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    Advice QUICKLY plz--Limo ride today

    My son (5.5y/o, 41lbs) won a limo ride with his principal from a fundraiser at school...just got word that it's today and I'm freaking a bit over restraints. Do limos have lap/shoulder belts?? Since this is a K-5 thing, I don't want Ryan to seem like a 'baby' and be in his I think...
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    Booster w/low belt stalks--07 Jeep Liberty

    Are there any boosters that have a lower profile/fit best with a vehicle that has pretty low belt stalks??? We've tried the Evenflo Big Kid Deluxe and it fit the vehicle fine (and my son). but it's difficult for him to buckle...the Apex 65 in booster mode is nearly impossible due to how it sits...
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    Apex 65 in Booster Mode?

    We have an Apex 65 that was being used as a back up seat (and one to fly with b/c the BLVD was too heavy to tote around an airport!). So, we are needing a booster for my son (40+pound, 5.5y/o-has been booster training) for my husband's vehicle (Jeep Liberty, 2007). How does the Apex 65 do in...
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    Formula for figuring out resale price?

    I am looking to sell one or both of our 2007 (not involved in recall) Britax Regents ... what is the formula used to figure resale price?? I know it's something with purchase price and how many years left, but want to be sure I am figuring it right!! Thanks!! Thinking price divided by 6 (for...
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    Puzzling okay? 3 seats RF in a 3rd row--w/pic

    2007 Saturn Relay 5 car seats 1-FF True Fit 1-FF Regent 1-RF FPSV 1-RF MR 1-RF Key Fit Currently have my 2 in the captains seats--FF Third row (children I sit for)--outboard FPSV, middle key fit, outboard MR I installed the FPSV and MR, then puzzled in the key fit and belted it (no...
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    BRU Great Trade-In

    Aug 27-Sept 19--25% off--no limit on items traded in!:D
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    Talk me through BOOSTERS

    Looking into a HBB for my 5.5y/o (40lbs)--he is tall and skinny. Currently in a Regent in both cars and has another slot left in those for height (just getting ready to move to the top slot). I had another thread going about safety in a 5pt vs booster once kids are in that 5-8yr range and have...
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    5.5y/o, 40lbs--Just wondering

    My 5.5 y/o is 40lbs and still fits well in the Britax Regent--just getting ready to move to the top slots on it. Just wondering what the research says in regards to the 5pt harnessing in the 5-8+ year group. I thought there wasn't much to support extended 5pt harnessing but I wasn't sure if...
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    Question MyRide install in an '07 Jeep Liberty

    Installing behind passenger seat...nice & tight install with a 'good' angle (for a 2y/o), but it's **really close** to the front seat (front seat is all the way up and not reclined at all). I took out the MR and tried again, but couldn't seem to get it more upright (if I can get it closer to 30...
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    TF Install - Pics - Look right? - Also MR fit pic

    Here is the TF installed in my '07 Saturn Relay...everything look okay? Nice, tight install--straps below shoulders, cute cover :) (And yes, I know we shouldn't have the DVD, but it is super snug and tucked under the headrest.) DD (2y/o;29lbs) in TF; DS unbuckled and posing with his sister...
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    True Fit arrived today...I am not impressed...

    True Fit arrived today...Changing my impression upon 2nd look. ETA: I took the TF out of the box again and the cover isn't 'scratchy'...just a different fabric than I was expecting. So, I read the manual, had DD sit in it (she LOVES the butterfies), got the LATCH strap RF'ing, and just...
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    Something that I have always wondered about...

    Why are there not more top-tether positions in vehicles with 3 rows? I'd love to have the captain's seats and the back row all have top tether positions. Is there a reason that it is typically the captain's seat and middle position in the back row?
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    My Ride--installation "green" space

    I just got the MR today and my 2 y/o fits so well in it!!! I cannot believe how much room she has (as compared with the BLVD). I wasn't overly pleased with the install due to one side adjusting ... and it seemed like even when the latch was tight, there was still some movement (thinking it was...
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    Resale on BLVD - 5/06 DOM

    Just wondering about pricing on an 06 BLVD--I have one in Shannon and one in Onyx. TIA!!!
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    Change in seating--what to keep and what to sell (or purchase?)

    I am HAPPILY able to take next school year off and stay home with my kids :D In order to do this, I will be caring for a couple of kids (will be 18months/2.5yrs/10months in the fall) starting in August (I am thinking ahead!). I do not plan to be transporting the children I am caring for, but...
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    Great Trade-In at BRU ?

    I have a Graco Snugride(11/04) that I just took/cut the straps out of (didn't want someone taking it from the curb and using it)...Will BRU accept it? I didn't see anything re: condition of items and could use 25% off on a new TrueFit for DH's car.
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    First Years True Fit-Butterfly? DOM??

    Just wondering...any idea on the DOM for a TF in Butterfly? I hadn't seen that print yet so I am not sure if it's older or newer. ETA: Does $158.50 seem like an okay price (free shipping)? The best I could find seemed to be around $140, but I think I am good with paying a little more for a...
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    ??'s about MyRide? Other options?

    True Fit vs. TFPremier--changing/adding a new ??? ETA: I think we're going with the the only/major difference between the TF and TFP the rebound bar for RF'ing on the Premier? DD--2yrs/29lbs/height?, RF, Britax BLVD--Saturn Relay ('07)-driver side captain seat and Jeep Liberty...
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    Wow...checked out MyRide in person today

    and I was so surprised at how 'deep' the seat was! DD is currently in a BLVD but I want to get a new seat to RF her longer (she will be 2 on Monday :) and is around 28lbs). I just couldn't believe how much more interior room the MyRide has as compared with the BLVD. Off to look at...
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    Safety of RF after age 2...trying to decide if we need new seats...

    Safety of RF after age 2...Added a new ? in the last post DD is nearly 2 (in Jan) and is getting closer and closer to the 33lb limit on our BLVD (and is nowhere close on height). I have happily kept her rf'ing since learning how much safer it is but am wondering about safety with rf'ing...

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