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  1. seamonkeys

    For Sale SOLD Petal cover (Radian XTSL)

    SOLD Just got rid of the seat, so I don't need this cover. It's been used for the past year or so. Washed it, but one spot didn't come out (see picture). I forgot to wash the strap covers because they were put away and I found a dirt mark on it (see picture). Assuming that will come off in the...
  2. seamonkeys

    Question 1993 Ford Explorer - compatible seats?

    Need help for my niece. Her DS is current RFing in a class MA passenger side. The seat expires in November, so I'm trying to figure out what seat will work next. He'll be 2 in Dec, so I asked if she plans to keep him RFing. She was wanting to, but she's been frustrated with the MA's lack of leg...
  3. seamonkeys

    For Sale Ju Ju Be items

    Don't really have a use for these anymore. Jungle Maze "mini" MightyBe. It's a Mighty Be altered to be the width of a Be Light. Both front pockets are long (fit tall water bottles). And key rings have been put on the stroller hooks. EEEEUC - $65 shipped JJBS custom made key fob - $12 shipped...
  4. seamonkeys

    For Sale girls clothing 2T-4T and shoes (6-12 mths+)

    Prices include shipping, but I'll give discounts for buying multiple items. :) Links to the albums: 3T-4T Shoes (6-12 mths - size 9)
  5. seamonkeys

    For Sale Women's size 6 pencil skirts

    These were my sister's. Not sure if the black was even worn at all, but the tags are off. Tan is NWT. $11 shipped for black $12 shipped for tan Here are the pictures.
  6. seamonkeys

    For Sale DS games

    ALL SOLD Here's what my boys don't want anymore: PENDING Lego Batman Sonic Class Collection Pictures, prices (these include shipping) and details here.
  7. seamonkeys

    For Sale hand-made Dorothy dress (fits 18 mths- 3 yrs)

    PRICE REDUCED. I bought this on etsy and DD wore it for Halloween 2 yrs ago. I bought it big hoping she would wear it again for Halloween, or just as a cute spring dress. Unfortunately she refuses dresses most of the time. I almost convinced her to wear it this year (hence the current pic...
  8. seamonkeys

    For Sale Bermuda Babies Baby stroller shade (pink)

    I bought this too late and didn't end up getting to use it very much. :( Used it maybe a handful of times. It's pink mesh fabric. It was perfect on my older Phil & Teds since the canopy wasn't the best. $20 shipped. Here is the product info, and even a video on how it attaches...
  9. seamonkeys

    For Sale Babylegs (1 pair)

    VGUC (only worn around the house by 4 yr-old for play), $5 shipped 1st class, with delivery tracking.
  10. seamonkeys

    Anybody in Redding, CA vicinity?

    My neice lives in Redding (3 hrs away from me) and can't seem to get her classic Marathon installed. She's never installed a convertible, so this is foreign to her. I should have taught her when I saw her this summer, but forgot. Anybody near there who could help her? She tried calling the...
  11. seamonkeys

    Price Check Marathon 65 covers, Olivia and Hannah

    ALL SOLD! Only Hannah left. EEEEEUC. $25 shipped. Comes with all pads. Picture here. What are covers going for these days? Or if you're interested in one, make me an offer. I think I'm going to sell my seat on craigslist, but not with both covers. So I just want to sell one of them. I'll...
  12. seamonkeys

    For Sale Woobee Plush water-resistant stroller blanket

    SOLD Time to let go of the baby stuff. :( Both DD and I loved this stroller blanket. So soft and plush on baby, and keeps the rain off at the same time. Brown/Ivory color (30"x36"). Excellent condition. $25 shipped. More product info here:
  13. seamonkeys

    For Sale Girls 3T clothes

    10/21/12 - ADDED MORE ITEMS! Again, open to offers! Especially if buying multiple items! Starting a new thread for my 3T stuff. Though it does have a couple of 4T & 5T items - but they fit DD like the 3T stuff, so I'm putting them together. :) Hanna Andersson, Gymboree, TCP, Gap, and more...
  14. seamonkeys

    For Sale Black Mary Jane CROCS, toddler girls 8/9

    Pink CROCS, toddler girls 9 SOLD ADDED - Pink Gabby Crocs. DD didn't need these afterall. Cotton Candy (light pink) Gabby girls Crocs, toddler girl 9, NWT. $15 shipped. SOLD They are brand new, but the tags have been removed. $15 shipped.
  15. seamonkeys

    For Sale Beco 4th generation

    SOLD We won't be using this anymore, so it's time to sell. :( It does have a detachable hood, just not pictured. $65 shipped. It needs washing, but wanted to post a pic to show what it looks like.
  16. seamonkeys

    For Sale Crocs and boots (boys)

    ALL SOLD Stride Rite 12W - $10 + shipping. EUC - worn maybe a dozen times by DS1. DS2 won't wear them. Plus hasn't been much need this winter. SOLD Crocs, size 10/11 - $10 + shipping. DS2 only tried these on in the house a couple of times. Didn't like this style. :roll: SOLD I also have the...
  17. seamonkeys

    For Sale Mimi Messy Baby Bibs (penguins)

    SOLD Never could get DD to wear bibs very much, so these were not used much at all. :rolleyes: NOW $14 shipped (1st class w/DC) 2 bibs: blue penguin w/orange trim, EEEEEEEUC.
  18. seamonkeys

    For Sale Dapper Snappers 3-pack (NEW)

    SOLD A life-saver if you have a skinny little one! Wish I'd known about them (if they existed) when DS1 was a toddler! Love these so much I bought another 3-pack a while back, but we're not needing them afterall. $20 shipped (1st class w/DC). Brown, beige, navy blue. New in package.
  19. seamonkeys

    For Sale Leapster 2 AND games

    ALL SOLD My boys have moved onto the DS and never play with this anymore. :roll: I was going to keep for DD, but she still doesn't have any interest. :? It has been well-loved for several years. Some scratches on the screen, but it still works great. Takes 4 AA batteries. Game system alone -...
  20. seamonkeys

    In Search Of Radian XTSL cover

    I need to wash DD's cover, so I think it's time to get a spare. :p Doesn't need to be girly. And I don't need the inserts (though I suppose for resale later they might be helpful). Tell what you've got, pics and prices would be great. :)

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