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  1. Carrie_R

    What car would you buy?

    Title mostly says it all. I have a Honda Pilot right now (2006,) and while I love it, it's starting to give me problems. It has 203k on it and I got it to about 190k with nothing but routine maintenance. Since then it's spent a ton of time in the shop - last night I got home from work and the...
  2. Carrie_R

    Alma MyRide cover

    My MyRide just expired at the end of December *and* I changed jobs, so I have no need for a car seat at all (well... In my car. I still handle them at work, lol.). In an effort to not be a hoarder, I should probably get rid of my beloved Alma (purple) cover. I can get pics if necessary. It's...
  3. Carrie_R

    Shipping a NextFit - cost?

    My cousin's little girl is in need of a new carseat and I happened to mention in conversation I had a NextFit I was looking to get rid of. My parents may be able to drive it down at Christmastime, but if not, she inquired about shipping it. Has anyone shipped one recently that would have any...
  4. Carrie_R

    FB group question

    Darren, do you oversee the CSO FB too, or who do we contact with a concern about how a thread was handled? I am FB stupid and haven't a clue how to find administrators etc (plus I only have mobile access.)
  5. Carrie_R

    Question Will a Diono Rainier cover fit an XTSL?

    Title says it all. I know the sides will be a bit floppy but will it go on and be safe? Thanks!!
  6. Carrie_R

    What are my options for this kid?

    So nannykid is 4.5y, 32-35lb (not totally sure, guessing 34ish) and 40" tall. I turned him FF at 4y1m, and he asked to turn back around shortly thereafter. He's happier RF, I'm happier with him RF (for a variety of reasons,) I'd like to keep him RF. I have a perfectly lovely ProSport in the...
  7. Carrie_R

    Airplane travel plan help

    NannyFam has asked for guidance for an upcoming flight. They are taking a multi-hour flight with a connection to a 7-hr flight, with rental van at their destination. They are very (very) concerned about toddler's behavior on these flights, as she is not a carseat sleeper. They also want...
  8. Carrie_R

    Casually ISO Plum RN cover

    If anyone has a plum Radian cover, I would be interested in it for a reasonable cost. Only thing I have to trade would be a Daisy Daze Scenera cover - obviously plus pp because that's nowhere near the same value :) But I could just do pp, too. (ETA: Just remembered I have a faded Malibu cover...
  9. Carrie_R

    Leg room conundrum

    NannyFam has asked me, recently, about why NannyKid needs to stay RF. She's just 18mos old :( She is currently RFing in MA70s, and is apparently screaming every ride, all ride. (She doesn't give me any trouble, except occasionally when I first load her, because she doesn't want to buckle...
  10. Carrie_R

    Quick NextGen Britax question

    When installing a RF Britax (Pavillion70 if it matters,) is it permissible to bypass the lockoffs and lock the belt instead? Center lap-shoulder install, with the belt locking at the retractor, if it matters. Or is the lockoff required? Figured someone here would know. Thanks!
  11. Carrie_R

    Price Check KF22 travel system pricing help

    Need some help determining price on this. NannyFam has a KF22 they'd like to get rid of; I have a coworker who would like to buy it. They have asked ME to set the price. The seat expires May of 15, so it's a perfect fit for coworker who is having a "surprise!" babe and got rid of everything. I...
  12. Carrie_R

    Casually ISO girly Radian covers

    Nannykid2 is in an Alma MR that I adore, but life would be better if I could put kids side-by-side, which means using the Radian. I have a model with headwings... XTSL (I think, lol.) Mostly looking for girly; bright or fun might work too. Probably do PP but could potentially trade a cover or...
  13. Carrie_R

    CARES question

    I'd like to recommend an RSTV to nanny family; they have an upcoming trip that is almost all public busses etc with one car ride. Nannykid1 is 4y, 33-34lb, and I think the RSTV would be appropriate for this trip. I'd also like to recommend a CARES. I think price would be ok since they have a...
  14. Carrie_R

    FYI: Graco recall (sticking buckles)

    I can't find the original souce (saw it on FB,) but here is a USAToday article: Sounds like a ton of seats. Wonder how they will remedy?
  15. Carrie_R

    Can someone w/a TopSide (& Literider) help me w/photos?

    I need photo help, hoping someone here is willing! Dorel kindly does not post their manuals online :/ so I am hoping someone who has a TopSide can help me out. I need photos of 1) weird shoulder belt routing instruction label and 2) Top Side next to LiteRider If you don't have both, just the...
  16. Carrie_R

    Combi recall

    Coccoro & older Zeus 360s.
  17. Carrie_R

    LATCH Manual - Jeep Laredo?

    I am wondering if I am being a dummy about this. We had a Jeep Laredo at our last seat check, and I went to look it up in the 2013 Manual... wasn't there. Both my (very experienced) CPST-I & I looked for it, to no avail. Luckily the parent had the vehicle manual, so all was good. I was going...
  18. Carrie_R

    Kroger - carseat sale

    Saw a post on FB that Krogers are having their carseats on sale this week... looks like 50% off. TFs are $100! Turbos etc are cheap, too. Might be worth a peek if you are in the market :)
  19. Carrie_R

    NextFit on sale at Target

    Nextfit is on sale for $209.99, both in store & online. They only have the tan in store through, have to order the black/red online if you want it. Just in case anyone's in the market!
  20. Carrie_R

    NextFit questions (vs Radian)

    I'm strongly - very strongly - considering a NextFit for G . He's in a Radian now, but I really hate it for him. (No clue why, he's the 5th or 6th child I've used it for and I generally really like it.) It just does not seem to fit him well, it's like I have to overtighten the straps to get it...

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