The Scenera NEXT is genius; a cheap seat that RFs a lot of kids til 4 and can...
  16. Cnidaria

    The Safety First 50 lb RFing seat has landed!

    At a few Babies R Uses, at least! Doesn't sound like it's available online yet.
  17. Cnidaria

    Frontier 90 crotch buckle pad

    Is the pad for the crotch buckle on the Frontier 90 required? I couldn't find anything saying one way or the other in the manual.
  18. Cnidaria

    Questions about Scenera NEXT RFing height limits

    So the Scenera NEXT has a 40" standing height limit for RF. Is the shell height limit that the child's head can be even with the top of the shell? Not 1" from the top like many carseats? Does anyone have a sense of whether most kids will be able to get to the full 40" standing height limit...
  19. Cnidaria

    Really expired Britax seats

    Someone is trying to sell a Marathon and Roundabout from 2003 (for $40 each!). Should I suggest that she try to sell the covers, or are they so old that their covers won't work on any currently-in-service Britax seats? They expired in 2009, right? Thanks.
  20. Cnidaria

    Cocorro or Guide 65 or something else for plane trip + small car?

    We have a 4 year old and a 1 year old now. The 1 year old has outgrown his Chicco Keyfit. Carseats we have include a Frontier 90, Evenflo SureRide, SK Radian XTSL, Cosco Scenera. We're going on a plane trip in less than a week. I was planning to bring the SureRide for the big guy. I'm kind...

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