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  1. kidnurse

    Backless booster 3 across

    Hi We bought a new 2018 Jeep Renegade. I need to get 3 backless boosters across the back for carpooling to and from school, three 4th graders. All we currently have is an incognito for my son. That middle seat is very narrow, and of course, his preferred seat. Any suggestions? TIA
  2. kidnurse

    Question Latchable LBB

    Hard to believe, but DS is outgrowing his HBB. I am looking for a latchable LBB, is there such a thing?
  3. kidnurse

    Sores on back from FR90

    When we first go my son's FR90 I would notice pink areas on his spine after having been in the car. Over time he adjusted and it hasn't been much of an issue. Until we went away for a weekend, 6 hrs away each direction. So 12+ hrs in the seat over 3 days, now he has two red scanned over areas on...
  4. kidnurse

    Caravan 2014 latch limit

    Does anyone know what the weight limit is for using latch on the 2014 Dodge Caravan? Also what is the latch limit on Britax convertibles? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. kidnurse

    Car and car seat compatabity

    The car is a 2015 Ford Edge and parents want to put the car seat in the middle but don't think they can. Car seat is an Uppababy bucket. Anyone know if it can be installed in the middle? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. kidnurse

    Question Which would you do?

    6 yr old, harnessed in a FR90 Middle seat, no headrest or outboard, with headrest?
  7. kidnurse

    Cleaning cover of FR90

    I can't find my manual for my sons FR90, can I put the cover in the dryer or is it air dry only? TIA
  8. kidnurse

    Looking for a recommendation

    Someone I know is looking to move their 3 or 4 yr old grandson back to a 5 point harness seat from a LBB. Child is husky but I don't have any if his stats. Seat needs to be economical. What's out there these days?
  9. kidnurse

    Question Latchable booster seats...

    Is that even a word "latchable"? Do we have a list somewhere of the booster seats that use latch?
  10. kidnurse

    Need recommendation for combo seat

    Looking for an affordable combination seat (ff harness and booster capability). Child is almost 4 yrs old, 42" and 43 lbs. Family will need multiple seats so looking for an affordable option to keep child harnessed for a while longer. Thanks
  11. kidnurse

    Frontier 90

    I got the Frontier 90 for my ginormous 5 yr old. I forget what that built in lock off system it called but I love lock offs. The first few times I installed the seat it was the easiest seat I have ever installed, which says a lot after years of nannying and fostering before DS came along. After...
  12. kidnurse

    Snuggin Go

    This product claims to be safety tested for car seat use. Is this safe to use?
  13. kidnurse

    Question Foonf

    Can it touch the seat in front of it when RF?
  14. kidnurse

    Is this ok?

    A PT was out today to help get some equipment for the baby I take care of. We mentioned the problems we were having with positioning in baby's car seat. She suggested putting a towel, blanket behind baby's lower back to try to open up the area where he seems to be scrunched up the most in his...
  15. kidnurse

    Chevy Traverse captains chair

    Can a Foonf or a Diono be installed well in a captains chair of a Chevy Traverse? Also can a Foonf be installed at an angle less than 45*? This would be a parental decision driven by medical necessity.
  16. kidnurse

    One year old on ventilator

    I am a home care nurse for a one year old (9 1/2 months adjusted) with a form of dwarfism. Baby rides in a Peg Perego bucket. He did fine in this until after his recent umbilical hernia repair. Now he gets short of breath in his car seat. It's like there wasn't enough room in his chest and...
  17. kidnurse

    Question Phx seat recycling?

    Is there somewhere in the Phx area to recycle car seats? TIA
  18. kidnurse

    Question Dismantled Britax

    I know someone who dismantled her sons Britax seat to clean it and now she can't get the adjustable part that goes behind his head back in place. My guess is that it should not have been removed but....any way to now fix this?
  19. kidnurse

    Lots of seats - PHX but can ship (moved from Shopping to Swap)

    Have 2 Graco Size for Me 70's, BRU version. Both seats are a little over year old, DOM 8/2012, 8/2012 Also Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system. About 2 yrs old, Midori. DOM 3/2011 Two key lime CCO's, DOM 11/2009, 10/2010 Anyone interested?
  20. kidnurse

    Question Need help with Diono and Odessey

    A Friend is trying to install a FF Diono in the little middle seat in her 2013 Odessey. Can the seat be installed without the headrest? With the headrest in place the seat does not touch the back of the cars seat because the headrest pushes the seat away from the bench seat.

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