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    Car seat switch-up questions

    I drive a 2011 Honda Odyssey and my husband drives a 2014 Toyota Camry. Oldest son will be seven in a few weeks. He is 50 inches tall, 51 lbs, currently 5-point harnessed in a Frontier 85 in both vehicles. Second son is three years old, 40 inches tall, 32 lbs, forward-facing in seats in each...
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    Radian RXT for less than $200?

    Has anyone ever been able to snag an RXT for less than $200? I need two of them and am getting more and more discouraged every day! Wondering if I'm chasing a pipe dream over here.
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    Back seat widths on 2014 car models

    Not sure if anyone here can help me, but I've been doing searches online to find out which car has the widest back seat (i.e. most likely to fit three across) between the 2014 Toyota Camry, 2014 Chevy Malibu, and the 2014 Subaru Legacy. I am not having much luck. My husband needs to pick one as...
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    Need an easy 'go-to' stroller

    I am looking for suggestions on a small single stroller for running quick errands. I have a nice stroller for trips to the zoo, walks, etc., but need something for running into the post office, library, etc. It needs to fold/unfold easily, be small enough to store in my trunk 24/7, and have a...
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    Need diaper bag recs please!

    Yes, I'm back to the boards for more shopping advice! I desperately want/need a new diaper bag. Trouble is that I'm capped at $100 for one. I bought a Skip Hop Duo at BRU but am finding it's not deep enough (front to back) for my needs. I LOVE its stroller clips and lack of velcro/zippers. I...
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    Need stroller recs please!

    Here's my situation: DS1 is 4 years, 36 lbs, 42 inches tall. DS2 is 2 months, 11 lbs, 23 inches long. I need to find a double stroller to strap in DS1 when I'm tired of him wandering off while I'm trying to shop. Right now I put DS2's SR30 into my Snugrider to go places, but that leaves my...
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    Graco Snugride

    Looking for a great price on a Graco Snugride 30 or a front-adjusting Snugride 22. Any suggestions on obscure sites to check out? Multiple google searches aren't really working out for me so far. :( Also, what do all y'all think about buying used car seats in the classifieds? Terrible idea?
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    Question Car fit/safety question about infant seats

    I need an infant seat for our DS2 that's due in two weeks (I know, shame on me for putting this off for so long - it just overwhelmed me every time I tried to figure it out before). The Graco Snugride (and extra base) DS1 used as a baby has expired, so definitely need to buy a new one. I want to...
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    Convertible recommendations please!

    Hey all, I'm a newbie here, so I'm not too hip on the jargon yet. :o Please bear with me! My 11-month-old is just a few ounces shy of 20 lbs so I've begun the search for his new seat. I started looking online for recommendations and reviews and had decided on the Nautilus until I happened over...

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