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  1. miraclebabies

    High back boosters... Which one? I'm so lost

    Ok, the time has come to get Dd1 a booster.. she is 5yr old, 40 lbs and tall for her age. It will just be used as a spare cuz I'm tired of moving her Frontier (main seat) but I'm not sure where to start shopping. I can't spend alot right now, it will be in Dh's car and or moved around if my...
  2. miraclebabies

    News Graco myride changes...

    There are a few changes to the NEW Myride... Side impact protection you move with the harness. Maybe I'm the last to see this :)
  3. miraclebabies

    Question best deal on FR85??

    Ok, finally I'm going to order DD1 (4.5y) a frontier but I was wondering if there are any good deals I'm missing. I see that hayneedle has them for $223 (was $208) now and that albeebaby is $225. Any input on where is a good place to order? I've never gotten anything from Albeebaby and even tho...
  4. miraclebabies

    what seat next??

    I have a 37# turned 4yr old in feb that's fast appoaching the limits of her scerena and envenflo Titan that I have for spares. What seat should I buy that 5pt harness' and can get a skinny 3 across in a BMW 525? On the smallest budget possible :) I have the younger two ERF in scerenas outboaurd...
  5. miraclebabies

    Help!! 28m old loosening harness while rf

    My 28m old DD just started messing with the adjuster slot and lifting the plate while I'm driving down the road. I told her it's not safe and tried to tighten it and pull the strap to the side so it would be harder. What else can I do??? She's rear facing in a MA65 and only weighs 23#, it makes...
  6. miraclebabies

    Jonah cover anyone??
  7. miraclebabies

    How to calculate price for carseat

    I am wanting to see what I could get out of my Marathons and if its worth it to sell them so I can get the CA65. I have three MAs and love them but the lack of legroom is getting to me and making it hard to get my 20# 2yr old in without a struggle. The mfg dates are 4/2008, 4/2008, 6/2006. I...
  8. miraclebabies

    How close do you get to the RF limit??

    Well my goal was always 3yr for my kids to RF or until the limit of there seats. I have MAs for all three kids and Dd1 just turned three last month and is sitting at 30#. She was fully clothed at the dr when she was sick with a shirt, long sleeve jacket, pants and shoes and she was only 31.5#...
  9. miraclebabies

    Where to put each child ??

    I don't know where the safest and best positins are for each child. I'm due in less than 8wks and want to be ready if this little guy comes early. I need help in where to place the kids in my 04 Escalade. I have 2 captain chairs in the middle and a bench in the third row. There stats are DD1...
  10. miraclebabies

    Toddler moving and unbuckling chest clip

    My DD just found out how to move her chest clip and unbuckle it. I have her straps tight and she is ERF. We were stopped and she stuck her hands in ther air and was like look mommy. I freaked out, I was wondering if I could take a Evenflo checst clip and swap out my Britax MA clip.. Is that a...
  11. miraclebabies

    I have never seen this before??

    This a website that someone posted on my facebook group I am on... very interesting..
  12. miraclebabies

    Which is safer ??

    Ok I have been wondering which is safer... For my infant to be behind the drivers seat or the passanger? I have my 2yr old RF in her MA behind the passanger seat and my 3 month old RF in her SS1 behind the driver. Does it really matter which side they are on? My SUV has captian chairs, so they...
  13. miraclebabies

    What would you sell it for??

    I am thinking about selling a gently used "Patches" roundabout carseat cover. It has less than a dime size piece where tha fabric wore off near where the child sits. It is clean and in good condition. Thanks also I have two britax chest clips, what do those go for? If I wanted to sell these???
  14. miraclebabies

    Inglesina Twin Swift

    I am thinking about getting the twin swift from albeebaby cause they have the red 2007 model for really cheap. Does anyone have any reviews or likes/dislikes about this stroller. I saw that it folded up thin like a single umbrella, I need it to fit behind the 3rd row seats in my SUV. I like the...
  15. miraclebabies

    Can I use a MA cover on a DC ?

    I know this might be a crazy question, but I was wondering if it would work. I thought the shells where the same so it would be ok. Please reasure me it will work fine and doesn't go against the rules. They are both Britax covers. Thanks
  16. miraclebabies

    I wonder if this would work....

    I have the Graco SS1 and of course we all now that it goes up to 30#. My 11mon. old still fits in it on the 2nd slots, with lots of room to grow. I should have used the SS1 till she met the 30# limit and then bought the Nautilus and she could have been FF and kept that it till she was at the...
  17. miraclebabies

    Installing MA

    I was wondering if this way was ok to install my marathan!? I usually go over the cover but I heard you could go under the cover and foam pad. Is this correct and safe enough for RF? If not I will change it before going anywhere in the a.m.
  18. miraclebabies

    Finally got my Britax-from insurance

    I ordered a Britax MA to replace mine since we were involved in a accident. I got the Ashley Floral on sale, I should have checked the DOM. I realize it now cause when the carseat came in today the DOM says 8-06. It was on sale and I don't know if it was worth the sale price. My DD is only 11...
  19. miraclebabies

    cashier giving false info.

    I just came home from Toys R Us where I bought my daughter a new convertable carseat. She is gettting close to outgrowing her graco carrier. Anyway the cashier asked how old she was and I said almost 11mon. I said I am getting this to keep her rear facing as long as possible since it is the...
  20. miraclebabies

    Inglesina twin swift

    I am looking for a new side by side double stroller and didn't know if anyone had the Inglesina Twin Swift. I have not seen many ratings about it, and wondered about others opinions on it. It looks to be compact and nice and roomy. The seats fold flat for a newborn and it would fit in the back...

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