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  1. selinajean

    Receipts needed

    Receipts needed - Done I am looking for receipts for 2 Britax Marathons (purchased within the last 4 years) and 2 backless Graco Turboboosters. A local mom's van was crunched this week and she is now fighting ICBC to replace these. If anyone can help, please email the receipts to me at...
  2. selinajean

    Tether extender?

    I am looking for a top tether extender. Does such a thing exist? I am thinking of a short webbing strap with a tether hook on one end and a D ring on the other. The captains chairs in my van have horrible tether anchors. Every time I install or remove a seat I need to flip the vehicle seat...
  3. selinajean

    Rear facing rear-end crash videos

    I am looking for crash test videos of a rear-facing child in a rear-end collision. Do they exist? I can't seem to find any when I search on youtube or here.
  4. selinajean

    Truck-country techs and parents, I need help!

    *Suggestions needed-Canada* A fellow preschool mom is needing help in finding a new seat for her daughter. 5 years old, 43 pounds and 16 inch torso measurement. She is currently in an evenflo that she has outgrown and needs to be out of ASAP! They are headed to the nearest city this weekend and...
  5. selinajean

    Dora child seat

    I'm glad to see designs that will make kids want to use a car seat but Dora is kind of creeping me out. It might be the angle of the photo but it looks like she is standing in the seat, with very short legs, extremely long arms, and her head in a vise...
  6. selinajean

    Am I going crazy?

    well of course I am, but really... Walmart previously had the new Evenflo infant seat available on their website. I think. I was so sure that I saw it there before. Now I went to grab the link for someone and all that I can find is the old model which should have been removed from inventory...
  7. selinajean

    Australia - High harness/shell FF seat?

    I have a good friend in Australia who is needing a new car seat for her daughter. I think we are going to stick with FF options for this situation. A is 3 years old and about 15kg. She is at the max height for her current seat, which mom believes is called Safe and Sound. She is hoping to find...
  8. selinajean

    Holy cheap Nautilus, batman!

    I was just in the parking lot at our local mall, near Zellers. I noticed a couple beside me loading a Nautilus box in to the back seat of their truck. They looked to me like they would be young grandparents so I said hi and gave them my card in case they need install help. The lady was instantly...
  9. selinajean

    Local newspaper story

    I had no idea which direction she was taking the story, so I can't really say if my expectations were met or not. She mentions the benefits of rear-facing and that parents shouldn't rush moving to the next stage. :thumbsup: I don't see any huge errors after a quick read so I guess that is all I...
  10. selinajean

    Lenses for Sony/Minolta anyone?

    Not sure if there will be any interest here or not but the ridiculous fees on ebay make me a little unwilling to list things over there. :( Minolta 28-80 1:3.5(22)-5.6 (silver) Has a speck on one of the blades $30 Minolta 35-70 1:3.5(22)-4.5 $40 Minolta 75-300 1:4.5(32)-5.6 (silver) $120 Tokina...
  11. selinajean

    Winter coat testing pictures

    I hadn't done a winter coat test in a while, so I thought I would put a mannequin to good use and snap a few shots while the kiddo is sleeping. Let me know if I've missed anything that should be added to the...
  12. selinajean

    I need travel help and ideas

    We are taking the boys to Disneyland in a couple weeks and I need to sort out what to do as far as seats go. James is easy, we will just bring the Apramo or Harmony and if he doesn't fit a belt we'll use it. Lightweight and easy. Now, what to do for Nick? He is 4 and about 35 pounds. We have a...
  13. selinajean

    Old Snugride and newer Snugride...

    Square peg in a round hole? ;) Does anyone know if 2008 and 2006 model snugride seats would be compatible as far as swapping bases? They are different model numbers but don't indicate 32 or 35, just the basic snugride for both. I'll call graco in the morning but thought I would check here...
  14. selinajean

    Angelpack (APLX), Blundstones, Leapster & Games

    Blundstones, Leapster & Games ~Angelpack SSC. Light green print and tan solids...very neutral colours. $60 plus shipping SOLD ~Blundstone boots (brown), classic style. AUS size 4 which works out to about a US size 7. These have been worn around the house for a couple of hours and are in brand...
  15. selinajean

    New Cosco combo seat?

    i see the Cosco Tissage in the Zellers flyer; is this new? I have never heard this name before. 22-40 pound harness and booster from 40-80 pounds
  16. selinajean

    Drastic change in belt fit

    James has been using the SK Monterey for about a year and a half now. The belt fit has always been good but since he came back from his 2 week holiday I have noticed that the lap belt seems too high on his abdomen; it isn't sitting down on his hips like it used to. He is my first child in a...
  17. selinajean

    Built-in harness seats

    I have been asked about built-in seats and how safe they are in comparison to the seats that we can go out and buy. I really know nothing about these so I would like to hear what you know. The vehicle in question this time is a 2006 Chevy Venture (In Canada, eh) and the child is 5 years old and...
  18. selinajean

    Seat check in Lac La Biche - Were you there?

    My husband sent me a text a few days ago, in complete shock that there was a seat check event happening when he pulled in to the grocery store parking lot. After seeing numerous 3 year olds in adult seat belts last summer we were both really shocked and pleased that this was happening, Did any...
  19. selinajean

    Complete Air Centre UAS/LATCH rules?

    If the vehicle manual says to defer to the car seat manual for centre UAS usage, can the Complete Air be used with UAS? The UAS anchors are 400mm apart. I am trying to help someone out via the internet and her infant seat states a distance amount that is allowed, but the CA manual does not say...
  20. selinajean

    Infant seat for 2010 Ford Escape?

    A friend (fellow tech) just came by with a friend of hers to help wrangle a car seat in to a 2010 Escape. The seat was a Cosco, part of a travel system and is not overly compatible with her vehicle plus the seat would not lock in to the base. She is going to return the system but is now in need...

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