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    3 yo in Graco Affix

    I am looking for some links to help explain the risks of putting a 3 yo in a Graco Affix. The seat requires 38” height and over 30 lbs, which the child fulfills. I feel in my gut that this is not the safest setup, but it would help to have an article that presents the risks to give to my MIL...
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    Radian RXT vs. Rainier

    Will there be a review or blog spotlight on the soon to be released diono Rainier? I'm very interested in either the plum RXT or the orchid Rainier. Has the shoulder height changed or much of significance?
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    Sharing a car seat (3 yo & 5 yo)

    I’m looking for suggestions for a car seat that can be shared between two children that is easy to adjust (front adjust harness) and about $200 or less. Younger child RF in main seat, but can FF for infrequent use in this shared seat. 5.5 yo: 46” and 47# currently main seat is FN 85 3.0 yo...
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    snugride 22 expiring

    My seat was manufactured March 2008 and I’m unsure if it just expired Dec 2013 or if it is still safe until Dec 2014. It is the Snugride 22. The infant car seat FAQ page states: “Expiration Limit: Dec. of 6th year from mfg. Date” Thanks
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    Nautilus vs Elite vs Argos

    Can anyone give me some distinctions between these 3 seats? Graco's website is not any help. It eludes they have the same ht and depth, so do they use the same shell for all 3? Differences in ability to adjust harness upfront while installed? Diff. in harness heights? (the car seat data...
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    Backup combo seat w/ high harness

    I'm looking for input and suggestions for a back up seat for my DS for when he outgrows the current seat. Hope this is the correct forum. Basic info: He rides in FN85 in my car, but I don't want to spend $200 for another in my DH's car unless you all really think that's the best option. He...
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    snugride expiring?

    I have a Graco Snugride 22, manufactured 3/12/2008. The car seat data thread and I believe my owner's manual state: Expiration Limit: Dec. of 6th year from mfg. Date Does that mean it expires Dec. 2014? And would sitting in a garage for the last 2 years speed up the expiration considerably?
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    Share your thoughts on Mazda5

    This is slightly more of a car question, than a car seat question, but I am researching the mazda5 for my family of 4, and noticed that several members here have owned them or discussed them. Would anyone like to talk me into/out of one, or give me some pros and cons from a car seat perspective...
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    will I regret buying cosco APT?

    I am thinking about getting a car seat for my DD as her back up seat, since she only rides in one in my car but has none in DH's car. She rides in a BLVD65 RF, weighs 23#, 32" tall, 21mo. I notice the APT goes to 40# and 40" RF as well as FF. Also I plan to RF her as close to 4yo as possible. I...
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    Harnessing booster for a 4 yo

    Looking for some opinions from owners or experts regarding a choice between a Graco Nautilus and Britax Frontier85. My son is 4 yrs old, and rides in a complete air 50 FF in my Honda Civic. He's fine in that for height and weight, but I'm looking for the next (and presumably last) seat he'll...
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    Question Boulevard or Radian, RF longest for my 2.5 DS?

    First a little background info, DS is almost 2.5 yo (born 9/08), he currently weighs 30-31 pounds and stands 35-36 in. tall. He is RF in the Boulevard 65 (manufactured 2/09) in my 2002 Honda Civic (primary vehicle). Also BV 65 is occasionally moved to DH's 2002 Toyota Corolla. I would like...

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