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    Using CS-O on iPhone and am constantly redirected to spam sites

    I am getting redirected constantly off of the website. I am browsing in full site mode, not mobile. All of the other websites I'm using are working fine, it appears to just be this one. It is happening so often, that I'm not able to use the site much. Very annoying! I'm going to attach a...
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    Can anyone compare CCO vs ProRide legroom?

    Title says it all! Thanks!
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    Pro-Ride vs Peg

    I can't research any more. Toddler outgrowing CCO by height. Looking for two convertibles. Is the Pro-Ride Performance the new version that was being released? Pros and cons for the two seats? I want pretty easy installs and a comfy ride for baby. Baby is now around 25 pounds, and 21 months...
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    She's outgown this, right?

    She's a newly turned 4, and 35 pounds. I'm not sure on her height. It's a Boulevard 70 CS installed with LATCH in a 2004 Sequoia. TIA! I CAN switch her into the Radian, but the RN and I have a long standing love/hate relationship. It's really a giant PITA, and my dh hates dealing...
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    Probooster out with LATCH now?

    I read that they were coming out with LATCH sometime spring 2013. Did this ever happen? I'm wanting to pick one up for my skinny minnie 36 pound 6 year old. Thanks!
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    Sharing some squishy CCO pictures!

    I just wanted to share some pictures of my new little guy in our CCO. He's rocking a brand new Cherry Pie cover, which is a nice change after DD's Strawberry Shake cover that was on for so long. DS3 is 8 months and around 15 pounds. He is (maybe) in the 25 percentile for height. I do not...
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    Did y'all see this news story?

    Two men and a dog survive 186 mph highway crash :eek: It looks like that BMW did it's job, and then some! I can't believe everyone (including the dog) walked away from that!!
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    New vehicle- Which seats to use and where to put everyone!

    Vehicle- 2002 Ford F350 Crew Cab Duallie (Lariat version). No LATCH or TT's, no headrests in the front middle or anywhere in the back. Middle positions also have no shoulder belts. Kids- See siggie. Available seats- Monterey, Amp, Harmony LBB, Frontier 85, Nauti, Radian 80SL, Blvd CS 70...
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    Anyone in VA/DC/MD want to trade...

    my G/EUC Radian 80SL in Primrose for a gender neutral CCO? Non-crashed and always appropriately taken care of, of course. It has a new style RFing boot, which has a small depression from being pressed up against the lower anchor in our third row. I can upload pics if anyone is interested...
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    This may seem like such a little thing,

    But could we get a hugging smilie? I think this is the only forum that I am on that doesn't have one, and it's one that I would use frequently. I was thinking something like one of these:
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    In Search Of EUC Coccoro cover with shoulder pads

    Looking for Licorice or Cherry Pie, EUC please. I need the shoulder pads, but not the infant insert. Looking to spend around $25-30, depending on the condition. Thanks! :love:
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    Can't decide if I need to bring DS2's seat on the plane...

    I am making myself crazy, and DH is tired of talking about it. We are flying cross country with three full-fare ticketed kids, and of course bring a seat for 2 year old DD. DS2 is 4.5 years old, but he is only 29 pounds, and very small for his age. He normally rides in a FR85 or a Nauti. It...
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    Any thought about the new PP Viaggo convertible?

    I mentioned it briefly in my other thread, but wanted to ask about it by itself. Does anyone have one? How is the install? RFing leg room? General thoughts on the seat? How does it compare to the new Blvd? Thanks so much!
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    Need to order a replacement seat for 2 year old...

    Her old MA was completely ruined when she had the Rota Virus last week. I have cleaned up many thrown-up in seats, but unfortunately that seat is toast. I have her in the CCO for now. I have been reading, reading, reading, and I'm still not sure what to order. She turns 2 tomorrow, is 24...
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    How long do you RF a tiny kid?

    I know the whole RF until the limits of the seat rule, but realistically, how long would you keep a very small child RFing? Especially one that really wanted to be flipped? I am really struggling with this, and I am not sure what the right answer is. I am aware it is a grey area as far as...
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    Need travel seat rec for (tiny) 3.5 year old

    We are flying with all three kids, bring seats for two. 7 y/o has a booster in the car at both ends of the trip; 1 y/o has a new CCO we're bringing. My 3.5 y/o normally rides in a TFP, but we also have a MA and a RN to choose from. I would love something lighter weight to bring with us...
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    CCO & travel

    Just bought the CCO for some upcoming air travel, and we LOVE it. It is the nicest seat. DD actually has quite a bit (3-4 inches) of growing room above her head, which is a lot more than I was expecting! I did have a couple of questions that maybe someone could help with: 1. Does the CCO...
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    I DID IT!!!

    I got a great install in the third row of our Sienna. I had asked for help on which seats to use, and it was suggested I try the RN and MA Rfing together. I had to install the RN in the middle first, (which installs beautifully in the third row!), and then install the MA on top. They puzzle...
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    Just ordered the 80SL from $191.99 w/free 2 day shipping

    Now that is a great deal! Here's what I did for anyone else needing one- 1. I signed into Bing for cashback. Clicked onto through Bing. 2. Found the 80SL on and added it to my shopping cart. 3. Found the same seat on, added to cart there, applied coupon...
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    How does DS fit in the Monterey?

    Thanks, ladies!

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