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    where can i see TC crash test video???

    dug threw pp and links didnt work went on tc website and no link for video went on here where it tells u in the blog about the test video but no video i own a MA, would just like to see. Anyone? Thanks.
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    *help deciding btwn britax blvd/recaro for 5 mo old*

    its been along time since ive been on and i wanted to do some reading for my SIL. shes buying a new seat for my nephew whose 5 mo old. she wants either a britax blvd or a recaro. i told her to look at the radians, shes used to the britax's and thinks that structurally there wasnt much to the...
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    Question hugs harness and rfing

    i was reading a post here today that had said something about removing the hugs system for rfing. is there a benefit? i thought we were supposed to keep them on always. just wondered. they are a bit cumbersome rfing. thanks!
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    i dont think common sense is common much

    i was at a mom2mom sale last weekend and i was talking to a wonderful foster mom. we got to talking about seats and she mentioned her 10 mo old foster child ff because her legs were squished. then she had a question about her straps not being able to be tightened on her new seat. (i am almost...
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    radian and my conversion van (continued)

    radian experts: tricks n tips to install in conversion van please!? moved from the radian rfing to 45 lbs thread. dodge 2002 conversion van no latch elr retractor. lightweight locking latch plates. long buckle stalks. squishy leather seats. 1 bench 2 captains chairs. i really want to get that...
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    tethering a rfing blvd

    i was trying to read on the pros and cons of tethering the australian method. however in my friends situation she has a chrysler town and country mini van with the stow and go seats, she is trying to rf her son who is 19 mo old (she had him ff) and unfortunately she has no room to do so in the...
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    umf! if when driving a gillopy "safety wise"...

    assuming dh is right and one of the reasons dodge discontinued making conversion vans for passengers 2002 last model "they do a wierd hightop cargo thing now" is because they didnt want to have to conform to all of the new safety rules and regulations for crumple zones and roll over protections...
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    Pediatritions not following AAP recommendations?

    ran into a fellow mom at our schools open house and she has a baby that will be 1 years old in 1 month. at her last visit which was about 1.5 months ago her ped told her she could ff her daughter. because she was 20 lbs. of course i showed her our carseat rfed with my almost 2 year old 30lbs...
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    what does everyone think of the evenflo big kid booster?

    i know im obsessing sorry all. so to update: monterey fits him "ok" in the belt area. harmony bottom booster was placing the belt on him to low in the thighs evenflo big kid booster seat actually placed belt well but it wont go any higher so it will be a short term solution and im very...
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    specs on nautilus vs frontier in booster mode

    just wondered as ihavent seen one in person how wide and deep the graco nautilus is compared to the frontier for a booster. someone had offered it at a suggestion for my guy who is 11yo 84lbs and 51 or so inches tall. thanks.
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    Question rear facing a must so..........

    hi everyone, i just took my 21 mo old to doc and hes 30lbs. they didnt measure him (it wasnt his app) but he is at the second harness slot from the bottom rfing in his MA. i have a conversion van that really has no safety features other than the two airbags in the front and the top tether...
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    Anyone else crazy enough......

    so some of u might have seen my pics and posts about my sunshine kids monerey booster for my 11 yo. hes just a bit cramped in the seat area. i have tried the evenflow big kid, lol he couldnt get his bottom in the seat lol now i went and put him into the frontier today and holy crappers he...
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    Question Anyone have seat specs for frontier vs monterey?

    [B][/Bhi there just wanted to know if anyone had a frontier vs monterey seat width and depth comparison for me. i have the monterey i can measure it of course and found some data online about the frontier but really wasnt sure at where they would be measuiring from etc. thanks!! looking to use...
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    What are the disadvantages to extended harnessing?

    i worry about neck trauma. my son is in a regent he just turned 7 however due to his adhd sitting still and in the appropriate position is difficult for him. now britax's position when i called and asked, was that harnessed is safest. spread the forces of a crash on 5 points over the body...
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    if u own a peg perego prima pappa...

    high chair do u spend as much time as i do cleaning it? i swear, its like someone decided, lets design a highchair with so many nooks and crannies and holes and whatever else for food to get trapped into so our parents wont be bored like ever. arg.i have had this chair now for about 6.5 years...
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    News Babies R Us having their Car Seat Workshop

    its sponsored by Britax and safe kids will be there. my email says its Aug 25 @ 6:30 not sure if thats everywhere or not. i was just wondering if anyone here had attended this workshop? i thought it might be cool to check out. anyways just thought i would ask. thanks!
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    I finally got my monterey comp pics 2 tb, pw

    so i finally got my Monterey and my camera back from Cedar point. I was asked to show pics so i thought i would do a comparison of this booster, with the parkway (old) and the Graco Turbo Booster. Our model is my son who is just turned 11 yo he weighs 80 lbs and is 52.25 inches. First is the...
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    Last day to save 30% at gap

    today is the last day to save 30% on your purchase at if your order is over 100.00 dollars u can even get free shipping enter this code to get your free shipping ship100 to get 30% off enter this code at checkout L6LBMXPYFR33 this offer is valid at all gap stores old navy...
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    Question Arg! NEED HELP baby escaping stroller

    wasnt sure where to post this hope its ok here, so i have a 21 mo old hoodini and i recently bought a peg perego si stroller. he is getting out of the 5 point harness. he does this as well with his high chair ( i even kriss cross the straps ) so peg perego sent me 2 car seat chest clips in hope...
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    Booster seat recomendations

    hi, im in a bit of a pickle. my son is 11 and 80 lbs hes approx 51 inches tall. we have a conversion van so the belts do not come out of the seat bite. in the back they come out of the side of the bench seat and in the captains chairs they come out of the floor with 12 inch stalks. we have him...

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