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  1. stephpook

    Radian ?'s - RF Tethering & Harness Replacement

    I have a couple questions relating to my SK Radians (80 and 65SL)... 1. I have a RF Radian 80 in the second row driver's side captains chair in my '07 Ody. Am I allowed to tether it to the leg for the front row center console (which is located next to the front row passenger seat) or do I need...
  2. stephpook

    Next Fit Pics

    UPDATE: Install pics in post #32 and #34 My husband found one in store this evening and very kindly snapped some pics... Headrest up: Close up of Gemini fabric: If he can get the 20% off coupon to work, I'll be back with more pics later.
  3. stephpook

    Graco Connext Height Question

    I bought a Graco Connext backless booster for my 9.5 year old at Wal-Mart today. When I got it home and out of the box, I noticed it has a 57" height limit. Can someone explain to me why there's an upper height limit on a backless booster? I thought height wasn't an issue as long as a) the belt...
  4. stephpook

    3 boosters & 2 harnessed seats in an '07 Ody - Will it work?

    We are leaving for a trip to Florida (15 hour drive) on Saturday morning and may need to pick up another child on the way. He's newly 9 and 80 pounds and rides without a booster in his parents car, but I'll need to have a booster in my van for him as I'm not just going to assume that he'll...
  5. stephpook

    RF Convertible in a Nissan Juke

    We're traveling to Florida next week with my in-laws and there's a chance I may need to install my daughter's car seat RF in their Nissan Juke. It's a small car. I've put boosters in there before but never any RF seats. I don't have time to try anything out before we go as we'll meet up with...
  6. stephpook

    HELP! Flying Tomorrow & Moldy Radian Straps

    I just pulled my second Radian from the basement and opened it so I could adjust the harness height for my 9 month old to use on the plane tomorrow and the harness straps, part of the cover, and chest clip all have mold and mildew in/on them. It must not have been completely dry when I put it...
  7. stephpook

    What to do re: flying and vacation

    We'll be flying Southwest to Arizona in a couple weeks. I was hoping to use my Radians on the plane for my 3.5 year old and 8 month old. I know the Radian will work fine FF'ing for my three-year old as we've done it before, but I'm concerned about it fitting RF'ing for the baby. I was reading...
  8. stephpook

    Question Are there any infant buckets that will fit a 3.5 pound preemie?

    A friend of mine had her baby about a week and a half ago. She was a 32-weeker and just over 3 pounds at birth. The baby will hopefully be home around New Years and is expected to be about 3.5 pounds. Are there any infant buckets that will fit a preemie of that size or would they have to use...
  9. stephpook

    Help! Don't like the way the EFTA fits the newbie. Need recommendations!

    We put the new baby in her EFTA for the ride home from the hospital today and I'm just not comfortable with the way she fits. AT ALL. So we're looking at getting her a different seat. My husband and I went to BRU tonight intending to buy a Keyfit...but I'm just not sure and $190 is a lot to...
  10. stephpook

    Question Is this recline okay for a newborn?

    We're planning to put the new baby in an EFTA from birth. I installed it today and I just cannot tell if I managed to get the appropriate 45 degree recline angle. Can someone tell me if it looks okay? Thanks!
  11. stephpook

    Which Booster?

    I am planning to move my 5.5 year old son into a booster when he turns 6 at the end of September and would love some advice/opinions on which booster I should choose. His current stats are: 43.5 pounds and 44 inches. Sorry, I don't have his torso height. We drive a 2007 Honda Odyssey and he...
  12. stephpook

    Question Which Radian Should I Bring?

    Hey everyone. We will be flying to Arizona on Saturday for Thanksgiving week and will be renting a van to use while we are there. According to the customer service person I spoke to at the car rental place, we will most likely be getting a Dodge Grand Caravan or a Chrysler Town and Country but...
  13. stephpook

    Does this look okay? - seatbelt buckle and Radian

    Is it okay for the seatbelt buckle to be this close to the belt path on a Radian? Thanks!
  14. stephpook

    Comparison Pics of RF RN65 (new vs. old boot) - angle

    I'm sure someone posted pictures of this when the Radian with the new boot design first came out, but I thought I'd share just in case anyone was interested. Honestly, I was shocked that the difference was this noticeable. What you're looking at is a new Radian 65SL and an older style Radian 65...
  15. stephpook

    RF Radian Angle & Monterey Belt Fit Check Please!

    MORE/NEW PICTURES IN POST #8! Could someone please check the RF angle (on the Radian) and belt fit (on the Monterey)? Thanks! First up: Radian 65SL - Passenger captains chair in a Honda Odyssey. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. It was dark, raining, and there's snow on the ground -...
  16. stephpook

    Would you install a RN SL with super LATCH beyond stated vehicle LATCH limits?

    The vehicle in this case is a 2007 Honda Odyssey (so a 40 pound LATCH limit). FF LATCH installation with the Radian is easy both in the 2nd row drivers side captain's chair and the third row center. Seatbelt installation is another story. Haven't tried the captain's chairs, but third row...
  17. stephpook

    RF Radian in Odyssey - Please Check Angle/Tether

    I just installed and tethered my Radian 65 RF in my 2007 Odyssey for my 11 month old (17ish pounds and 28.5ish inches). Does everything look okay (angle and tether)? Thanks!
  18. stephpook

    Opinions Please - Would a Different Car Seat Help?

    My 10.5 month old is about 17 pounds and 28 or 29 inches. He is currently rearfacing in an Evenflo Triumph 5. More and more lately getting him into his carseat is a battle (arching his back, screaming, etc.). I know he doesn't want to be strapped down, but I'm also wondering if the carseat...
  19. stephpook

    5 Carseats in a 2005 Suburban

    I am posting on behalf of a friend who will need to fit 5 car seats in a 2005 Suburban beginning in August. She needs help figuring out what to put where and will also need to buy at least one or two new seats. I told her if anyone could figure out a solution you guys could :), so she gave me...
  20. stephpook

    Question Is "Borrowing" LATCH Belts Allowed/Safe?

    I have an Evenflo Triumph 5 and an Evenflo Victory. The Victory was my parents and for some reason, they don't have the LATCH belts for it. I would like to try and use it rear-facing for my 5-month old until it expires at the end of the year so that my 3-year old can go back to using the...

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