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    Snugride 30 vs 35 vs Click Connect

    Pros / Cons? From what I've read, the 30 has a narrower base, but can sometimes require locking clip with seatbelt install? 35 has better ht/wt limits, easier to install but wider so no good for 3 across. The 35 Click Connect has the narrower base and high ht/wt limits and light to carry, so...
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    New peg infant seat in an older base?

    Someone I know wants to buy a peg infant seat and part of the reasoning is they're being given a used (from very trusted source) base. The child who owned the base is about 18 months, so I'm wondering if you are allowed to use the newer seats with the older base. I could find out more like DOM...
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    Britax Convertibles on Sale - TJs Not sure if this has already been posted, but some G3 convertibles are 20% off at TJs.
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    Target Canada and TBSS Dahlia

    Just a little update after going there tonight. I was alerted by Pixelated that the Graco Turbobooster with safety surround was on sale for $80 (reg $110), and both green and purple were mentioned in the flyer. Excited I phoned all 5 stores located up to 45 min of solid highway driving away, and...
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    Is this campervan ok?

    I know most back seats in campers and RVs are not suitable for carseats, boosters or kids but this one looks like it might be ok. If you look at the day mode of the floor plan, there are two captains chairs with shoulder belts, and you can see...
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    Long flights for small school aged kids - boosters?

    Wendy posted up this FAA document in another thread and it got me thinking: It states: While booster seats and harness vests enhance safety in vehicles, FAA prohibits passengers from bringing these types of restraints on airplanes for use during...
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    Info on recycling old carseats

    Just came across this: It talks about separating parts of expired car seats so they can be recycled, and even where to send old straps for an artist who makes wallets and handbags! I haven't actually watched the video, but...
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    Car seat installation video on YummyMummy blog

    Saw this today. Eeek - no mention of extended RFing, just that if child is 1yr and walking unassisted, you're good to go. Doesn't talk about when to put kid in booster, or how seatbelts should fit with a booster. Doesn't talk about harness tightness, winter coats, or correct chest clip position...
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    Carseat recycling Vancouver Oct 6th

    I think they did this last year as well. Did anyone go?
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    Car seat check Woodbridge ON

    I saw this today:[3]&utm_campaign=September%2006%202013%20-%20Express Just thought I'd post to let the ON techs know about it. . .
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    Do BRUs allow you to try seats in your car?

    I thought most stores would allow this, but turns out many don't and just expect you to buy then return if it doesn't work. This seems like it would be more work and hassle than allowing people to try them in their vehicle before buying. I had to speak to three employees and a manager at...
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    Very upright FF RN in Tundra access cab (Canada)

    I'm helping a friend choose a convertible for her son who is 7 months. She drives a '12 Impreza which fits a True Fit nicely RF and FF outboard. Her DH drives an '00 Tundra with access cab, with a small backseat, and very upright and shallow seats. The TF's angle with the foot adjusted properly...
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    Boosters with deep sides / SIP

    I know there is no standard for SIP on boosters, but I can't help wondering why the TB with safety surround and the new 2013 Parkway have more substantial headwings and deeper torso support than the regular TB and the 2012 Parkway. Is this a trend towards wider, more protective boosters? Is it...
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    FF RN plus 2 boosters or 3 boosters in 07 CRV?

    Hi all, I have been researching boosters on and off for a while now. I am now ready to try 8.5yr old DD in a few again and actually buy one once we figure out which will work best for us. I thought she was 43 pounds so wasn't in too much of a hurry, but turns out our scale is off and according...
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    Radian RXT Harness covers - optional? (Canada)

    I did a check for someone today who has a new RXT to be used for a newborn. Those padded harness covers are HUGE! My older radians have ones that are a good size, but these new ones not only have very thick padding, they are very long, going above and below the chest clip. I seriously doubt...
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    Booster for small/skinny kids, sleeping and travel

    Trip planned next spring to Australia and New Zealand. Last time we purchased harnessed seats in Australia and didn't go to NZ. Kids will be 9 and 7, but are very small for their age, esp the older one. Currently she is about 43 lbs and nearly 46 inches at 8.5. DS is 38 lbs and nearly 44 inches...
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    Seat recycling Vancouver May 5th

    I don't know anything about this, but just saw it and thought I'd share in case people are interested. Bellies to Babies Celebration is accepting old carseats for recycling: Sun May 5th in East Vancouver.
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    Field trip protocol and BCAA info (Canada)

    I started a thread several months ago about field trip protocol after seeing screw-less TBs and a coverless booster. More recently I took a document that Quassee created and put up on FB which was a letter to parents regarding their responsibility...
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    Future Shop selling car seats???

    I was doing a search on an Ergo for a friend and it came up that FutureShop sells baby products including car seats, strollers and slings! For those that don't know the store, it's an...
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    Field Trip Protocol?

    Hi all, Last week DD's Gr 2/3 class had a field trip that required parents to volunteer as drivers. I took DD's friend, whom I've driven before and is a HBTB. Everyone else I saw (I didn't see the seats of the kids whose parents were driving as those would have stayed in the car) had a NBB...

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