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  1. nataliem257

    Question 4 year old outgrowing Frontier 85?

    I adjusted my very tall 4 year old's 85 last night and to my surprise we just went up to the last click. I was really hoping this seat would make it to booster age, but short of a massive slow down in growth I don't see that happening. Looks like we've got about 1 inch or so of room left. We...
  2. nataliem257

    Tranzitions vs. Atlas

    So my ex husband has a new girlfriend who has a 3 year old, so he's finally agreed to go in halves with me for a combination seat (for my 3 year old when she's there so I can stop moving my Frontier every time it's his weekend, and for hers the rest of the time). I was going to get a...
  3. nataliem257

    Narrow combination seat for vacation

    Were going on vacation to the beach on spring break this year. Me and my 2 girls will be with my dad and his wife, likely riding in his 2000 Ford F250 because I don't think I can sit 5 people plus luggage in my car. I'm pretty sure there's no latch, and I'm pretty sure there's only lap belts...
  4. nataliem257

    Feeling the RXT love.

    I have been a fairly loyal Britax brat...I have an old Sunshine Kids Radian XT that was handed down from my sister and I could write novels about how much I hate that seat.  Main complaints were I hate hate hated the tether on it, couldn't stand the tug tug harness, hated the chest clip, and it...
  5. nataliem257

    Latch straps Frontier 90

    Has anyone had any trouble with the latch straps interfering with the click tight on their Frontier 90? Somehow at some point the straps on mine jiggled loose from their hidey hole and I haven't been able to get them back in quite right. It's happened with me a couple of times where it took me...
  6. nataliem257

    Subaru...who knew?!

    Calling all gearheads. :D After the recent crash testing results on the Mazda 5, I've started researching/shopping my next car. I started out with a long list, and I've narrowed it down to a short list, all of which have positives and negatives. They all are similar in price, fuel economy...
  7. nataliem257

    Mazda 5 IIHS crash results

    The admin's post about the new IIHS crash results prompted a google search, and this is what I found -- Holy crap. Freaking out doesn't even begin to cover it -- that 2nd row side impact video made...
  8. nataliem257

    Check belt fit please

    Soooo I am not really ready to booster train, mentally, I had grand intentions of keeping DD1 harnessed until she was 7ish and in 1st grade or so, but my daycare who opted for crappy passenger vans instead of buses has other plans :thumbsdown:. After the horrified and confused look I got from...
  9. nataliem257

    Pink Stripe Youth Toms New size 12

    Brand new youth glitter toms, pink.and turquoise and gold stripes, size 12. Still in box. Bought end of season sale, DD1 doesn't like them :rolleyes:. Retails for $42, I'm thinking $25 shipped. I tried uploading a pic but it didn't work.
  10. nataliem257

    Price check -- Brand new Classic Tall Uggs, Black, girls size 13

    I bought two pairs of Uggs for DD1 at end of season last year, one in black one in tan. Her school uniforms are Navy so I don't really need the black ones. They've never been worn, retail for $170 I think. These are the knee height ones without the buttons. Size 13. I didn't pay full price...
  11. nataliem257

    Replace seats??

    Please excuse typos I'm on my phone. I was just in an accident. I was hit pretty hard from behind. Two seats were in the car unoccupied, a frontier 85 and a blvd. The crash meets all the minor crash criteria, I'm not injured other than some wicked whiplash, seats look fine, car is drivable...
  12. nataliem257

    kiddy cruiserfix -- $129 on amazon

    I haven't posted in a while but this was too good to keep to myself, Amazon has the rumba cruiserfix pro for $129! All of the other colors are still $199. That was so cheap I almost pulled the trigger even though I'm a year away from booster training (at least). Happy shopping :)
  13. nataliem257

    All state safe driving commercial

    The irony of this almost makes me laugh to keep from that kid even 1 yet? And the height and angle of that that a bucket??? Yes, they're very "over protective"..... (P.S. the video takes a sec to load)
  14. nataliem257

    News Harness covers -- G3 britax convertibles

    There was a thread about this the other day with someone complaining about they couldn't get the harness tight on their infant in one of the new Britax convertibles with the harness covers on, but with them off the harness dug into their babies neck, I can't find it now for the life of me...
  15. nataliem257

    tether retrofit no longer available

    My husband drives a 98 grand prix as our secondary vehicle (he stays at home with our 2 kids so he doesn't drive it too often). My youngest daughter is still RF so her side is not an issue (she uses the D ring) but my oldest daughter (4 1/2) is FF in a radian (older model Sunshine Kids ) I can...
  16. nataliem257

    Question about the myride headwings

    I have a question about the RF height of the myride. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but fromy understanding the shell of the myride is comparable to the britax or the peg, the extended height comes from Graco allowing the headwings to raise above the shell. I've always wondered why...

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