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  1. murphydog77

    Recommend for a tall booster seat

    You can always call the airline beforehand to double-check, but checking at the gate is perfectly fine. I'd be hesitant to gate-check a booster, though, since it's more likely that they'll lose one or both parts. At least take the bottom portion as a carry on so she has something to use at your...
  2. murphydog77

    Honda civic harness booster

    Hi. The Tranzitions is a really difficult carseat to install, so I'm not surprised. There aren't too many options from which to choose in this class of carseat: Britax Grow With You, Chicco MyFit, Evenflo Maestro, and Graco Nautilus are about it. I'd go for the one of the Nautilus models since...
  3. murphydog77

    Cybex Sirona S - BMW X7

    Yeah, that's unfortunately true and it's one of its two main drawbacks. You can choose not to tether the seat while FF, but tethers do improve performance in side impacts; a load leg may nor may not, depending on whether or not there's forward motion in the crash. Another of its big drawbacks...
  4. murphydog77

    Booster seat that activates air bag

    What is the age and weight of the person riding in the front passenger seat? What vehicle?
  5. murphydog77

    Recs for FF in Honda Odyssey

    Hi. The Chicco MyFit ClearTex is on sale at Target this week: There's also the Graco Nautilus 2.0, but it doesn't have a lockoff: Britax also has the Grow With You ClickTight, but I think the harness is fussier...
  6. murphydog77

    Ez-on vest lower latch add on. How to use?

    I can only speculate that they're so long because of the variety of vehicle seats that they're used with. Like regular carseat LATCH straps, you should be able to take most of slack out by pulling the tail; I would do that before hooking your daughter's vest on. The picture in step 4 in the...
  7. murphydog77

    Ez-on vest lower latch add on. How to use?

    Hello! Which vest did you get? EZ-On makes several, so it would be helpful to know specifically which one you have. I'm thinking you may have gotten a Floor Mount accessory, which are 2 very long straps that go over the top of the vehicle seat like tether straps and connect to anchors installed...
  8. murphydog77

    Seats that will fit well in a Kia Niro EV

    Hi. I would definitely steer you toward buying something that fits them well now and look at dedicated boosters later on (and I don't work for a carseat company, lol). You're right that all-in-ones tend to be difficult to use when it comes to the booster stage. They sit higher up, so they're...
  9. murphydog77

    Top tether anchor

    Hi. Sorry, but they really are all gone 😔. A couple of things you can do: 1. rear-face your child to the highest weight/height limits you can (see, then move them to a belt-positioning booster seat once they outgrow RF if they are over age 4 and...
  10. murphydog77

    Nissan Frontier 2006 LE

    Hi. I've never installed a carseat in this truck before, but it looks like what you need to do is lift the jump seat bottom up to access the seat extension and legs. The extension will fold out and the legs will then fold out and down to the sides from under the extension. See if this helps...
  11. murphydog77

    KIA Sportage 2009 XL Car seat Recommendation

    Hi. What country are you in?
  12. murphydog77

    Car seat in single cab Ford Ranger

    Hi Marilyn. If your truck has a keyed airbag on/off switch, then if you are diligent about turning the airbag off each ride, you can put the 2 mo in the outside seat and the 3 yr old in the center if the 3 yr old is forward-facing. There will still be airbag interference with the middle seat, so...
  13. murphydog77

    Question Evenflo Symphony straps won't stay tight - Canada

    Check that there's no debris in the area around the harness release button and that the harness pull strap is threaded straight through the button. 9.9 times out of 10 that's the reason causing the problem. If there's still a problem after checking those 2 things, give Evenflo a call.
  14. murphydog77

    Do Bases Expire?

    It's also the plastic and harnesses. But specifically since you're asking about your base, think about any plastic toys or backyard furniture that's been left outside—it turns brittle and breaks easily. Depending on the additives manufacturers use during production, carseat expiration is...
  15. murphydog77

    Britax Emblem pins thighs in place

    May I offer a different perspective? I often find parents project their feelings onto their children's level of comfort (esp. with rear-facing: "their legs can't possibly be comfortable scrunched up like that!", ironically leading to their children being turned forward too early and having...
  16. murphydog77

    Help! I can't UNinstall my Triumph!

    This is tricky because there's so much EPS foam along the sides of the Triumph. I'm guessing you have the hook-on style connectors since you'd just be able to pull the other ones off? Have someone help you if you can and one of you stand over the top of the carseat (assuming RF) to put as much...
  17. murphydog77

    Convertible Seat for baby with developmental delays

    Hi Mariah. You got some sound advice from that CPST. Any carseat with a C-shape (meaning, any Graco) will be difficult for your son to have proper positioning. Also, carseats with no re-thread harnesses will tend to push his head forward because the attached headwings naturally provide a...
  18. murphydog77

    Installing a car seat on the floor of a van?

    Hi Jesse. Unfortunately there is no safe way to make this happen. Cargo vans are structurally designed differently than passenger vans. If you need to transport someone else, you'd need to find a different vehicle to do so.
  19. murphydog77

    High back booster for non-removable headrest that causes a gap

    Hi. I would look at the Nuna AACE, the Maxi-Cosi RodiFix and RodiSport, and the Peg Perego Flex 120. They've all been approved for my Tesla Model X which has the same issue.
  20. murphydog77

    2 RF in 2019 Acura MDX

    Oops! Here I am! If you need seats side-by-side, the Extend2Fit isn't the one for you. It's great for front seat legroom, but it's relatively wide in the carseat world. The SlimFit3 LX/True3Fit LX (same seat, different name for retailers 🙄) is the narrowest seat with the best features for...

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